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  1. Either they just have him another reason to hate his job or he got that call. I’m guessing the later based on the look on his face

  2. I wonder how much notice he will give Mina when he quits. I am also guessing he is going to be the lowest paid Store Manager in the company.

    • Well, the most that Brice could have hoped for was to become Marla’s Assistant Manager again.

      So I’d say that being a low-paid Store Manager is still a step up for him.

      At any rate, he’ll obviously be thrilled just to be away from Mina.

      As for notice … Why? Why give her any notice at all?

    • Which is ironic since that part of the Messiah is supposed to be a musical depiction of the *end* of the world. Just like “O Fortuna” is really about a guy bitching about losing all his money from gambling.

  3. It has to be from Stuart, but why on Earth would he leave it behind? I can see Chloe picking it up, reading the message, and running to Mina about it. Brice may be on his way to meet with Stuart (down for the day) and find out about NH. I can see this exploding when he gets back.

  4. Whatever his reasons are for taking off and leaving his phone behind, it’s a LOT better place he’s heading to away from that whiny chick gossip that toxifies the air of every break room. I hear nothing but the same crap in my break room too, so I took out my phone and played a Netflix movie at full volume to block them out. One woman said impatiently to me, “Excuse me, we’re trying to have a conversation!”
    “Obviously,” I replied. “Which is the reason why I prefer to hear something better than the BS I have to hear in here every day.”
    They stopped talking completely after that and finished their lunches in silence. Double victory!!!

  5. I nearly didn’t notice he left his phone behind. I thought oh wow Stuart’s calling so he zippies on out of there to take the call in a more private place. I think Mary C’s correct, Stuart’s message was to meet him at the food court and Brice is so excited thinking he’ll get his old job back he didn’t even take the phone with him.

  6. If I am right you can program your cell phone to go to a privacy mode. I know my cell phone if inactive after 30 sec or so it will return to where I have to punch in my password to regain access. Just like you would have for your computer a password. If he programmed his phone in such a way. Knowing Brice I believe he would. But who know’s cliff hanger lol

    • My phone does this too, BUT the first few lines of the most recent text messages are displayed on the screen for everyone to see who presses the button if I haven’t unlocked my phone since receiving it.

  7. Did Brick leave his phone behind because he’s scared of what Stuart thinks of him? It could be that he doesn’t want to talk to his former sensei…

  8. I want to know what everyone thinks. Here is how I would rank all the Managers and AMs that have been in the strip, from best to worst:
    Marla, Arthur, Crystal, Greg, Brice, Josh, Stuart, Mina

    What does everyone else think?

    • Can’t really say anything about Greg since he only had a couple of appearances.

      I’d switch Josh and Stuart. Josh strikes me more malicious compared to Stuart’s delusional. Josh always knew he was being an ass while Stuart only wanted everyone to uphold corporate policy and was clueless as to why his best friend in the store was the policy manual.

      Again, not saying Stuart is a nice guy. He’s not. But I’d take a jerk who has no self-awareness over a complete %$@*&^# trying to incite misery any day. Or someone even worse, like Mina.

    • Greg wasn’t in the strip long enough for us to really judge how good a manager he was.

      But he came off fairly sympathetically.

      His one big mistake was trusting Mina. If only somebody had been around to warn him, like Amber had warned Marla not to hire Mina.

      I agree with the order you’ve presented, but I would switch Crystal and Greg’s places.

      Crystal is … How do I put this kindly? … She is really flaky. Crystal’s performance as a manager might improve as she becomes more experienced, but I think there’s always going to be a struggle with her wanting to make decisions based on things like “I got a really honest vibe off of him” and “I sensed some heavy conflict.”

  9. Why do I get the feeling that Marla’s role in helping Brice get back on at Grumbel’s is going to be completely overlooked? I can totally see Brice going on and on about how wonderful Stuart is for giving him a second chance, when Marla was trying to help him and Stuart was going to let him rot.

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