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  1. Huh. Usually it’s in the opposite direction. some nut who thinks the store’s trying to provoke orgies in the aisles with its muzak Buddy Holly and ABBA.

  2. If I got complaints about the milquetoast, generic pop hits my store had to play, I’d temporarily replace them with songs like Hocus Pocus (by Focus), Cosmik Debris (Frank Zappa), and the 17 minute album version of In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Iron Butterfly).

    This is why I’m not a store manager.

  3. I’ve started pointing out that thirty or so years from now, the instore music will likely include Justin Bieber and contemporaries.. This usually generates a look of dawning horror.

  4. if you ever have trouble believing that people would waste time making these calls let me tell you a story. I worked in a call center for bell home phone billing. A woman called up wanting to know why it cost more to call one town than another because both were calls were just one minute long. “it was only one minute” she said not comprehending that distance was also a factor.

    here’s the thing, she had a long distance plan that covered both of these calls so she actually paid nothing for them, the bill shows how much it would have cost without her plan.

    She sat on hold for however long, validated her account and went through all of this for a pointless question.

  5. In much the same way as elevator music in the 90s consisted of instrumental versions all songs from the sixties – things like Eleanor Rigby, California Dreaming, Red Rubber Ball, and other popular hits of the day – it would not surprise me in the least if Mall Music 30 years from now included such things as softer versions of music by Red Hot Chili Peppers, Weezer, Green Day, or Owl City. I do not, however, expect to hear symphonic renditions of Black Parade by My Chemical Romance. Some things are just beyond the pale.

  6. Why does this customer think Marla has any control over the music? It’s piped in by an outside company. At least the customers only have to listen to it for at most an hour, while they shop. We’re stuck listening to these repetitive songs all day long.
    Recently, our music system started repeating the SAME THREE SONGS over and over again. Try listening to that for eight hours! Lady, you got off lucky. You can go home and listen to whatever you like. We don’t have a choice.

    • When I worked for American Greetings I would spend hours in a store doing my job and you’re so right. I remember one song that said practically nothing but “Baby baby baby” all the way through. And at Christmas time it was 49 different renditions of “Winter Wonderland” til I became thoroughly disgusted and have hated that song ever since.

    • Some stores give them no choice whatsoever, and some at least give them a variety of stations to choose from. When I worked for a big, orange home improvement store we had about 8-10 channels that we could have on. Some of them would play the same few songs over and over again, but if the classic rock station was on, you *might* hear one song played twice in the same day, but it would usually be once at the beginning of your shift and again towards the end. Not too hard to deal with most of the time.

      Now at Christmas it was a completely different story, because they had only one station for that type of music. That meant you were hearing about seven different versions each of Marshmallow World, Santa Baby, Winter Wonderland, and Jingle Bell Rock. Oh dear God, I have rarely been as tempted to “accidentally” break that system as I was every year around the end of November.

    • Same goes for the people complaining about how hot it is the store. They’re leisurely strolling along browsing and can leave any time they want. I’m stuck there for my whole shift, I’m rushing around working, and I already took my one 15 minute break an hour ago.

  7. I had hopes yesterday that we were finally going to start another story arc. Today’s strip seems to show that we’re in for another week of one’offs. Norm, how much longer? I’m ready for some more “Retail” drama in my life.

  8. Oh for heaven’s sake! The things people find to complain about and be “offended” by. You may not have liked the musical choices (I rarely do) but to say you’re offended that they’re not playing something more up to date is a misuse of that word. What I hate is when they play the music so dang loud. If it’s quiet I can tune it out but they don’t need to blast it at you. Restaurants are more guilty of this than stores (usually) and we’ve gotten up and walked out of more than one restaurant for this reason. However, I wouldn’t say I’m “offended” by the music. People overuse that word these days.

    • The business I work at now uses I Heart Radio, and I’ve had many arguments with my coworkers over both the station playing and the volume it’s set at. About 99% of my entire job consists of answering the phone, and if the music is too loud, I can’t hear the person on the other end. Now that my desk is sitting right underneath one of the speakers, they usually don’t complain too much if I turn it down a bit, as long as I don’t change the channel.

