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  1. So, what is the “opportunity”? All signs point to being the SM, but that’s too straightforward. I smell a plot twist. Mostly because giving Brice the SM job after defecting is too much.

    And then, what amount Mina? She’s going to be ticked. I can’t believe that she’d let him go without some kind of fight. I have no idea what “ammo” she might have, but she’s the kind who can come up with something.

      • She may not have actual ammo, but that’s not going to stop her. I believe that trucking companies will send new inexperienced hires to trucking school. If they quit in the first year, they have to reimburse the company for the school. That doesn’t quit fit here, but still…

    • Jackie has it right. Employment is not slavery. All these stories where a character laments “I can’t quit, I signed a contract” don’t quite grasp how contracts work. And Brice is too much a by-the-book sort to give Mina anything for extortion or blackmail, like “If you quit, I’ll tell the police about that ‘broken’ TV you took home!”

    • Maybe… Stuart decides he wants to be a store manager again, to be in one place and not have to deal with so much at once, and recommends Brice take his place as DM. Stuart then takes over the New Hampshire store… and Brice is suddenly Stuart’s boss.

      I don’t know, just a random insane theory that’s probably inaccurate. But with Norm, you never know.

      • There’s no reason right now to not believe that Chloe’s behavior isn’t a direct result of Mina’s management style. Constantly being strung along can make any person bitter and resentful.

        • True, but there’s also nothing to indicate that she would be pleasant to work with otherwise. Nothing we’ve seen so far shows any reason for Brice to hire her. (or any of the other Delmans employees we’ve seen for that matter)

          • I don’t know, Gary (their stockroom supe) seems to be a genuinely good guy, and he really likes Brice so I think he’d be good for Brice to have, and it would really stick it to Mina.

          • This. In the establishing shot for this week, she’s on the phone griping at someone else in a conversation unrelated to Mina, and as we see from the strip following the above, she also rats out Brice the first chance she gets. Sure, some of that could be due to Mina’s managerial style, but it’s been my experience that if someone gets that sour over one person and spreads it to everything else, they were probably always an unpleasant person (Mina would then just be the catalyst that brought it out).

            I agree with Jason D., though, that Gary in the stockroom could probably use the reprieve. He seems beleaguered, not bitter.

    • This is almost setting up like a backdoor pilot to another strip. Retail – Marla and Retail – Brice. Or maybe we know Marla, Cooper and the gang so well, that it’s time to start following a whole new store and crew?

      • Well why not mix things up a bit? Norm’s done it before, showing us strips from the mall coffee shop, the bookstore, and Cooper’s second job at the gas station. Plenty of opportunities for more Retail scenarios that don’t require shoehorning into Marla’s store.

  2. That’s pretty big of Stuart even if he did make Brice promise not to tell. Board Worker, you might be right but I don’t see what other alternative Stuart has. He has no SM up there. Brice seems to be his only option. The salary offer may be less than what he’s making at Delman’s as an assistant. That could be the dilemna for Brice, but SM it will be.

  3. Wow, Stuart’s human side actually peeked out for a moment! He really didn’t have to say any of that.

    As for the other Delman’s employees, if Brice gets the SM job and gives those people a chance, they’d probably stampede over there for the chance to get away from Mina, and at least some of them might be decent employees, grateful to Brice for giving them a place away from the Evil One.

    • Maybe not though. As I understand it they would have to move to another city. Not that much of a problem for, probably, single and childless Brice who has likely some money saved up and/or will get a moving allowance since he is management. But it might be a problem for the others.

      • On second thought, Stuart said ‘willing to travel’ not ‘willing to move’ so it’s probably a long commute but not that far away that they would have to move.

        • That could work short term but eventually he’d want to move near the store. Who wants to drive for an hour each way?

          • When you’re escaping a very bad situation, it can be worth the drive. My old store is 10 min from home. my new one is 40 min away. But for the last few years, I no longer have managers who make my life hell by trying to force me to quit.

  4. Brice should take Gary with him, if Gary can move. I’m assuming it is going to require a move into New Hampshire.

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