26 thoughts on “July 4, 2016

  1. But then you would of been stuck drinking the corporate kool-aide instead of seeing reality for what it is. Something I still have to explain to my own parents.

  2. no long speech, no well thought out arguments, no logic necessary. should have had lunker do that on day one. very effective and simple.

    • heybro,
      But on Day One it wouldn’t have been funny. In order for what Lunker did to be funny and not simple minded ganging up on a hapless victim, Brice has to firmly establish himself as an irredeemable jerk.

      • But who said Lunker was threatening Bryce, maybe he was standing next to a unstable shelf.
        Lunker is the castmember least likely to commit an act of violence.
        The one time we’ve seen him get violent, he was traumatized enough to quit working at the convenience store(he beat up a guy who was threatening Cooper).

        I expect that further on this week, Lunker may well save Bryce from serious harm, perhaps at cost of his own health.

        Because Lunker is a Saint compared to the rest of the cast.

      • I still don’t know that Brice is ‘irredeemable’. He may yet see the light. Doubtful, I know, but character development is essential to a good story.

        Of course, he might still develop into an ubermutant Zucchini-head clone that makes Stuart look positively laid back.

      • Given Lunker’s established personality and ability to step outside the usual bounds of reality, for all we know, he may be warning Brice not to trip in the potholes on his way to the car after work.

  3. Aha the long awaited meeting between Lunker and Brice. And Brice wishes he’d never left Southbridge. Something I’m sure his new co-workers wish at least once a day. I wonder what his former co-workers in Southbridge think. Are they glad he’s gone? I’d love to see a story arc with his former manager and co-workers and what they think of his transfer to another store.

    • Probably not, but considering Stuart favors Brice and Stuart once nearly got Cooper fired, I bet Lunker is feeling very suspicious of Brice’s motives. A great way to make Lunker upset is to threaten the livelihood and well-being of his friends and coworkers, as Stuart found out.

  4. I would think Lunker is being prophetic except for the look on his face. I think it’s a general warning. The nice thing is it can mean anything. It will be fun to see how this plays out.

  5. I’m not sure if anyone noticed the lack of a comma, but it seems to me that in “Lunker-speak”, he’s saying that Brice is careful, as in a careful person. If it was a warning it would have been, “Brice, be careful.” Unless it’s an honest typo and I’m just being anal.

    • I took it to be Lunker-speak for “Brice needs to be careful,” which doesn’t need a comma after his name.

  6. Lunker is clearly looking over Brice’s shoulder at the clipboard he’s holding. Lucker was telling Brice to be careful about the paperwork so he doesn’t screw it up. He is even pointing at the clipboard.

  7. I’m kinda surprised/disappointed that today’s strip doesn’t deal with working a holiday. We all know how much retailers enjoy working while friends and family are picknicking, partying, swimming, etc., etc.

    That being said, our one-time store manager bought a charcoal grill for 4th of July and cooked brats for all who worked that day. It only happened once; word must have gotten back to him that turning good bratwurst into charcoal lumps wasn’t all that appetizing. But it IS the thought that counts.

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