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  1. I surprised my co-irkers that I really REALLY wanted to go to Jury Duty when I got a summons.

    Thank You justice system for making me take off 3 weeks straight of Mondays before telling me that you didn’t need me.

    I really wish our Judicial System would allow Voluntary Jury Duty for folks that want to that civic duty willingly.

        • I know in NY you can submit a jury questionnaire but there is no guarantee they will select you. Most people wait until they get one in the mail unsolicited.

          I’m no longer on the list due as I’ve been excused for life – but I’ve served more than my fair share.

    • I had a jury duty summons recently… I didn’t want to do it but that was solely due to possible scheduling conflicts with my sister, I look after her kids sometimes. My union has a SWEET deal for Jury duty, I would have been fully paid!

      However, deals were made and no jury was needed. I was relieved yet also mildly disappointed.

    • I had Jury duty a long time ago. We go to a room and wait around until a case comes up that needs a jury. Then they bring some of us in front of a couple of lawyers that ask us questions and decide who they want.

      That goes for 2 weeks, or until the end of a court case that you’re on. I had the misfortune of having to hear about a car accident case for about a week, followed by a full day of deliberation.

    • I’ve yet to get called for Jury Duty, although depending on it it’s automotive, retail, or railroad related, I’d probably get refused pretty quick.

      • Dont be so sure. Depending on what the Lawyer’s strategy is you might very well be picked because you do or dont have any experience in the subject matter. (ie. me, a 27 year old with no background in surgery got picked for a jury trial for a case about medical malpractice and sexual assault)

    • My husband got called in for jury duty once. The reimbursement wasn’t worth the time he had to take off of work (he got paid more as a grad student). Luckily for him, as a grad student, he was “too smart” for being on the jury and not asked back.

    • Voluntary Jury Duty: Cant. Not really. Juries are supposed to be of “peers.” You really dont want ‘professional’ jurors.

  2. This is freaky for me as I recently missed a day due to a car accident, no injuries to anyone thankfully. I can however assure Donnie that it is not worth it.

    • I was in an accident with Mom almost 18 years ago that put her into the ER for a few hours, banged and bruised me up pretty seriously, and destroyed the Jeep I had at the time literally put the steering box through the left side of engine block and twisted the unibody front to rear!) I was working overnights at the time and probably shouldn’t have gone in, especially since I had been able to sleep after things calmed down when we got home, but I ended up going to work anyway, much to the shock of everybody that knew what happened, especially that of the overnight manager, who’s kid sister was directing traffic at the scene for the local PD. Hurt for the rest of the Christmas season and I still have side effects from it (my should still hurts from time to time, like right now) and I keep wondering how many of the medical issues Mom has developed over the years has been because of the wreck I caused.

  3. My managers would probably have me at work in a full body cast still greeting the customers as they came in the door. The website address is a picture of a car flipped over onto its roof and the caption reads that the manager still wants you to come in. I’ve had the thought if I was run over in the store’s parking lot, it’d be a mercy killing, they’d be putting me out of my misery.

      • Lol, that’s pretty good, been there before too! Had an assistant manager that called and asked if I could come in on a day I had requested off for so I could have the remains of what had been an ingrown toenail removed (it was an outpatient procedure), I explained to him no, and why, all I got was an “Oh, ok” out of him. He also came up to me to see if I was willing to work on the night I graduated from High School, even though that also had been requested off………when I said no and why, he said something along the line of “Oh, a lot of people are doing that lately.”

  4. I once thought something similar with a job I once had. The thought made me realize how much I hated my job and how much the stress of it was quite literally making me ill. I quit that night. Refused to even work out the two weeks notice, since I was quitting to try and salvage my health. Never once regretted making that choice.

  5. I know of one high school kid who was so fed up with work one day he decided to call in a bomb threat, just to get off work.The thing is,,they caught him. So while he may not have been arrested for it (I never found out ) he was fired. And “makes bomb threats” is something that follows you to every job application.

  6. It would give Donnie an excuse but no pay. Not a great pay off. Personally, I would love to be a volunteer jury duty person. I’ve been called a few times but only got on one trial. It was a 25 year old murder case and it was really interesting.

    • I always wanted to do jury duty but now I don’t think I could physically handle it. I’d need to many bathroom breaks. In the past I knew if I was called up they’d never take me. I am very strongly opinionated and the lawyers would not want me, either side.

      • I took a criminal law class once (an elective). The instructor, a former ADA, said he wouldn’t want me as a juror. Too hard to read.

  7. The only accident I’ve ever had was on my way to work, in order to avoid a car who cut me off and couldn’t see out of his snow covered windows (don’t miss stupid Illinois drivers since I moved), I ended up jumping the curb and busted my axle, thankfully didn’t hit anything. It happened close enough to work that I managed to guide the car there, do my shift (the money I make in one shift maybe covered 1/10 of my repair bill, so worth it), then get towed home.

  8. …This literally just happened to me last week. I can safely say, no. You don’t want to be in a car accident. The loss of a vehicle and the depression and exhaustion aren’t worth two-three days off.

  9. I generally get a jury summons every 2-3 years. I’ll never sit a jury, I know that witness testimonies are very flawed due to the games your brain play on you, and I am anti death penalty (for that whole “people’s memories suck” thing. too easy to convict the wrong person)

  10. I’ve been sort of the reverse — I’ve been AFRAID to come to work because I thought for sure the workplace weirdo was finally going to bring a gun to work and start crossing names off her enemies list.

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