13 thoughts on “July 20, 2016

  1. I have a rule that applies to both my retail and customer’s side:

    “If you aren’t 100% ready, DON’T STAND IN LINE!!”

    Sadly, not many folks adhere to this rule.

    • I used to work in an ice cream shop that had a frequent-buyer’s card (buy 10 cones get one free). It used to drive me to distraction when people would wait in line, wait while I prepared their order, and then decide to search for their card when it was time to pay.

  2. uuuuugghhhh this is my work to a tee at the moment. My work only accepts one coupon and only one because it is the only coupon the company prints. Yet I still get people who will get onto their phone when they should of already had it to pull it up along with competitors coupons and demand that I take them.

  3. There’s so many ways to hold up a line! I haven’t seen this one before. Poor Amber can’t say anything but the people behind her can. But they’ll all blame Amber when it’s not her fault and there’s nothing she can do about it.

    • Believe me, this is a common occurrence at my store, at least with in-store coupons.

      Even worse, because the coupon has to be on the customer’s card (and in our system) before the transaction starts, if they go looking to put it on the card in the middle (or worse, the end) of the transaction, the only way we can use the coupon is to start the transaction over (a pain in the butt for both of us and those in line, who are staring daggers at me by now), which could also require getting a supervisor to authorize the transaction void (further delaying things if they’re not around).

  4. “Oh here, I found this one on fakecoupons.com, will you accept it? But the coupon bloggers said you would, and that you would quadruple it if I asked. This one expired six months ago and is for a product you don’t carry but I can still use it right?…….”

  5. We’re not going to get through the week without hearing “I guess it must be free!” are we?

    People like this week is depicting drive me nuts… and I’ve never manned a register before. I’ve worked enough retail (in a Cooper-like role) to know that I’m not cut out for it. This strip constantly reinforces that. Mad respect to all you retail workers out there for putting up with this!

  6. Ugh this is literally my mother every time we go shopping. I finally got her to start looking for the coupons while we wait in line to get to the register at least.

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