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  1. Now that’s just outright rude. Brice came over to smooth things over and bury the hatchet. He flat out admitted right there in the second panel how bad he acted, and she just keeps digging the knife in deeper? Better person? Yeah right. This is some very weird behavior from her.

    • It’d be pretty cheap, but it almost feels like this is a dream sequence of what she’d want to hear from him and how she’d love to answer…

    • @Mike
      Sometimes people don’t want to bury the hatchet, sometimes they want blood. Cruel? Absolutely. But like I said before, I can understand it.

    • Mike,
      So what. Marla has been putting up with rude from Stuart and his minions from Day One.
      Marla is not Brice’s friend. She is not his counselor or his psychiatrist. It is not her job to make Brice a better person. That’s Brice’s job.

      • It’s not our job to be nice to *anyone* but that’s bogus way to live

        Ok I mean outside of literal jobs that give you money

        I mean as a member of mankind

        • I agree, but that doesn’t mean we have to be nice to *everyone*. Still, she could try to meet him part of the way.

    • Honestly, it sounds like she’s just being sarcastic. Marla IS a better person than that. I suppose we will see tomorrow if that is the case.

      • After seeing what Brice HOPED she’d say, it’s comeuppance.
        He hasn’t seen how much Marla endured from Stuart over the years, including his treatment of her during her pregnancy.
        Even her promotion to SM was for Stu to facilitate his OWN promotion to DM so she doesn’t owe anything to Stuart.
        And Brice STILL doesn’t get it if he thinks Marla should ‘respect’ his abilities.
        You’re right, Marla; you’re the better person.

  2. Bad response, Marla. If a stranger came in and saw only today’s comic as their interaction, who would they assume is the real ‘better person’ between these two? I do see that this is a comic strip, if this were real life, her answer would’ve likely been along the lines of “I’m happy for you”, even if it wasn’t that sincere, but that wouldn’t be funny at all. (frankly, this isn’t either as it’s out of character)

  3. Well I can’t say I approve, but I can at least understand where Marla is coming from. I know I have sometimes wanted to say that to people but I knew I wasn’t in a position to do so. Marla on the other hand, I guess doesn’t have anything to lose by saying it and making Brice feel bad. (Except maybe readers sympathizing with her) Might make her seem rude and mean, but sometimes you just have no respect for some people left that you just don’t care what they think or what others will think anymore during that moment.

  4. Did it ever occur to those criticizing Marla for being mean to Brice, even though he’s an arrogant little twerp who got his comeuppance but good, that she was willing to rescue him, but she doesn’t want to be his friend.
    Why is it that victims of abuse, especially women, are expected to forgive, forget, and be friendly?

    • People are criticizing Marla because if you have to say you’re the better person, you aren’t. Brice came into the store to offer his thanks and apologize for the way he acted. Marla could have just said something like “Well best of luck to you.” and just left it that.

      “Why is it that victims of abuse, especially women, are expected to forgive, forget, and be friendly?”

      Well for one thing that does show you’re the better person, since the abuser no longer influences you. Would you rather we tell them what we (society) tells male victims?
      “Man Up!” “Stop crying you sissy!” “Be a MAN!”

      • She IS the better person. Even after all his bullshit, she helped him get out of the hell he created for himself.

    • Add me to the list of those who agree with you. I came over from the Comics Kingdom site because retail for today isn’t up yet.

    • I agree, after all we know Marla’s real motivation for having Stuart call Brice; she saw he regretted his decision and had human feelings of sympathy so she decided to try and help him out.

      Marla saying “I guess I just wanted you to know that I’m a better person than you” actually sounds like something BRICE would say… so maybe she’s trying to teach him not to have that sort of attitude when he’s managing the new store.

      Or she’s messing with him. We’ll see tomorrow.

  5. This would have been funnier if Cooper had happened in and said it because while it is out of character for Marla it certainly wouldn’t have been for Cooper or even Val or any other random employee.

