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  1. Brice, Brice, Brice. For most of the people on the bottom, a CEO is just a distant name. His/Her decisions may have an effect on the workers, but there’s no real connection beyond that. I’ve worked for the same company for over 35 years and I’ve met the CEO exactly once.

    And the guy talking in that seminar sounds like he’s got all the buzzwords down, but probably no substance under them.

  2. Why the hell don’t you take your WORK somewhere else, Brice? This guy is seriously wearing out his welcome, it took Stuart a couple of years to do that.

    • Exactly! You’re in the BREAK room, where else is Donnie supposed to take his BREAK?!

      Brice…I don’t know, I had hope for him when he realized that Stuart was spouting Business Newspeak, but he’s still got his head firmly wedged up his nether region.

    • shotgun chuck,
      “MST”? What does that mean?
      Somebody needs to tell that CEO that “paradigm shifts” aren’t created. They happen when older paradigms no longer fit changing circumstances. And “synergy” in the workplace cannot be a top down thing. Synergy, in order to work requires this weird foreign concept called “cooperation”. Also, if those management types are really interested in “thinking outside the box”, they need to start by never saying “thinking outside the box” ever again.

  3. Just an idle thought .
    “Synergy” is what happens when Sears buys out K-Mart. Or was it K-Mart bought out Sears

    • Kmart Holdings purchased Sears, Roebuck, and Co.

      We might be able to buy them out soon at the rate they’re going…

      • At the rate they’re going, a bankrupt company could buy them out. Too much trying to sell add-ons, not enough keeping the floor stocked and prices reasonable.

        • Pretty much the same route every company goes as it’s circling the drain. Sad to say, I’m seeing the signs in my workplace, too. 🙁

  4. I don’t even know who my DISTRICT MANAGER is. I’ve been with my current company for 19 months, never saw him, wouldn’t recognize him even if I did, and even so, it makes me sound like a freak.
    My bosses are all like, “Oh, so-and-so is coming today this morning.” I say, “Who the hell is that?” My boss gapes at me and says, “The DM!!! How can you NOT know who he is?”
    “Maybe because I never MET him before!” I reply.
    The DM has no effect on my job obviously. Maybe to my bosses, he does, but I don’t see how anything I do is going to impress this guy when I don’t know who he is. If we got a new DM, it would probably take me another year to figure that out!
    In fact, I’m not even sure that my DM is even a HE at all. Even so, I don’t give a crap because the DM is the least of my concerns at work. LOL.

  5. Oh Donnie you ought to know who the CEO is, he’s the guy whose constant bonuses stand between you and a decent wage. Leave it to someone like Brice to not even want to sit and enjoy his break but spend it listening to this person rattle off seminars. Sounds like something Stuart would do.

    • Really? Have you ever sat down with a calculator and figured out how much the CEO benefits distributed across all the employees would add up to? I did that with Walmart. It came out to something like $19.95. Per year. Yes, CEOs get a huge amount. And it makes a neat talking point. But Walmart has so many employees, that on a per employee basis, it doesn’t matter. Ironically, you get a much higher number if you do the same thing for Costco or Whole Foods – because their employee count is so much lower.

      • You’re proving my point. If dividing that guy’s bonus would give each employee an extra 20 bucks a year, you can multiply the number of employees by $20.00 and that guy is making millions of dollars in just a bonus alone. I’d rather see it as a bonus to the poor beleaguered employees who actually work than some guy who sits at a desk in an ivory tower and takes long vacations on his yacht!

  6. Oh, Brice, just play Candy Crush like everyone else in the break room. The only good thing about this is that he’s not forcing everyone to watch it with him.

  7. By the way, “Gordon Saurus” sounds like a character in a kids’ TV program about anthropomorphic dinosaurs. Like Barney’s smarter brother.

  8. Gotta love how “think outside the box” and “innovation” are followed by “core competencies”. Pick one, dude!

  9. Brice is obviously trying to suck up to the invisible forces that be. Now when he is asked (in his dreams anyway) about Gordon Sauros’ strategies he’ll have the answer!!!! This is what he dreams of each night. lol

  10. Brice: Cooper what did you do to this display?
    Cooper: I though outside the box. It sells better now.
    Brice: If that way sold more than corporate would have thought of it.
    Cooper: It sold out of that high margin lotion we couldn’t get rid of.
    Marla: Good job Cooper.
    Stuart: This display doesn’t have the high margin lotion you sold out of. Thats 5 points off.

  11. In some ways, I’m impressed that Brice knew who he was, I had an assistant mananger at one job that had no idea where the company hq was located and had to ask over our headphones!

    Something else to note, I’ve been going through training for this new indoor/outdoor sales job, and I don’t think I’ve heard a single one of those buzzwords all week! Now some of then phrases we were told “Do Not Use!” when talking to customers sounded like they were talking to some of the kids I’ve worked with, to be honest.

  12. Lol, Got to love those catch phrases that CEOs use to make it sound like they know what they’re actually doing.

    • Yep. I had a manager like. At first I thought he had potential. Then one day some of us had a meeting with him to discuss a problem, and he spouted more corporate-speak buzzwords in a 5 minutes than I’d heard in the past year. I could feel my opinion of him dropping as I realized he was just another pretty face with no brain behind it. He’s gone now of course. They never stay long.

  13. I’m with Donnie, it doesn’t matter any. Because the CEO definitely doesn’t know Donnie’s name and probably doesn’t even know Brice or Marla either. He might possibly know Stuart’s name, but I’m more impressed that the CEO is actually DOING something.
    Mine never does, heck, we’re lucky if the STORE director knows OUR names! The assistant director wrote down TWO names WRONG on the payroll approval note and BOTH of those employees have been at the store LONGER than he has!

  14. The only reason I remember the name of the president of my company, and I’ve been there for 8 years, is because we call him “Captain.” It’s in all the news letters. He is almost exclusively referred to as “Captain Steve,” and it’s amazing. If it weren’t for the newsletter, I’d never know. And if it wasn’t such a great nickname, I’d have learned eventually, but regularly forgotten. But if someone asks who the highest ranked person is in the company, I say “CAPTAIN STEEEEEVE!” because it confuses people.

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