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  1. That mom just gave no f#@$% about tossing a water balloon at her child in public. I’ll admit if I had to do her return I would be wheezing with laughter.

  2. It’s 2017.

    If another customer saw that, they’d call the police and child protective services, and the mother would have her son taken away by the court system.

    • Fret thee not. I work in CPS. If we got a call about that we would screen it out, with varying degrees of politeness to the caller depending on how busy we were with real reports that day. Then we’d laugh ourselves sick, curse incessantly for the next ten minutes or so, then talk crap for the rest of the day about that jackass for wasting our time.

      • Question. I had heard CPS was obligated to investigate every report made no matter how small it seemed. Is that just an urban legend and/or not literally true?

        • There’s investigating and *investigating* I doubt it takes going all the way to the house and checking it out because a parent tossed a balloon at a kid, AND the kid was fine, and there was no screaming or shouting or the kid looking terrified. You can probably if you ask all the right questions close that on the call in.

          Although yeh, the mother hasn’t got nearly enough water in that balloon to make it work properly. However Marla is trying probably not to laugh her head off and explaining that might make the customer upset as she laughs crazily whilst doing so

        • We’re obligated to listen to every report. A lot of people like to use CPS as a weapon against neighbors they don’t like or exes they despise.

          When a report comes in, you listen, you ask the right questions, and you screen it out or take it in based on the answers you get. If you take it in, the person you reported will have a slew of new friends for the next several months. If you screen it out, then you keep notes on the information you just took down just in case something real comes up in relation later, but otherwise you move on to the next report.

      • If they’re properly-made water balloons, then they should work just fine at that size (and are actually supposed to be about that size anyway). I’ve run into the occasional “water balloon” that had thicker latex, though, and thus wouldn’t actually burst at first when thrown. Regular party balloons (the kind that inflate a fair bit larger than that) make terrible water balloons for that reason, because in order to get them stretched thin enough to pop on impact, you have to fill them to the point where it’s too awkward to throw them.

        • Agreed. The specific “water balloons” I buy my kids are made to be between a hardball and softball size. Any bigger than a softball and they pop. When I was a kid I we used regular balloons and had to bite a small tear to “pull the pin” so to speak.

        • Not to mention she got it all the way to the store, loose and unprotected inside her purse, without it popping or even springing a leak. The latex is indeed clearly too thick to function like a normal water balloon.

        • They’re not “men’s briefs”. They’ve got pockets and cuffs. They’re “shorts” and have been acceptable for wear out in public since the 1930s in a game called “tennis”.
          Except in places like Dubai or Saudi Arabia. But the store is not located in either of those two places.
          And just so you know, quineloe, the dress code in the Quran calls for both men and women to dress “modestly” (24: 30-31). It’s exactly the same as the dress code in the Bible–1Timothy: 2:9.
          In fact the Biblical dress code for women is stricter than the code in the Quran. The Biblical code calls for women to cover their hair. The Quranic code does not.
          “Modesty” is determined by custom and culture. What is “modest” in one place is not “modest” in another.

          • quineloe didn’t mention religion at all, he/she/they/it/zhe/jie/zy/xei just named two countries.

          • brownkiwi: Hmm, that’s a lot of pronouns. I can’t quite decide whether you’re being respectful or satirical.

          • arian,
            brownwiki is neither respectful nor satirical Brownkiwi is second hand (quiniloe) engaging in the kind of pointlessly stupid jab at Islam that people like quiniloe and brownkiwii think is funny

    • Back in the 50’s they were called short-shorts. And some of the more stuck up would complain just as they complained about mini-skirts in the 60’s.

  3. I find the most entertaining part that she actually put the water balloon in her purse and brought it to the store.

    • When those pasta pans with the drain holes in the lids were popular I had a customer return one because the non stick coating inside chipped off…and she had a dish of macaroni in her purse to prove it.

      • Sometimes you just have to bring in the proof to make sure the cashiers believe your otherwise-ridiculous claim (that a product failed so HARD).

  4. I would’ve accepted the complaint after seeing her pull the filled-and-still-intact water balloon out of her purse!

    • Sure she did, in the car on the way over. You can tell by his expression in the first panel. He knows it’s coming.

  5. I wonder what’s holding up today’s strip? I already saw it at the Seattle PI site but that site has been running slower than molasses in January lately. Everything else here has updated.

  6. Even Comics Kingdom was slow. Given that it’s the end of the month and Tina’s Grove closed up awhile back, it got my paranoid side going.

    • If it’s anything like what I’ve seen… you’re meant to take out all the balloons and fill them using the jar. The thing in top is supposedly a water spout that makes tying them easier.

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