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  1. Well, Cooper has shown that he can be petty and vindictive, but in the world of human interactions, it’s normal to want payback when you’ve been treated like scum by someone in authority over you. I’m sure it felt good to Cooper in the moment, but ultimately he may learn that resentment is like drinking poison and expecting your enemy to die.

    • Agreed. While I understand Cooper’s attitude, he’s the one getting the short end. I say remember enough that you don’t get victimized again, but let it go. Holding a grudge hurts the grudge holder far more then the object of the grudge.

      • That’s right. Bitterness is a poison that harms the vessel that holds it. Most of the time the person you’re bitter against either has no idea you are holding a grudge or they know and don’t care. Why give them the satisfaction of knowing how much they bugged you? You’re the one suffering not them and they are not worth it.

  2. Cooper wasnt really being vindictive, just not willing to give Brice effort. No real harm because Cooper is busy doing actual work and Brice could very easily find Marla himself.

    • Essentially that’s what you’re asking when you ask, “Is So and So around?”

      Cooper knew what Brice wanted.

      Sure he’s being petty. But as Cooper goes, he’s actually being pretty mild.

      I’ve been similarly indifferent for a former colleague who got fired for cause (and yes, I know Brice didn’t get fired) because she was such a b****.

      There’s no way to deal with a toxic former co irker than to treat them as if they don’t matter.

      Because they don’t.

  3. Cooper likely doesn’t know any of the story about Brice other than that he left Grumbels to work for Delman’s. He probably knows nothing about the promotion Brice didn’t know about until now. For all he knows Brice wants to talk to Marla about getting his old job back. So I can’t really blame Cooper for his rudeness. I’m glad Brice is going to seek Marla out though, hopefully to thank her for talking to Stuart on his behalf. He does have her to thank after all.

  4. Although Cooper isn’t as understanding as he could be, he does have a history of coming around when he’s more informed. (Aren’t we all?)

    And while Cooper was somewhat short and uncaring with Brice, it wasn’t open hostility. I wish he’d Cooper had been a bit more friendly and willing to give the benefit of the doubt, but nobody is perfect.

  5. I have a friend who reads this strip daily, and he is almost beside himself with anger because Brice has gotten such a good break from Marla. Myself, I have thought for a long time that Brice still had a shot at becoming a decent human being. That his soul had not yet been completely taken over by the non-humans in corporate. But my friend, he hates Brice, thinks he’s a horrible person and wants him to suffer, suffer, suffer.

    • Based on what we’ve seen in the strip, I would say there’s a lot more reason to believe that Brice is a horrible person and that Marla is only pushing to give him a chance because she’s become corporate-minded enough to *not give a damn* about the New Hampshire store employees whom he will screw over.

    • I’ve always seen Brice as someone who’s just drunk way too much corporate Kool-aid. He’s not cruel, he just really DOES think the world works the way the employee manual says it should. He never lacked the capacity to learn.

  6. Lol people being mad at Cooper for not being nice to Brice b/c he’s suffered.

    Guys Cooper doesn’t have your insight, he just knows that Brice is the guy that suggested Donnie be let go because he changed his availability.

  7. I’ve got a storyline prediction: Cooper’s going to regret being a jerk to Brice when he finds out Brice needs to hire an assistant manager.

    • r387,
      Cooper doesn’t want to be assistant manager. Cooper is perfectly happy with the job he has now.
      Cooper is not a people person. Cooper doesn’t do office politics. Cooper needs a job where he doesn’t need to deal with people or politics.

  8. I feel like the second panel is really telling here. Brice looks timid–regretful, even. You can see in his face that he now realizes how badly he treated Cooper (and probably by extension, the other employees) when he was AM, and he knows that the cold shoulder he’s been given is probably his own fault.

    (In the next panels, he might have been naively hoping that Cooper would pick up on that and be immediately forgiving, but well, things don’t usually work that way. You still gotta initiate your own apology, Brice.)

  9. What I’ve learned about bullies is that “forgive and forget” doesn’t work with them. They take it as a sign of weakness. Three strikes and they’re out. After that it’s avoid and ignore.

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