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  1. I know much retail theft is ‘internal’ but if you don’t trust me to not steal, why are you trusting me to work here? I dislike bag checks!

    • If they have that much of a concern, stop wasting my time and after the store is closed go through all surveillance and check to see if we are stealing anything….

      • AG,
        Do you have any idea how much time and money that would take. Surveillance tapes are checked after there’s been an incident or a customer or employee has raised suspicions in order to find out what happened and to collect evidence. It is simply not cost effective to have security spend third shift watching blurry images on a tv set. In a store the size of Grumbels make that multiple sets.
        The best loss prevention steps are adequate staffing and making sure staff interacts in a positive manner with customers. It’s not surveillance and suspicion.
        Besides, what Brice doesn’t know is that if Amber were to steal something as small as lip gloss, she wouldn’t have put it in her transparent bag. She would have stuck it in her bra.
        Brice is not just a dick, he’s stupid.

      • My company actually does this. I work for a gas station and management is required to watch a random hour of video to make sure no rules are being broken and nothing is stolen.

        • Melissa,
          And their bosses really think they are actually watching?
          Talk about a way to rot the brain. and encourage people to look for another way to earn a living.

    • I actually don’t just dislike them. I find them violating. When I have jobs like that, I don’t take anything to work that I don’t need for work to avoid them. When it was my job to check, I honestly didn’t check very well. Just a glance and move on because it wouldn’t be in plain sight if they had stolen something. I checked shopping bags but not receipts, in that case double-checking for security devices that had not been deactivated, since sometimes employees would make their purchase at a computer not used for customers but still tied into the system, like the one behind customer service used for shipping. I always comply without complaint when someone asks to search my bag because I know they are just doing what corporate says and need the job at least as much as I do, but I seriously feel it is crossing a line. Law enforcement needs a warrant or probable cause. A co-worker with no more legally authority than me really does not have the right to go through my belongings without my permission.

      • Courtney: “When it was my job to check, I honestly didn’t check very well. Just a glance and move on because it wouldn’t be in plain sight if they had stolen something.”

        That’s pretty much what my bosses do. They know it’s BS too. We even joke about the impossibly-sized items we’re “hiding in our handbags”, like chairs.

        Personally, I think the “most shoplifting is internal” thing is BS.

        • I would just go “Yep, purse stuff, good enough” and let people go. We didn’t make guys open their pockets and what not…

          Besides, I have a problem with the whole process. I always felt women had an expectation of privacy in their purses. That may be from my LE days, but I actually believed in the bill of rights which didn’t make me popular with my colleagues in that field.

        • Statistically speaking, more employees get caught, which leads idiots like those in the corporate office (or Stuart, Josh, or Brice) to believe the data states that ALL shoplifters get caught. Boneheaded corporate policy like this ensures more outsiders get away with it by even further reducing floor coverage, thus inflating shrink percentage and leaving those knuckleheads wondering why.

        • Not most shoplifting, but most loss. Things like zeroing out items and taking them home, giving your friends and family big discounts, “counting” a shipment incorrectly on purpose so you can take possession of the extra items and so on.

          • It’s not even that. My company says only 10% of loss is internal theft, which includes all those examples, 25% operational error, not theft but just mistakes, and the remaining 65% is external shoplifting.

    • While I completely agree with you about disliking bag checks, when I worked at a bookstore a few years ago, we would sign the list saying we did bag checks but we usually didn’t. It turns out that a veteran employee had been stealing huge amounts of books ten years. She was a great, very dedicated employee, and loved her job. She was completely trusted, and she claimed that she didn’t recall taking the books, she would get home and they’d just be in her bag.
      Perhaps she did have a genuine mental health issue, we don’t know. Let’s be clear that this was a small store in a mall with usually two or three people closing, not a department store.

    • To a degree it is about stupid lawsuit prevention, this way when they find something in the bag of an employee they know is stealing it does not look targeted. My workplace does not do pocket/bag checks thankfully, but they do plenty of other stupid stuff.

  2. Is everyone who thought Brice was redeemable ready to admit that they were wrong wrong wrong.
    Internal theft is absolutely a problem but employees walking off with a $2 lip gloss is not. It is simply not worth the damage to morale and loyalty that this kind of surveillance causes. Big items, Brice, big items.
    Plus isn’t it odd how female employees are subjected to a “bag check” and forced to carry transparent clutches but male employees aren’t asked to turn out their pockets

    • Redeemable is not the same as redeemed, or even being redeemed. He has shown cracks in the foundation of his beliefs, but his house of cards has not yet collapsed.

