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  1. I am going to say something I never, in a million years, would have thought I would have the right to say.

    GO BRICE!!!

    Thank you. That is all.

  2. Brice with the mic drop, damn.
    While you’re at it, Brice, take Gary with you. He needs a kindlier work environment.
    Oh, and Mina… see you in hell.

  3. Two questions:
    (1) WHEN will Mina’s DM ***finally*** realize that
    she is too toxic to keep?
    (2) When a friend of mine was asked why they
    believed in Heaven and Hell, he replied:
    “Both have branch offices on Earth.”
    So…who ELSE does Mina work for?

    • #1. When it’s too late, hopefully not Praying Mantis style though……….

      #2. Your friend makes a very persuasive argument there!

    • #1, I’m not sure as we’ll ever find out. The strip’s focus in the past has been on Grumble’s. We’ve only seen Dilman’s to the extent that it’s caused it to enter the Grumble’s universe. I think we’ll see more of Dilman’s from time to time, but probably not as a separate story arc. Not unless Norm takes the strip in a new direction – which is possible.

    • Never, or when they get sued for a hostile work environment. Companies don’t care as long as the job or profit hits their expectations. I just left a toxic environment like this. Lots of unprofessional people and threats but no self accountability for the higher up managers. I was 3rd from the top. I led by example and was made out to be a bad manager because I didn’t delegate everything and hide in the office all day.

      • You were perceived as a threat because you had support from below and could get things done that the other ‘managers’ couldn’t. Upper management isn’t about doing a job, it’s about who has the biggest ’empire’ within the corporate structure.

        • Yep. I just lost a great manager for BS like described above. He had the respect of the floor staff and most would do anything for him without complaint. His survey scores from employees. However he was a threat to the click managers who didn’t understand why he didn’t sit in the office and let us figure it out. He was backstabbed when some of his reviews of his reports were changed while on vacation so pets of other managers could be given more money. “Cause they just lift boxes why should we pay them so well.” He split after that. If the store he went to wasn’t an hour drive from my house I would have followed him.

    • He’s learned his lesson. Here’s hoping that the entire staff of Delman’s comes with him to staff his new store.

      • They won’t. They won’t be able to afford to move, assuming they want to. That kind of retail position is a dime a dozen. If they’ve stuck it out that long with Mina, they’ll either continue to or find something local.

  4. Well, looks like I was wrong about a plot twist. What will Mina do? Will she lure Crystal away and then discover she’s, uh, Crystal?

    • I’d like to see them at least meet each other. Crystal would feel all the evil vibes coming from Mina and want to be out of her vicinity. I couldn’t see her working for her. She’d have left faster than Brice did.

  5. After everything that happened, after how horrible a manager she’s been, if that’s all she can say to someone who’s thinking of pursuing brighter prospects, then she deserved that.

  6. Brice was the character of the moment that we loved to hate, but he was written as a person who is capable of change. I’ll be curious to see if we get any peeks through the knothole at how he runs his own store. Did working with Marla, followed by Mina, cement in his mind that being an evil jerk doesn’t get the best results? Stay tuned!

    • I sure hope so! This whole plot-line feels like a set-up for splitting the comic strip between time spent at Brice’s new store and the old store. After so many years, maybe Norm feels like a change of pace. I would like it.

  7. Nanananananah to MIna. Mina will now probably have to promote Chloe. God help the rest of the Grumble’s employees.

    • Nah, this CAN’T be over. People like Mina tend to hold grudges and to be spiteful, hateful individuals. I can see her spreading vicious gossip or even attempting sabotage. Brice might be out of reach in NH, but Stuart and Marla are still withing range of her guns. We already know she’s not above eavesdropping or manipulation. It isn’t much further to go for acts of revenge.

  8. Ha! He leaves her in the lurch just like her last AM! I never thought I’d be proud of something Stuart or Brice did but this is great! I wish we could see when Mina’s DM comes to rake her over the coals for having lost not one but two AM’s within weeks of each other and demands an explanation.

  9. As George Jefferson stated in an old episode of “The Jeffersons”: “You asked for it, you got it (blows raspberry)” 🙂

    No need to cater to some power-hungry psychopath who still hasn’t learned anything about respect being a two-way street.

  10. Mina may pay a price for this of her own. Higher manager does’t like it when there’s too much turnover.

    It costs money to train an employee. It takes time for the employee to recoup that money through work. Management may not care about entry level employees, but they will care about management level employees.

    Sooner or later the DM is going to figure what the problem with the store really is.

    • Given the high likelihood that that part about having an affair with the DM is accurate, it will need to be the guy above the DM.

      • Women don’t have to have affairs with upper management to get ahead. They’re just as capable of using other means to get where they want to go. I’ve had three evil women managers (and more male ones, sorry), and none of them needed to sleep with anyone to get anywhere. They just needed to be willing to backstab, lie, and disrespect the staff that worked for them. Oh, and loyalty/obeying the orders of the higher-ups works, too, especially if they never question those orders.

        • My interpretation of xelto’s comment was that the DM won’t dare call her out on her terrible management because in this case, sleeping with them would serve as a form of blackmail. Aka, “Let me act however I want with no repercussions or I’ll provide everyone with proof that we’re sleeping together.” She may not have slept with the DM to *get* her position, but given how mercenary she is, she may have started the affair to make sure they don’t ever cross her.

  11. Didn’t think I’d say this after all the missteps he took but: Way to go Brice! Mina asked for it and you delivered.
    I hope we do get peeks of Brice at his own Grumbles store. It will be interesting. We will at least see him at managers meetings.

  12. I actually did this to a manager from hell. I was the AM and she thought she was God. I dropped my keys on her desk and walked out. Of course this was way back when finding another job was no problem. Within a week I was working for the company I ended up retiring from 25 years later, with a pension and lifetime employee discount. The other company went out of business 2 years after I left, so I dodged that bullet. Walking out was one of the most satisfying things I have ever done. Wouldn’t have the nerve to do it in today’s economy.

    • My sister did it a couple years ago. The job she was going to wasn’t much, but it wasn’t retail, either. She handed her nametag to her manager and said “Bye!” No two weeks notice. They didn’t deserve it.

  13. When Brice was first introduced, I doubt any of us ever expected him to ever become an audience wish fulfillment character, even if just for one strip. But he did, and it came about so naturally, and it just feels SO GOOD.

    And, Brice, please, please do the right thing and get Gary out of there. Chloe can leave her gossipy backstabbing where it is at this point, but Gary’s going to have a severe breakdown if someone doesn’t rescue him soon.

  14. I never thought I would say this, but good for Brice! Fine Mina, you don’t want two weeks notice, here’s two seconds notice.

  15. The sad thing is Mina will learn nothing from this and just write Brice off as a bad employee or ungrateful or whatever else. She will never accept he left because she was an awful boss that cultivated a bad work environment.

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