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  1. Maybe “what you did for me” refers to sending him off to Dilman’s. He learned A) the grass isn’t always greener, and B) how to treat people decently. (We hope.)

    • I think that’s a stretch and a half. Brice had seen Marla at the coffee stand and told her how terrible everything was at Delman’s. Stuart then shortly calls him, tells him that “he heard through the grapevine” that he was miserable in his new job, tells him that Marla actually is an effective manager, and offers him the New Hampshire opportunity.

      Brice is a lot of things. Stupid isn’t one of them. And he knows that Marla just did him a solid, when he had given her zero reason to do so (in the manner in which he left).

      And that’s an even better lesson, which goes hand-in-hand in the revelation of what Stuart really thinks of Marla.

      • Indeed, I now want to see glimpses of him at the new store every now and then to see how well he has learned his lessons.

  2. Marla couldn’t resist that little dig, but he deserves it. I think he also ought to apologize for the rotten things he said before he left, but we’ll see. I hope he takes the lessons he’s learned into his new job as manager.

  3. Life Lesson Well-Learned: Check.

    Brice was heading down the ugly side of management, but between Marla’s good example and Mina’s bad example, Brice was given enough of both experiences to use his intelligence to choose the Jedi side. (C’mon! We’ve all been comparing the management struggle here to the Force. At least, all us geeks have. 😀 )

  4. Now, now, Marla. At least he gave you a civilized compliment and a humbled apology, whereas Stuart would be unwilling to grant you the satisfaction with one.

    Please be the one who takes the high road and accept it with grace.

      • I’m wondering if sometime in the future Brice will have a chance to repay the favor. How? I don’t know. But I wouldn’t be surprised.

        • Maybe they will be able to work out an arrangement to help each other re: stock and floorplans so that they won’t be dinged because of corporate insisting that they follow the planogram even when they don’t have the supplies to do so? That was once of Brice’s earliest revelations as far as corporate being unfair.

  5. 50/50 shot that in the future that Stuart casually brings up to Brice that “all of this could have been avoided if Marla had just told you it was available to begin with!”

    In which case, he could then sway back to the dark side to make Marla look bad due to her withholding information; even though it was Brice’s “talk to the hand” behavior that kept Marla quiet.

    • He may be a stickler for the rule, but i have not seen him to be the manipulative type compared to Mina.

      On the other hand, the way he acted and that she still spoke to Stuart on Brice’s behalf I don’t see him changing his mind. He is just happy to be out of Delmans.

  6. You know what, I’m happy for Brice. He learned his lesson and Marla took the high road by helping him out. He didn’t deserve the help but I’m glad he got it and also ate his slices of humble pie.

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