      • xodiac,
        Brice is hopeless.
        Besides that, a business is not a church, not a mental health center, not an extension of the Human Potential Movement. A business is not there to save anyone’s soul. It is there to make money. Toxic employees destroy morale, increase turn-over, encourage passive-aggressive behavior in their co-workers and subordinates and cost the business money. They don’t need to be redeemed. They need to be gotten rid of.
        I’m not saying that businesses should be callous or oblivious to problems their employees may have in the normal course of a normal life. Treating employees as if they did not matter also destroys morale, increases turn-over, encourages passive-aggressive behavior, cuts into profits and costs money. It’s that employers do not need to subject their employees to the needless stress of working with destructive people.
        Brice is a destructive person

        • “Toxic executives” FTFY

          Brice is nothing more than a reflection of Stuart, Stuart’s boss, the CEO, and the board of directors of Grumbel’s. That department store is a toxic organization from the top down.

    • It’s funny, really. If you treat people as if you trust them, more often than not they will trust you.

      If you treat people as if they are hostile, more often than not they will be hostile to you.

      Really funny, that.

      • Actually I was required to turn out my pockets all the time when I worked retail. That’s pretty much policy at most stores now.

    • Well you can hide more in a handbag/purse than you can a pants pocket or wallet. Also what makes you think the male employees don’t have to do a check?

  3. Subject people like Brice to a pocket check. Make sure that everything he has has a receipt. Then maybe just maybe he’ll understand. But then again probably not.

  4. So next is Brice going to call the drugstore to have them check their security tapes from a month ago to prove she actually bought it there? Please.
    And aren’t the bag checks supposed to be random? They are in my store. If you never know when you’re going to be searched, it’s more effective at keeping you honest. Or making you more creative at hiding the stuff you stole. One of those.

  5. Bryce here reminds me of a LP guy I used to work with. He spent all his time watching the employees while thousands of dollars walked through the front door in the hands of customers.

  6. I suppose through all of this nonsense, they’ve already punched out so they’re on their own time. Also if the bags have to be transparent, they’re announcing to the world what they carry in those bags. The items in my purse are personal and I don’t want anyone knowing what’s in it. And if they don’t also check the men’s pockets this is sexism.

    • Perhaps having to check a clear bag filled with feminine hygiene products would put a stop to this nonsense.A lot of men can’t stand to even look at the stuff.

  7. Time to have a off site employee get together to come up with ways to drive Brice out or set him up for some sort of ill fate.
    Frame him for theft and have him tossed out in disgrace.

  8. Why do I get the feeling that this is not the first time Brice and Amber have had this exchange?
    Worse, why do I get the feeling that Brice assumes he and Amber have potential?

  9. Actually, the employee who was the most blatant and stole the most was one who stashed stuff in the trash, made a big deal of emptying the trash (a short walk to a dumpster) and dropped the bags behind the dumpster to be picked up by her mother. Like most thieves, she got greedy and tried a variation of that by leaving a box containing a chair outside the loading dock. A real customer pulled up as mom was struggling with the box. Someone smelled a rat and asked Mom for the receipt. The story ended up with the employee fired and the two going to court; it was a good chair plus a nice chair cover.

  10. I my work I used to consider this a joke. Like another commenter said, if they’re going to steal something they’re not going to put in their bag or “purse”. I had a running gag with employees that sort of showed this contempt. When employees left for the night I would do a bag check and ask them to open their bags and ask them “okay what did you all steal this evening”. They’d open their bags and say “Well, I stole this,this and that”.

  11. If you are that hard up that you need to steal lip gloss, then you do not need it. Taking something without permission or paying for it is stealing, I can understand if you are completely broke and need to steal food for your family that is one thing, but stupid stuff like lip gloss..naa skip it.

    • People still stuff all the time that they don’t technically need. It’s just stuff they WANT, and they don’t want to pay for it.

      But how likely is an employee to steal something and put it into a transparent bag??

    • Some people steal for the thrill. They don’t need it and have enough cash to buy it. But that’s no fun.

  12. Criminals are stupid. That’s why they would steal something and put it into a transparent bag.

    That’s why a police department in New Hampshire was “offering” a special “Pokemon” character to certain people who appeared on their list. The list was a most wanted list. With this Pokemon Go craze.

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