30 thoughts on “July 31, 2016

  1. Hey as long as Copper meets his quota for the week of required hours then Brice can’t do squat to him. Better get ready to burn the midnight oil Brice.

    • Brice can’t do squat to him either way.

      It must be hell to be an assistant store manager who is disliked by the actual store manager and all the employees alike.

      People can outright spit in your face and you can’t do shit about it.

      • Brice built this hell for himself with his own bare hands. But as Neil Gaiman said, “maybe he’ll is a real place. But you don’t have to stay anywhere forever.”

  2. what a pleasant surprise, i didnt expect this comic to be up before my shift.

    have a wonderful day all. 😀

  3. Giving Donnie the day off without talking to Cooper was a bad move. I’m sure if the roles were reversed, Brice would be complaining.

  4. But then again Donnie might want to do it for the extra pay. But it would serve Brice right if he went over his payroll allowance. But making him put the shipment out works too. First rule of management, don’t expect others to work harder than yourself. Second rule, suck it up and do the work wherever it’s needed. Of course Brice doesn’t believe in these rules as they apply to himself.

  5. Meanwhile in real life.

    Brice: Put the shipment away and then you can go.

    Cooper: No I’m leaving.

    Brice: Cooper thats Job Abandonment and you now have (another) write up.

    • I was under the impression that Brice and Cooper were at the same management “level”. So all Brice can do is either (a) complain to Marla, who will rip him a new one or (b) complain to Stuart, and be called out for yet again not dealing with his own issues.

      Either way, Cooper probably wins. Have a good evening Coop!

  6. Cooper hasn’t quit because Marla gave him a sufficient enough raise and benefits. However, Cooper gets abused a lot more as stockroom supervisor with his hours – and honestly, it is unfair to ask anyone to pull over 50 hours of work in any given week (arguably 40). “To save money” my butt – bigshots just want the money for themselves and doing so is eroding the middle class.

    If Brice really wants to save that money, I agree with Cooper here: Brice should do it himself.

  7. one of the reasons I hated being salaried, and its not uncommon for upper management to save hourly payroll by pushing the work to middle salaried management

  8. Wouldn’t Cooper, as stockroom supervisor, be in charge of scheduling for that area? I know Brice outranks him but it’s still a dick move (again this is Brice, so I get it).

  9. Most every job I’ve ever had is hourly. I will not work more than what those above me are willing to pay. If its not worth it to pay for the work, then I guess the work isn’t worth doing. Until someone can prove otherwise, I have stuck with that. And management can say whatever they want to me, but I shoot back with the buzzword “value” and that usually shuts them up.

    • You are 100% correct. I already care more about the quality of my work than my managers do about the quality of our entire product. If I’m one minute late coming back from break I hear about it, but if I have to stay past the end of my shift to get something done, they never notice. You bet your sweet patootie that I will put in for OT if I stay past my shift, because I WILL NOT work for free.

  10. We had a mouse problem where I worked. One guy said we could get rid of them by putting them on salary. Then they would starve to death.

  11. This is why I will never take a position where I’m salaried. I prefer to get paid for each hour I work, especially anything over my allotted 40hrs a week. Once my shift is over I’m done for the day unless they pay me OT, and even then I’ll only work so much OT a week before I put my foot down.

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