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          • Note that not all content is available in every media format. I’ve purchased movies and albums to transfer them to DVDs and CDs.

            BTW, I lived during the period when only vinyl was an option and on average, the quality was poor. Even if the new ones are mastered and pressed properly, I have no interest in buying new stuff that way. And I still have a fairly high end turntable.

          • I saw something on the ‘net that he very last VHS recorder was mad this month (July).

  1. Why would you want something you explicitly own 100% when you pay for it, rather than a removable licence? Oh I dunno because maybe you don’t want the site to pull back content on you after you got it (which has happened in the past with digital media.)

    • I agree 100% with Jessa Buckley. Downloads are nice, but I want a disc I can hold, and be able to say “this is mine” to anyone who asks.

    • I get most of my music from Amazon’s $5 digital album sales. I trust Amazon, and they’d have trouble removing licenses from all of the devices my music is on anyway. That said, if the disc is cheaper than the MP3 album, I get the disc. Currently looking into a way to store my growing collection. Priority #1 is protecting the autographed Sara Bareilles CD… you can’t get digital content autographed, now can you?

        • Or…you know…convert things to MP3… You can convert YouTube videos to MP3 when you find the fidelity you want or straight from the original music video if it doesn’t have “extras”. I do this for all my music and sound effects now.

          Can’t pull a license on something which doesn’t come from a license to begin with…

          • The person who own the rights to whatever you’re converting can still sue you for copyright infringement (albeit they’d have to catch you first). Just because content goes up on YouTube doesn’t mean that the rights aren’t owned by someone, and if they catch you making a copy without a license, they can sue you for it. You’re right in that they can’t pull a license that doesn’t exist, but copying something illegally from a public source comes with a whole other set of problems.

  2. The real question is: does “Krazy Komics” sell comic books? More than just one sad rack of new releases and a bunch of T-shirts? They should change their name to “Krazy Pop Culture” Or “Krazy Musik” or whatever.

  3. I still have a few vinyls left over from the 70’s. Problem is I don’t have anything to play them on anymore. Some day soon I will probably go buy a turntable.

  4. The Werefrog have a vinyl player, and vinyl records, when properly made, contain more sound data than quite a few cds.

    They contain considerably more data than mp3s in most cases.

    However, most people don’t bother getting speakers that can make use of that data.

    • That’s more a comment on the low quality of a given CD than on the high quality of the vinyl medium. Anything that has a S/N of around 50 dB at best can only reproduce limited classes of music well ( the old DBX and similar technologies notwithstanding).

      The analog frequency response may be better in theory than digital, but practically speaking, most people won’t get it. You have to have a very responsive pickup (stylus/cartridge) and tone arm tracking.

      That’s without getting into the quality of the rest of the playback chain (pre-amp, amp, speakers), as you indicated. Of course, that would also affect digital souces.

      Most people like vinyl because of the character of the artifacts the technology introduces: Distortion that gives a warmer sound. That’s OK. We’re all entitled to like what we like. Certainly digital content can have its issues. But more information? Not in a useful sense.

  5. I find this return to vinyl so amusing. When cassette tapes came out, everyone insisted the sound was so much better than vinyl! They probably said the same for 8-track. Then CD’s came out, and I heard musicians saying oh yes, on a CD, you can hear so much more detail! It’s better!

    Then came digital. Oh listen, they all said, it’s so much clearer and you can hear so much more!

    And now the circle turns around back to vinyl. For the same reasons. Many people also say the sound on a vinyl disc is richer, more like listening to live music. I have to assume newly pressed ones are better quality than the old ones, but then the original ones are a hot item now, too. Technology! The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  6. This makes me so happy! I’m optimistic that VHS & newspapers will someday make a comeback #sheswhitethatababy #fayesauntcynthia

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