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  1. “It’s corporate that determines the prices, Ma’am. Here’s a business card with their number, you’re welcome to call them up. I’m sure they’ll give you a cogent answer.”

    Customer: “…”

    • The more words like “cogent” you use, the better. The way to beat an idiot is with intelligence. If their IQ is too small to comprehend you, they’ll give up.

      • Sadly, in that case you might end up with the person insisting you’re just making words up to sound like you’re smarter than they are. I have a relatively extensive vocabulary, and I’ve had that accusation leveled at me more than once.

        The biggest SMH moment was when a guy that was the principal of a freaking middle school heard me use the word “anachronism”. Not only did he not know what it meant, he tried to argue that it wasn’t a real word.

        • That’s only happened to me once. But it doesn’t take much for me to say something along the lines of “cantankerous” or “unequivocally” or “congruent” or “benambling” or “antidisestablishmentarian.” You get the idea. Morons often don’t and just start being agreeable. And if they try to make me look bad, I call their bluff with “If you find it in the dictionary, will you leave me alone?” (P.S. One of those isn’t an actual word :P)

        • >> he tried to argue that it wasn’t a real word <:D

          (Oops. I think I dated myself. I don’t think that line has been used since “Laugh In” went off the air.)

          • Well crud. That will teach me to use things that might be confused with html tags…

            What I said was, “You should have told him to look it up in his Funk and Wagnalls.” >:D

          • Well, then I could warn him that “Here come da judge, here come da judge.” or just tell him to “Sock it to me!” Then I would pull some confetti out of my pocket because I had a naughty thought.

  2. It’s a major retailer, not Walmart and not a thrift store.

    The reason Walmart is so successful is they beat the major retailers on price most of the time.

    Now I get having to shop there; it doesn’t make sense for me to go to Sears or Dillards or JC Penny’s when I can get what I need for far less at Walmart.

    I went to Sears recently to look for something and noticed that other than clothing and appliances, they don’t carry much anymore. And maybe this was because it was on a Wednesday, but the place was a ghost town. Only a handful of customers.

    • Yes, this is based on the fun working for a mall department store, not Walmart. Remember while your praising Walmart that they sell junk, not the same items for less. They carry only what they can get at the lowest price point, and they bully manufacturers into giving them the lowest price by threatening to not carry any of that company’s product otherwise. So manufacturers include all their seconds in Walmart’s cache. If you look you’ll see even the top name brands only sell their lowest quality lines through Walmart.

      • Not true. They do sell good quality items. Yes, some of it is cheap junk, but you can say that about most retail stores.

        A while back, I bought a higher end Foodsaver vacuum system there and it was quite a bit cheaper than Amazon. More than enough to cover the sales tax. This is an item where the price doesn’t vary much from place to place.

        I won’t dispute the point about the bullying. I will say that they don’t always have the lowest price in comparable items,, though.

  3. There’s nothing I enjoy more then watching the slow decline of humanity into stupidity and madness…

    Actually, wait. No, sorry, the OPPOSITE.

  4. Some of the comments here seem rather mean. Often it’s not a matter of low intelligence (and really, you can’t help the brain you are born with) but one of low education. And while there are many people who stay willfully and gleefully ignorant, just as often they start out as victims of an underfunded education system, poverty, uncaring teachers and parents (who had the same experience as they), overcrowded classrooms, woefully out of date school books and a general attitude of ‘you won’t make it anywhere anyway so why even try’.

    • The comments aren’t so much mean as the product of anger, I think. Years in retail with people of obviously limited intelligence taking it upon themselves to insult you for your occupation or situations outside of your control will do that. And in my experience at least, it is the least intelligent people who find it necessary to insult a workers intelligence for no reason. As an example I had a gentleman come in to the repair shop who obviously had difficulty reading and comprehending his receipt decide that since he couldn’t get a refund for more than he spent I was “an f******* moron” and “They don’t come much dumber than you do they? That must be why you working this s****** job!” Really made me angry, luckily enough a network admin from a local business came in a few hours later and we ended up talking about every IT topic under the sun, from how we made custom boot disks back in the DOS days, through c++, to the Church-Turing Thesis and how you can build a CPU out of nothing but NOR gates. He was clearly an intelligent individual and even gave me his business card and told me to apply at his company. Never got the interview, but it made up for the previous customer.

    • Agreed.

      And don’t forget the biggest reason why this sort of behavior exists and flourishes – a lack of shame.

      It used to be shameful to be fat, half-naked, covered in tattoos while possessing a dull mind and a minimal command of the language.

      Now, it’s just the new normal. Glorious, ain’t it?

    • To an extent, lack of education is a major contributor. However, there are those who have access to good education and choose to waste it, as well as a culture that condemns “grammar nazis” and generally sends the message that there is something wrong with you if you care. Take a look at all the news articles from supposedly reputable sources, many of which are written by people with journalism degrees, and count the grammar errors and factual inaccuracies.

  5. It’s possible that English might not be her native tongue. For all we know, she might speak 2 or 3 other languages perfectly.

    Yeah, probably not.

    • What a bullshit lazy excuse. I speak three languages fluently, English being my second language and German being a third. Yet more often than not, the ones who speak like that are native English speaking degenerates.

  6. Also, her remark about Val not being too smart means that she’s not just (a) dumb or (b) poorly educated (pick one) but nasty besides. Low IQ is not her fault; a poor education may not be her fault either. But insulting Val? Entirely her choice, which makes her a jerk.

  7. I used to care about correct grammar in every day life. It’s really not worth getting worked up over, I realized.

    Interestingly enough, the double negative is normal, correct grammar in a lot of languages, and it was pretty common in English until there was a big push against double negatives. It’s really not that weird for it to persist in vernaculars.

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