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      • So?

        So what if people have the right to be rude to each other?

        When someone who has wronged you comes to you with a genuine apology and wants to change

        You accept their apology with respect

        Or that’s at least what good people do

        If we refuse to be nice to anyone who doesn’t deserve it, there’s not going to be anyone left

        • Somerandom,
          Lousy advice. What you are advocating is standard issue abuse enabling. Someone treats you badly. But they apologize. Sincerely. You forgive them and absolve them. But they don’t change the way they behave.
          Read through the last few days. Brice wants Marla to recognize his awesome qualities as manager. We know that from the thought bubble. Marla knows that because she’s dealt with a whole lot of Brice’s. Now he’s trying to one up her
          Marla did Brice a tremendous favor. He said “thank you”. She said “you’re welcome”. At this point Brice needs to go away

          • Exactly right. By using the word, “gracious” Bruce signaled his true motivations. He is trying to soothe his ego.

  1. The way this is going down you’d think Brice ran over Marla’s dog with a semi truck… repeatedly. All he did was quit his job. He could have been more tactful about it but I don’t know why she’s making this so personal.

        • Boardwalker,
          Yes there is. Brice goes away.
          Marla rescued him from Mina and Stuart from himself. She did that because she’s basically a decent person and, surprise surprise, she actually cares about the well being of the company for which she works. Leaving the New Hampshire store without a manager is not good. Having the DM play manager thus neglecting his own job is not good for anyone even when the DM is as big a jerk as is Stuart.
          But the last thing she wants is to be Brice’s friend or, god forbid, his mentor or his mommy. Brice needs to grow up, go away, do his job and stop hanging on Marla looking for affirmation

          • Really? Where do you see that she gives a flying rip about NH? Or Grumble’s beyond her store? Seems to me she rescued Brice because at some level she does care about his well being.

      • She could have said something like “I hope you remember this when dealing with the staff of your new store.”

        • Board Worker,
          She could have said, except 1) it is funny, 2) it’s tendentious and condescending, and 3) it’s out of character

      • Reptilian. They’re aliens.

        The Lizardmen rarely leave their compound in Bhutan, since their human mind-slaves tend to their nefarious agenda.

        • *rolls eyes* Everybody knows that the Lizardmen live underground with the Morlocs. They signed a peace treaty in the early 1900’s that would afford them both enough mind-slaves.

  2. The good news for Brice is that it’s almost over.

    Soon, he’ll be away from here, in a place where nobody knows him, and he’ll be able to make a fresh start. If he applies what he’s learned from this experience, he might even get used to being a manager who the employees don’t hate.

    Sadly, I wouldn’t put it past Stuart to try to sabotage Brice, just out of spite, by telling the New Hampshire store’s employees what Brice did when he quit.

    • He’d be shooting himself in the foot if he did that. The employees would hate him before he even began which would destroy any hope for store harmony which you need for it to operate as it should. He may quit out of frustration and guess who gets to take over again (and run a register again) if that happens?

  3. Interesting. We’ll see how this story wraps up, but the apparent OOCness of Marla aside, so far it feels like the entire point of the arc has been to show Brice, for all his earlier arrogance and condescension, has been properly humbled and now is on the road to improving. We’ve already seen a hint of that potential learning curve when he decided not to get involved in Stuart and Marla’s little feud over that big missed meeting affair (which, Marla, you lying about and setting those chain of events in motion to begin with, is further proof you aren’t as good as you think/say you are).

    It’s almost like Brice is still largely unmarred by the cruelties of working in retail with all the abuse that often entails; that having had a brush with the darker side of it under Mina’s tyrannical reign, he can learn from mistakes once he recognizes them, and try to change, while Cooper and Marla are set in their grim, jaded ways, no longer willing to even try as they see nothing in it for them.

    Yes, Brice was monstrous in many ways despite genuinely wanting to improve the state of the Grumbel’s he was assigned to (while ironically making the working conditions worse every single time he said or did something), and forgiveness is not earned easily, if even at all. But in the case of this week, my sympathies lie not with Marla or Cooper, who have at best stooped to Brice’s former levels, and at worst have gone lower (Brice was genuinely ignorant of his own stupidity in most cases; here they are proving to be calculated and intentional in their treatment of him, and rather stupidly so in some cases as Cooper could’ve rid himself of Brice’s unwanted presence much sooner had he not dragged out the conversation) than him. We’ll see if that holds true to the conclusion, but it’s to be hoped that Brice will take the good things he learned while in Marla’s company, and put them to good use in New Hampshire.

    Sigh. I really miss the old story arc free days when the Retailer gang just had fun building Nintendo themed box sculptures, poking fun at Zucchini-head (who displayed occasional sides of humanity, like his interactions with Marla’s baby and being a fan of a film Cooper loved), and just generally being a punchline-a-day strip.

    • I do like the story arcs (except this week), but agree with everything else. Brice never intended in inflict misery – he just wanted people to follow store policy. He wasn’t vicious, just clueless in putting the job above people.

      I can’t say the same for Cooper or Marla who both are trying to extract a level of revenge on Brice – not out of any desire to make the store function, but just to inflict pain to make themselves feel good.

      • Well there’s a simple one. Lucy is a witch with a capital B even if she is a little girl. A sadist. Well, there has to be someone to dislike in any story, comic, cartoon, whatever. Lucy’s it in that strip like Stuart is in this one.

        • Charles Schultz was asked when the strip was ending if he would finally have Charlie Brown kick the football, and he said heavens, no! That would be a huge disservice to the character.

          The football sequences are not about Lucy.

  4. There are way to many bliss ninnys sniveling about Marla not being nice to someone who deserves way more than what he’s receiving.

  5. I really hope there’s more to this storyline than meets the eye, because Marla is losing my sympathy very, very quickly. This is a Stuart move, not a Marla move.

  6. Well you tried Brice. You said you were sorry for your behavior, you thanked her for recommending you for the job, and if she doesn’t want to be kinder about it, that’s ok, you said what you came to say and you can leave now. I’ll say it since Marla won’t, good luck in the new job.

    • She doesn’t HAVE to be kinder about it. Despite how awful he was to her, she still went out of her way to convince Stuart to give him a second chance.

    • He thanked, and she was courteous and polite. He wants to return the favor in the future, she said that wan’t necessary and let him off the hook. He just took it one step to far and wanted Marla to further validate him. Marla may be good and understanding to her employees, but she’s no pushover.

  7. By ensuring his characters as atheists and misotheists, Norm can continue to make his characters vengeful, spiteful, and unlikable as individuals

    • Since when did God pop up in the strip-I haven’t seen any character being an atheist!?

      Unless Grumbel’s is literally hell…. and if Brice has a mission,it’s to rescue Gary from there and bring him back from the fiery flames?

      • Theory: Religious people believe in repentance. God forgives us of our sins if we will repent, but in turn we have to forgive others. I see nothing that suggest that Brice’s apology tour is anything but authentic.

        On the other hand, I’m seeing a far less charitable “vengeance is mine” attitude from some of the commentators here. I can’t help but think they come from a very different religious background. I’d like to know what it is so I can avoid darkening the doorway of their church.

    • I have no idea what this has to do with the strip.

      If anyone is spiteful, it’s people like you who immediately label atheists as bad people. Judgmental much?

      Also Gary is Delman’s, not Grumbel’s.

    • In my years of existence on this planet, I’ve found the most vengeful, spiteful, and unlikable people I’ve ever met also happen to be very religious …

  8. Agreed – if anyone needs to be got out of Grumbel’s it’s Gary. A week with Cooper and Lunker and Donnie would restore his faith in the world for sure

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