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    • I don’t know. At least Brice is willing to admit he was wrong. “I deserve that.”

      And you know what? He’s seen the dark side. And he’s seen what a toxic environment a bad manager can create.

      There’s a good chance he’s learned something from this. It might make him a better manager. And, aside from his dumb, dumb decision and the reasons for doing so, Brice has shown signs of humanity in the past.

      After all, mistakes are ALSO how we learn, are they not?

      Yes, I know it’s only because Stuart is desperate, and Marla feels bad for him,
      but a life preserver has been thrown into his hands. If he’s smart, he’ll learn not to repeat his errors. After all, second chances are rare in retail.

    • Give opportunities to people who are willing to learn from their mistakes. Otherwise, you’re doing the work all by yourself (and badly, ’cause you ain’t willing to learn, either).

    • needful,
      My cousin Rog was stage manager for the Chicago Civic Opera. He would never fire anyone for screwing up. He would just make sure they never did it again. It was far more productive to allow people to learn from their mistakes than to keep hiring new people and starting from scratch.
      Marla, being smarter than Stuart, had it right. Brice knew how to do the job. He was a pain in the butt to work with, but he was no entry level hire off the street. An attitude adjustment is going to be easier than starting from scratch and it seems there’s no one qualified currently in the Grumbel’s pipeline who wants the job.

      • Indeed. My department came up with a slogan, “If you mess up, ‘fess up.” It’s much easier for us to stop production and fix the problem now than let it linger and try to figure it out later. We realize people make mistakes and work to learn from them. Heck, I have a “habit” of accidentally taking down production once a year, and I’m still around, as is the guy who accidentally deleted our master database!

  1. This is going to be like with Mina where I hate the person giving Brice his comeuppance too much to really enjoy it.

    The “you should be loyal to us no matter what” thing I suspect is coming is some bull. He should have gotten criticized for how he treated his co-workers but at best he might get fussed at for how he talked to a higher up before he left.

    There’s also something grating about someone berating a person right before asking for help. Yes, this is an opportunity for Brice but Stuart is only asking because he wants to hire someone ASAP. It’s not like this is something that’s only beneficial one way.

    Brice deserves to feel bad but it’s not like he’s learning that his earlier behavior was wrong.

  2. The phone is back. He must have gone back to get it.
    Poor Brice, but this once I think Stuart gets a limited pass on na-na-na-na-na.

  3. That moment when bottom-feeder service sector jobs expect actual loyalty. You’re disposable to them, but if you even think about working for anyone else, you’re dead to them. And you’re just like: for srs?

  4. LOL, so much speculation and worrying about the cell phone and then it turns out Norm just forgot to erase it. That’s why I love this strip, you never know what you get.

    • Unless it shows up in a later story arc, I think that’s highly unlikely. Notice that Brice didn’t run to meet Stuart, but to get privacy to call him.

      If you look at the artwork carefully, you’ll see that Norm does re-use elements. (All comic drawing is done on computer tablets now.) For example, the only thing that changes on Chloe in the 4 panels yesterday are her eyes. We’ve seen glaring errors in the past – like a phone cord that suddenly disappeared.

  5. “I heard it through the grapevine” you’re not happy…

    So, he won’t credit Marla with this, though Brice will have to put two and two together since he didn’t talk to anyone else about his current putrid situation. I hope after he gets offered the SM job in NH, he goes to Marla and kisses her feet in gratitude.

    • Maybe he’ll take the offer, and go see Marla to thank her before he moves to NH. She becomes a mentor to him, Brice actually endeavors to learn from her, and Stuart goes crazy dealing with two Marla types.

      • Or he stops by Marla’s desk and explains how his mentor Stuart somehow sensed his unhappiness, recognized his true worth to Grumbels, and put professionalism over personal feelings – the sign of a real leader.

  6. Let’s remember Stuart is being self serving here. He’s had to handle the NH store and it’s driving him nuts. If he can lure Brice back quickly he won’t have to deal with it anymore.

    • There are times in life that one doesn’t care why fortune smiles upon them. This may be one of them for Brice. Given the choice between serving two devils, Stuart is a far better choice than Mina.

  7. My theory:He takes the job, but then finds out on day 1 that they need him to go on a register (the very thing he was trying to avoid at the beginning of all this).

    Retail. Retail never changes.

    • Indeed, I came into work recently and knew it was going to be a crazy day because we had both of our front end mangers on registers. What will be telling here is how Brice reacts now that he has seen how good he use to have it.

    • Given that Stuart had to work the register, I’d say that’s highly likely. That might put Brice in a position of interviewing new hires. Talk about learning to swim at the deep end of the pool.

    • At this point Brice just might be happy to work a register in his own store vs working another day under Mina.

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