19 thoughts on “July 4, 2017

  1. I have to say, Crystal is turning out quite ok as an AM. Sure, there are moments where she is still too naive (like the returns story) but overall her eccentric style doesn’t seem to interfere with her being a good coworker and supervisor (asking Marla to check if she did the return properly since she’s still new, and this strip).
    She seems to be able to be both randomly weird AND professional. I like her.

  2. Interesting body language by Marla in the last panel. Is it my imagination or is she copying Crystal’s mannerisms?

  3. LOL Crystal thinks Marla wants to buy something “legally complicated.” I don’t think so, though working at that place as long as she has, she may have been tempted now and then.

  4. What state does this comic take place in? Here in Oregon you see shops on every corner now, there’s nothing “legally complicated” about it, but you still wouldn’t bring it into work.

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