12 thoughts on “July 19, 2016

  1. “No, lady, what you need is a few lessons in time management – we’ve been open for the last 11 or so hours and you’re just now getting around to getting here?”

    (OK, sometimes something does come up at the last minute, but usually…)

  2. Had a woman kinda like this at the supermarket where I work recently, she got in and just started brousing around at everything she could, was told when a co-worker told her everything was shut down, her reply was ‘Well I guess you’ll just have to reopen everything cause I plan to be here a good long while!” Guy said she had a ‘twisted’ smile when she said that. They had to flag down some police to escort her out of the store, eventually in handcuffs while she swore she’d sue the store and everyone in it.

  3. The flip side is the customer who demands to be let in before the store is open. I’ve had people knock on the windows and door while I stock shelves or mop the floor saying they need to get something before work (we are clothing and gift items) or my favorite “I drove all the way from XXXX because I thought you opened at 9:00 (we open at 10:00).” I learned to ignore the raps and plaintive wails “but … .” I walk away.

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