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  1. I’m getting kind of a snooty vibe here from Marla. I would have expected she would be more shocked to hear that, and at the very least happy to hear Brice got the job since she’s the one who made the initial outreach to Stuart to let him know Brice needed the help.

    • @Mike

      I wouldn’t say snooty, more apathy. Marla has dealt with Stuart enough that she knows any kind of respect that he does have for her has enough asterisks next to it that it basically becomes meaningless. (If that makes sense. I’m kind of at the same point with my current boss as well. I got a strong review from them but they have back-stabbed enough to the point that I know they were really only saying it to save face with other managers and the district manager.)

    • I’m not getting Marla either. Considering what she went though to help Brice, she seems rather apathetic. Brice is showing change – you’d think she’d at least encourage that even if the complements are empty to her.

      • BoardWorker,
        Marla manages a retail store where Brice will not be working. She is not a social worker, counselor, or psychologist. It is not her job to make people who happen to cross her path into better people.
        Further, Marla’s response to Brice’s message that Stuart, in spite of how he has treated her all these years, actually respects her is perfectly normal. It falls into the category of abusive partner who promises that it will never happen again. Yeah right

        • I beg to differ. A good manager is a social worker, counselor, and psychologist. They have to know how to get the best out of their staff not through intimidation, but by understanding what makes them tick and using that to maximize their usefulness and dare I say, happiness. Also, a good manager must be able to understand what makes their customers happy and how staff can do the same.

          It’s not just about selling. Because if that’s all that a manager is interested in they will fail, often miserably. Of course, being a good manager doesn’t necessarily allow you to get or keep your job since so many aspects of a store’s success are out of your hands. Grumbles is just such an example. The reason the store doesn’t do well is because head office cares little about their customers and staff and focuses on the bottom line at all times even when it may end up leading to continuously decreasing sales.

          • True. But Brice doesn’t work for her anymore. So she owes him nothing and has no reason to be particularly nice to him. And we’ve seen her play the social worker often enough. Besides, she knows that Stuart has some level of respect for her. He hasn’t fired her.

            *But*, to be fair to Brice, Stuart did tell him not to say anything about this to Marla. With the threat (serious or not), that the SM position was contingent on that. Brice tokd her anyway.A gesture of contrition. He deserves some credit for that, even if Marla doesn’t know about the threat.

            Of course, whether he’s up to being an SM is another matter.

    • Yeah, it doesn’t feel like she’s being all that fair here. She doesn’t have to meet him halfway, or even meet him at all, but not actively shooting down his efforts to make amends would be a better approach. Even from a selfish standpoint. He’s managing a store in the same district; it’s not like they’re never going to cross paths again.

    • It’s not about snooty. It’s just that when you’ve been treated badly, sometimes the hurt feelings last even after the other person apologizes. Marla passing along Brice’s status to Stuart was the Right Thing To Do, but that doesn’t mean she’s his friend now.

      Hopefully they’ll reconcile, but it will take time.

  2. I think Marla has been thrown under the bus and backstabbed so many times that we’re seeing an absolute absence of caring about any non-functional opinions from Brice or Stuart.

    Whatever lessons have been learned by either of the two are too little, too late. Stuart is the company tool, lost in a Dilbertesque fantasy world where the company policy manual is a holy bible. Brice is an antagonistic asshole whose blind arrogance and condescending attitude will not be missed.

    Brice’s words, no matter how sincere or contrite, are empty and hollow to her.

    • If that were true, then why in the world would Marla go out of her way to help Brice? That makes zero sense. She was rid of Brice, just as she was rid of Josh. But she argued for a second chance for Brice against Stuart’s vindictiveness.

      She stood up for him.

      That’s not an absence of caring. If Marla truly did not care for Brice learning from his mistakes, she wouldn’t have stuck out her neck for him. She just would have let him rot in his own mistake.

  3. I think she’s just being professional. Brice isn’t her friend. There’s no reason for her to get emotional in front of him. You left, you’re acknowledging your mistakes, good for you. She’s not berating him, she’s not falsely grateful that he “saw the light”, she’s just having a conversation. As for the news about Stuart, knowing he respects her is almost just as disappointing than not knowing because it doesn’t change how he treats her. She knows she does a good job, and she has never done it for anyone else’s approval. I think her stoic reaction is completely reasonable.

    • They may not be friends but Marla cared about him enough to want to see him get out of the mire he created for himself. She didn’t have to do that. She went out of her way to help him but now acts like just talking to him is a big hassle when all he did was come to thank her.

  4. I don’t blame her for not caring about Stuart’s approval since overall he’s been a jerk to her. He’s changing and becoming a lot more likable now though. I think deep down inside she’s happy about the compliment.

  5. Ah guys, and Mr Feuti, did you have a hard time reaching retailcomic.com for the last, say, 12 hours?
    I kept getting timeouts. I am accessing from Europe, and it usually works just fine, no geoblocking etc.

    • Not today but every now and then I get stupid ridiculous error messages when I try to post comments. I usually try again but if it won’t work I just have to skip it for the day. Frustrating to be sure!

  6. I get intermittent errors when trying to post comments as well; something about needing Javascript enabled. I do use NoScript, but haven’t had any problems with it and the site until a day or two ago. Usually after the third try in a row it will post.

  7. Y’know, it could be that Marla’s just having an off day. We’ve all had that day where we’re tired and grumpy and hungry or maybe have had to deal with crap all day, and it’s really hard to be enthused about anything after a certain point. And later on we think “man, I should’ve been better about that.”

    That said, I really feel for Marla having to hold onto this job because she needs the health insurance, instead of striking out with her own store. 🙁

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