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  1. Marla, you’re trying to argue scientific realities to a person who’s telling you what’s good for your chakras.

    Think about it.

  2. while I do think there is some merit to a couple herbal supplements, the vast majority are little more then sugar pills.

    • Worse, a lot of them are ground-up rice hulls. A study found that many of the supplements being sold don’t contain any of the herb they’re supposed to be.

    • On the other hand, placebos do work, they even work when a person knows that they are taking placebos which is weird.

  3. Oh Crystal be careful. Liver failure from shoddy products is a very real danger. I’m not arguing the benefits or anything, just scum bag company’s giving manufacturing to the cheapest bidder and them cutting every corner and even flat out no making the product with the promised ingredients.

  4. While I’m generally rational to a fault, in this case the distinction is so technical that I wouldn’t blame the woo industry. Sure the rhizoids of mosses are not technically roots to botanists, in part because they only anchor without providing nutrient intake. I could even go into the homology of rhizoids with root hairs, but the whole point is that no layman would be expected to know these details. The fact Marla even knows that moss’ ground penetrating branches aren’t technically roots speaks to an unused botany degree (I can relate). Would have been better off having a “moss petal” or “moss trunk” extract.

    • I don’t think even herbal supplement manufacturers would dare to make something with “moss trunks” on the label. They wouldn’t take the risk of making prospective customers skeptical of their product, and by extension their company overall. Anyone who knows what moss looks like (which is most people, I dare say) would know it has no trunk, so it wouldn’t sell well. It would sell, mind you, because there’s always somebody, but it wouldn’t sell WELL. On the other hand, I can easily imagine someone peddling moss petals. Petals come from flowers, flowers are plants, moss is a plant, so they gotta flower to reproduce, right?

      • Isn’t it the same as with moss though? They don’t have roots for absorbing nutrients but they do have root like structures to anchor them in place? If you called the rhizines no one would know what they are. Not to defend such herbal supplements too much (it’s a notoriously unregulated industry), but I wouldn’t find it unreasonable to call rhizines *roots* for the average layperson.

    • From Wiki: “They do not have proper roots, but have threadlike rhizoids that anchor them to their substrate. Mosses do not absorb water or nutrients from their substrate through their rhizoids.”

  5. They have these “tablets” (for lack of a better word) that slowly dissolve in your mouth made if Icelandic moss root, in Switzerland. I love them. I sing and perform quite a lot, and these help when my mouth gets dry or you get a little frog in your throat. They also help with light sore throats and coughs. They have anise in them.. so they taste a little of black licorice. Who knew they were good for your chakras too! haha!

  6. How much longer before Stuart encounters–it won’t be just a “meeting”–Crystal in all her glory. I can’t wait! (But considering we’re working in “comics time”, I’ll probably have to.

  7. Supplements in the US are pretty much completely unregulated, meaning the companies can put almost anything in those bottles and label it Acai or Ginseng. Caveat emptor

  8. Actually, I can kinda see Stuart’s reaction to this:

    Stuart: These don’t have the Grumbel’s label on them, meaning you didn’t buy them here. Get rid of them!

    • If they did have a Grumbel’s label, Stuart would demand the receipt to prove they weren’t shoplifted.

    • He can’t demand she toss them because she bought them with her own money, but he can demand that she put them away.

      • Depending on how much was already used, he’d have a hard time proving that she didn’t buy them. Labels get that “used” look pretty quickly, especially if it’s one of those “take one with each meal”.

        However, chances are pretty high that Crystal tossed the receipt ages ago; probably recycled it the minute she got home.

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