    • I think so, too.

      If Val had been present when Brice came to talk to Marla, and the dialogue went like this :

      Brice : Why did you help me get the New Hampshire job, anyway? After the way I left? The way I insulted you?

      Marla : Well …

      Val : Because she’s a better person than you are, Brice.

      That would have been PERFECT.

      Honestly, this is the kind of thing that other people can say on your behalf, but you can’t really say it for yourself.

  6. In going through life, we’re always deciding whether to take the high road or the low road.

    In this case, Marla went for the middle road. *lol!*

  7. Meanwhile, no one seems to have commented on Brice’s thought bubble.
    Its in keeping with his high opinion of himself and his high handed management style. Despite his recent experience with Mina, he hasn’t really changed. It doesn’t shock like Marla’s comment because his thought’s are in character.

  8. It’s all in how you say it. Marla should have instead said “I just want you to know just how far forgiveness for your employees goes.” Instead, she’s returning his condescension with her own and it may only end up empowering him to continue it. May. He could also learn his lesson. You never know with Brice.

    If this is a dream, I think it’s actually Brice’s. Possible considering how off this whole thing seems…

  9. Well, one of Marla’s virtues is that she does try for honesty. So… good for her, I guess?

    No, not really. There’s honest, and there’s rude. This crosses the line.

  10. Agree with the above poster — Too much wrong to be real — this is all a dream sequence. These may be thought bubbles vs. spoken bubbles for Marla if it was real. I have a feeling it’s another J.R or Newhart moment.

  11. Here’s what I’m thinking. Brice really did get the New Hampshire management job, but somehow he finds out that he’s making a lot less than Marla.

    • Why wouldn’t he make less? She’s been in the job a lot longer than him, plus she was an assistant manager a lot longer than he was, too.

      • And Marla never left Grumbel’s to work for Delman’s. We know Mina offered Brice more money to work for her, but all things considered, Brice probably would have agreed to a pay cut (even if it was less than he was making as Marla’s AM) just to get out of there (and it wouldn’t be below Stuart to take advantage of that).

  12. Marla’s response could be taken at face value, but I’m thinking she’s saying it ironically.
    And how weird is it that I got back from vacation and had to go back and read the week I missed while away?

  13. *facepalm*

    You can BE a better person than somebody else.

    You can THINK you’re a better person than somebody else.

    But you can’t SAY you’re a better person than somebody else. That just makes you look arrogant.

    • Yes, because saying I’m a better person than someone who kicks puppies and sets homeless people on fire makes me look so arrogant.

      Brice has yet to show repentance over what he did. He’s shown regret, but he’s still pretty much the same jerk that went elsewhere because he didn’t feel appreciated enough. Marla giving him back the attitude he’s shown all along might just be the kick in the hindquarters he needs.

  14. Usually I’m on Marla’s side….but this is just too much. I’m sorry, but saying “I’m a better person than you” is arrogant and demeaning, and the fact she’s been forced to take it doesn’t give her the right to dish it out.

  15. There has to be more going on here than we’re seeing. There just has to be. This entire conversation is just so far out of Marla’s character that something else has to be going on.

  16. HE asked Marla the question. HE came to find her at Grumbel’s. She didn’t chase him down and announce she was a better person. Brice could have accepted the position and never talked to Marla again and Marla would probably not have batted an eyelash. Nothing rude on Marla’s part for honestly answering a question when she was sought out, especially since Brice is now a colleague of equal rank and not her subordinate or supervisor.

  17. Marla went out of her way to do something for Brice because he was okay in some things. (Plus it was an effort to get him away from Mina.) That doesn’t mean she’s ready to play nice with him personally. He was savage to her. Forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting the lessons learned.

  18. I think she is saying this just for the fun of the comic. would you say this in real life? no but that’s the fun of a comic she gets to see the things we would want to say!

  19. I think she said it to show Brice how was acting because he often acted high and mighty to the other workers.

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