17 thoughts on “July 3, 2016

    • The ones I’ve seen looked like a fruit roll-up. I cannot imagine having a substance like that near bits of me that can get a bit damp. Things would… stick.

      • I can only guess that most of the people buying it are doing so as a gag gift, in more than one sense of the word.

  1. Was Ziggy’s by chance an adult store? Because that is the only place I can think of where you could buy something like that.

      • @Mucey

        Had to go google that store since I never heard of it. It seems like a hot topic wanna be with a random sex shop attached to it. Pretty odd if I do say so myself.

        Though I will admit the legend of zelda action figures they had for sell seemed kinda cool…..

        • Though it is older than I thought, Hot Topic is much younger than Spencer Gifts. Spencer’s was founded ~1947 while Hot Topic was founded ~1988. And yes, Spencer Gifts sells adult novelty and gag gifts among other products. 🙂

  2. When ziggy’s was still open, didn’t this exact same thing happen? And they debated on stealing the contents until they saw it was all just fake barf.

  3. Brings back unpleasant memories of my introduction to edible underwear. No, not the actual object. The idea of edible underwear. Co-worker, in one of those bored moments we all get and we say stupid things, sat there, leaning back in her chair, told me about the time she raided her sister’s underwear drawer and ate her sister’s edible underwear. She had this tone of voice and look on her face that was really creepy.
    The worst part of it was that this was the job I had working at a pre-school and she was one of the teachers.

  4. Too bad it wasn’t Silly Hats.

    I can just imagine Marla going thru the store as each employee one by one starts wearing them behind her.

    And then of course then Stuart would show up unannounced with a few additional Regional Managers.

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