30 thoughts on “July 21, 2017

  1. I would tell her “If Chloe wants the job then let her have it. I am out of here.” Anything is better than this crap even working at the local 7-11. This is beyond toxic it is radioactive.

  2. Unbelievable.

    I just re-read the two strips about the phone call, and in no way did Brice give anything away about it being a call with the DM of Grumbels, which Chloe certainly doesn’t know by first name anyways. Stuart is not that an uncommon name by any means, especially if you don’t know how to spell it – which many people writing comments even do not, despite having read it hundreds of times.

    • All Chloe would need to say is that Brice got a call from a guy named Stuart. Since Stuart isn’t that common of a name AND Mina was interviewed by Stuart when Marla was looking to replace Josh, it wouldn’t take Mina long to put 2 and 2 together. Infact, her brain probably went there first thing.

      • Hardly believeable that every single phone call someone does in there gets reported to Mina.

        The information even going there to begin with is more than questionable.

    • Those two strips did not show us the ENTIRE conversation between Stuart and Brice.

      I mean, I’m pretty sure that the conversation did not end with Stuart saying that he wanted to talk about a job opportunity with Brice and Brice agreeing. There was very likely some other dialogue after that.

      Norm Feuti showed us the first part of the phone call, and then did a “jump cut” to Brice talking to Mina. It’s a classic way for a writer to build suspense by not immediately telling the audience everything that happened.

      Alternatively, writers sometimes “skip over” events that can be easily assumed on the part of the audience. If Stuart really did offer Brice the Store Manager position in New Hampshire, as expected, then Norm Feuti might have decided not to go through the motions of actually showing that because it would be redundant, and wouldn’t add anything to the strip.

      • Or maybe there’s a twist coming that he’s building up to, like my insane theory that Stuart wants to be a store manager again for less stress and is attempting to cede the DM position to Brice… who probably would be ineffectual in that position (hence why my theory is insane).

    • The last panel showed Brice’s cell phone laying on the table. Since he received a text message, Chole could have read it before Brice came back and picked it up to make the call (which was not shown in the strip).

  3. So Norm’s going to keep us in suspense! What offer did Stuart make to him? Did he offer the SM position in New Hampshire? As for Mina, Chloe etc., I sure hope it’s an offer Brice can take since Delman’s is such a toxic atmosphere due to this woman and Chloe’s not any better! I wish Brice’s next words would be “Give it to her! I’m leaving out of here right now! I’ve been offered something much better than working for the likes of you!”

    • Looking at Brice’s expression, it doesn’t look like the face of someone who should be walking on a cloud. Maybe it’s just to be consistent with today’s strip, but still ….

  4. Now’s the time, Brice, to say ‘two week notice,’ let her fire you and then you say ‘I quit first.’ Don’t look back. But tuck this learning experience away for future reference.

  5. Nah. Brice should say, “So Chloe spied on me and you’re giving me a hard time over a phone call that was none of your business. I’m considering turning in my two week notice over this.” If Mina is stupid enough to fire him, then he can collect unemployment since he’ll have been fired without cause. He can focus on moving at that point.

    If she doesn’t fire him, call HR and file a formal complaint. Then when she explodes at him (remember, she has no self control) then quit and collect unemployment.

    Either way, he’s outta there.

  6. Guess Brice won’t be poaching Chloe to be his AM after all. (But, Brice, at least try to get poor Gary out of there.)

  7. It’s real simple, Brice. Just pour a bucket of water on her head and she will melt away. I saw in an old movie. LOL

  8. I’m guessing that Chloe would also love to have Mina’s job.

    I wonder if that’s why Mina didn’t promote her to AM.

  9. I can’t believe it hasn’t occurred to anyone that there’s no reason Chloe had to have been involved in this at all.

    Our only evidence we have of this is Mina’s word. She could just as easily be keeping tabs on Brice herself and reached for Chloe as a convenient person to blame it on.

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