18 thoughts on “July 21, 2016

  1. But I buy them here all the time! Can you walk around the entire store while I wait, because I KNOW they’re here somewhere.

    • Gah! This always drives me crazy, but I have a theory as to why it happens. People don’t know what store they’re in – they just know they saw an item in a department store, and it must be this one because that’s the one they’re standing in.

      This used to happen a lot when I worked at Borders – people would ask us why we didn’t have an item that was exclusive to Barnes and Noble (say, Nook e-book readers), and insist we must have them. When you explained that no, the item is exclusive to our competition, they’d ask if we could still get one, after all ‘You’re all the same anyway, right?”

    • They do it on the phones, too. I sell advertising. I give my name and the dept name and the first question is often “Is this [dept I just named]?” Then it’s “Who am I speaking to?” Never mind that I just told them that. They get my name wrong 9 times out of 10, and it’s a fairly common name. NOBODY LISTENS. Anywhere!

  2. Read my lips: “We don’t sell bowling balls.” Not “We sell bowling balls but there are none on the shelves right now but there may be some in the back” but “We don’t sell bowling balls in this store” Period!

  3. Although not retail this reminds me of when I worked in a call center for an airline. A lady called and wanted to book a trip to the Virgin Islands. I told her we didn’t fly to the Virgin Islands. I told her that all of our U.S. flights went to England but she didn’t believe me and wanted me to double check. It’s a very small airline and I knew exactly where we flew and I even knew flight times for every flight to and from the U.S. The airline does fly to the Caribbean but only from England and not to the Virgin Islands. But she couldn’t accept that.

  4. “Even though you work here and I don’t, I know your stock better than you ever will. The customer is always right!” Yeah, so a store employee can magically generate any item of your request? Get a dose of reality. (at least it’s amusing to mock these people…)

  5. I do not work in retail but in a mailroom and I see this type of stuff happening all the time, most of the time it is from employees from other offices who act like this

  6. The other day I went to a JoAnn Fabric and Craft store and asked an employee where their kanzashi makers (Japanese craft that turns folded fabric into flowers, the makers are pieces of plastic that holds folded fabric and has holes for the thread that holds the fabric together), were located. They said they didn’t sell them. I checked the store’s website and it said that location had several in stock. I showed the employee the webpage (and photo of what I was looking for), when I told her what the kanzashi maker was. She walked away after saying that they didn’t have it a second time. Another customer heard and told me the store had some things to make yo-yos out of fabric in the quilting section and the kanzashi makers should be nearby. The store just had the small orchid petal maker and wanted $6.99 for it when it was on sale on their website for a lot less.

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