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  1. Looks like Brice might be bringing over some retail refugees from Delmans if Stuart is desperate enough for workers.

  2. Wow, makes me if wonder if that fear is just Mina’s doing, or is some of this problem part of how Delman’s operates on top of it.

        • She speaks District Manager fluently.

          She got away with this crap at Abersnobby for a time, too – but was most likely discharged dishonorably when the truth came out. It’s not impossible for it to happen again, especially if Brice offers Chloe and Gary jobs in New Hampshire. They will GLADLY get out of the Hellhole Mina operates.

          • The link ams posted and the two days following is what we know about it – just third hand info from Amber. I don’t think we know why Mina left Abbersnobby and Finch as SM and ended up as AM at Delman’s. Andy’s speculation seems plausible. Seems like if it was her idea, she’d be SM from the start and not just AM.

  3. Please, by all that’s holy, DO NOT arrange for Zucchini Head to meet Mina. If they do meet, Stuart might just fall for the evil lady.

      • Yes they did. Marla was fixing to hire her as AM and Stuart had met her and ok’d it. Then Val and Amber told her what Mina was really like and Marla changed her mind. She had to tell Stuart why.

  4. Brice, if you didn’t want Poetic Justice to keep hitting you over the head, then maybe you shouldn’t have DEMANDED it quite so enthusiastically.

  5. This guy looks totally demoralized. With his scruffy beard, sad hair, and slumped posture he looks totally beaten into submission. What Mina needs is a mass desertion from the troops.

    • Wouldn’t affect her in the slightest. She’d blame everyone except herself. That’s the worst part about that type of manager, in their head, they think they’re perfect.

  6. Irony: Stuart offers the New Hampshire store to Brice, who, now seeing how bad it is at Delman’s, turns the offer down and instead chooses to remain and try to improve the employees’ morale… just like Marla.

    • Brice was never made aware of the New Hampshire store. Stuart asked Marla to have Brice call him about it, but Brice told Marla that he was jumping ship to Delman’s, and nothing that she could say would change his mind… so she didn’t say anything.

      • No, but after Saturday’s strip, there’s a good chance that Stuart will call. As long as Mina is around, I don’t think there’s anything Brice can do to help the workers.

  7. Cheer up Brice, your life’s about to change with a little phone call from Stuart.

    Poor Gary (stockroom guy). To think that witch with a capital B is going to actually blame him for merchandise arriving broken, my heart goes out to him.

    • Actually, he may be to blame. If he doesn’t check the outside of the boxes before the trucker leaves, they can’t go back against the trucker for damages. If the outside of the box is intact, then the shipper is responsible for not packing properly.

      • Stationmaster – probably depends on the store… the one I used to work at would often receive damaged freight… tv boxes bent in the middle from being poorly stacked at the warehouse and another pallet put on top of them is only one example. Another is soft produce (such as tomatoes) being put underneath boxes of heavy produce (such as potatoes or apples) in such a way that the crates don’t line up and they get squished. The only thing we could do was document and submit a claim that rarely got paid.

      • We’ve gotten boxes in that looked fine on the outside, but something inside exploded/leaked/broke. Most recent one today was two bottles out of a case of soda; no evidence of anything broken until I opened the carton as the soda had been absorbed by the cardboard and dried. Before that it was a few glass jars of mustard; the outer shipping box and inner case was okay but when I opened the case…yikes.

  8. Wow. Everything really is relative, isn’t it?

    When your working conditions are dictated by a decent, good-hearted person like Marla, Brice looks like a jackass.

    When your working conditions are dictated by a psychopath like Mina, Brice looks kind, supportive, and sympathetic.

    I wonder how much of this is because of the employees’ skewed perceptions and how much is because Brice is just acting differently due to the different environment.

    In other words, do the Delman’s employees like Brice because they’re used to being treated horribly by Mina and Brice actually looks good by comparison … or is Brice so appalled by Mina’s behavior that he’s motivated to show a sympathetic side to the employees at Delman’s that he never did at Grumbel’s?

    What would be interesting is if Cooper and his Delman’s counterpart, Gary, were to talk to each other and compare notes on Brice. That would be something to see.

    • I think it’s because Brice isn’t really a bad person at heart, he’s just extremely by-the-book.

      When he’s confronted with a problem that’s covered by something in the employee handbook, he just turns into an automaton and reflexively goes with the rules without considering any human element.

      But in a situation like this, Mina just made up a BS rule purely to be cruel. Since there’s probably not really a corporate policy to dictate his response, he reacts like a human.

      I don’t think he ever intends to be mean or uncaring, he just never learned how to use critical thinking in the workplace. Hopefully he’s learning now.

      • “But in a situation like this, Mina just made up a BS rule purely to be cruel.”

        That’s an excellent point.

        In fact, wasn’t there an instance of Brice being surprised corporate would punish them for not being able to do a display because they hadn’t been sent the merchandise to do it with? He’s by the book but he doesn’t necessarily expect people do be able to bend the laws of space and time.

        • “He’s by the book but he doesn’t necessarily expect people do be able to bend the laws of space and time.”


    • It’s probably both: Brice was never as bad as Mina and being around her is making him shy away from being anything like her at all.

  9. It’s not just Brice.

    Do you realize that Mina even makes STUART look good by comparison?

    Stuart may be a mindless Corporate drone, but he wasn’t intentionally cruel.

    Also, remember when Stuart gave Marla a card and a $100 check as a wedding gift, and said that he wished her and Scott the best?


    For all his faults, at least Stuart isn’t totally devoid of humanity, unlike some people we could mention.

  10. I wonder, did Brice have any retail experience before Grumbels? He kinda looks like the type that was hired straight out of college.

    • Very late reply as I’m reading over the replies that came in today. Yes, he had worked for some upscale store, another Grumbels but in a rich area. They didn’t have the same problems as this Grumbels so when he moved to this store as AM (I think he was a department head before) he was shocked by things not being as perfect as at his former store.

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