      If I’m really lucky I get in before anyone has picked a station and I play stations like 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and 90’s country. I can’t stand most of the country music that’s popular now, but from about 1992-’98, it wasn’t too bad. I also turn it down fairly low, so even if they’re not crazy about what I’ve chosen, they don’t have much cause to complain because they can’t hear it that well anyway.

  9. It always cracked me up when our store’s system would be on the classic rock station and it would play Dancing With Myself, My Sharona, La Grange or She Bop. It was obvious that the person who chose them for the play mix either had no clue what those songs were really about, or they did and had a rather diabolical sense of humor.

  10. You’re not offended, you just don’t like it! That word is so overused in today’s entitlement culture. Guess what? You are not “entitled” to never be exposed to things you don’t like! Get over yourself.

  11. We get mocked for our selection, and rightly so. I don’t know if it’s intentional or not that we get Rickrolled hourly…

  12. At my store there used to be a very varied selection of music. Different genres and different decades, then one day it became a repetitive loop of the same 35-40 songs over and over again. Every now and then they’d phase out some songs and add some different ones, but it would still be the same loop of songs over and over. Most of the time I can block it out and ignore it, but there have been a few times where there are songs that I absolutely hate. I just have to grin and bear it. I do agree though that Christmas music is the absolute worst. They start slow, starting November first they’ll mix in one Christmas song for every three regular songs they play, but by December it’s three Christmas songs (and just like the regular songs it’s the same group of songs every year) for every one non-Christmas song.

  13. This is actually a customer complaint I sympathize with. You think it’s offensive to shop to that soundtrack? Try working to it for six to twelve hours.

    But it’s still not as bad as Christmas..

    • I love classical Christmas music – Bach, Beethoven, Mozart – but the places where I worked would only play Pop Christmas – Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree and Jingle Bell Rock and the rest of that swill.

  14. Somehow, our store’s playlist changed, but it’s changed to literally having eurobeat remixes of our last playlist.

    Like I wasn’t already tired of hearing “Best Day of My Life” and “Uptown Funk” all the time, now I have to hear remixes of these songs, as well as some random techno songs containing “Mm watcha say…” every now and then.

  15. This is the reason I hate classic rock.

    At the places where I worked, classic rock was considered the “safe” default, and classic rock stations play the same two dozen songs in rotation every day.

    To this day, I practically get a nervous twitch if I have to listen to anything by the Stones, Seger or Zeppelin.

  16. I have a whole list of songs I listened to when I was a teenager that I never hear on the radio or in stores. I’ve started looking for digital versions of them so I can have them to listen to again. Meanwhile, I walk into a store and either it’s Taylor Swift (gag me), Megan Trainor (gag me with a pineapple) or Beyonce (god help me). That seems to be the only three “artists” I ever hear in the stores around here. Another reason to shop online.

  17. I actually don’t pay that much attention to the in-store music. I guess I just kind of tune it out. The only time I notice it is during November and December, when the Christmas stuff is on an endless loop and we’re hearing “Santa Baby” eight times a day. I used to LIKE Christmas music until I started working retail.

  18. I used to work as a clerk in a drugstore, and we had a fairly large candy selection, those rows of clear plastic bins where you can fill up bags of it.

    I remember one day a lady was having a party at a church or some other largish event, and was buying a TON, over $200’s worth. As I was checking her out, the song ‘I Want Candy’ by the Strangeloves started playing over the speakers. We both looked at each other in disbelief, and started laughing. I had never heard that song play in that store before, and I don’t remember ever hearing it again afterwards. It wasn’t really something us employees could change at a whim either, so I’m sure it wasn’t a prank. Just a well timed song.

    • Don’t you just love it when real life scenarios happen exactly like they would in a movie or TV show? I was once in a….”physical situation” where the person that walked in on us turned on the television and the first sound out of it was “Isn’t it time you let yours out?” It ended up being so funny and perfectly timed, the guy and I were still laughing about it 20 minutes later.

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