19 thoughts on “July 5, 2016

  1. :Yes, of course we did. The. Deadline. Was. Yesterday. And you didn’t tell me they changed the schedule until just now.”

    • Now he can ding them for wasting time setting up a display they weren’t supposed to set up. Ding them for having non-conforming displays in their store. And ding them for wasted time breaking down said display! Stuart will look GREAT on his next review for meeting and exceeding his ding quota.

  2. I would flat refuse to take it down. If he wants it taken down he can come in and take it down himself, AND come back in and set it up again when it’s time!

  3. It’s already set up because Marla knew what would happen if she didn’t have it done on time. I wonder if Brice’s precious Southbridge store has their’s set up yet?

      • Other Possibilities:

        1) They weren’t going to do it on time anyway, but they’re Southbridge so Stuart doesn’t care.

        2) They did it on time, but have plenty of extra hours/payroll/employees so could immediately have two guys from the stockroom tear it down.

        3) They did it a week or two ago, and have been moving so much product that they got Stuart’s permission to leave it up.

        The options are endless when you’re the “nice” store.

    • I’m getting really curious to see the Southbridge store. Are the employees all walking around with their noses in the air? Did they have a party when Brice left? I bet there’s some kind of ugly secret there, like a stockroom full of unsold junk or their star employee handing in credit aps filled with false info, just to make quota.

  4. “Last-Minute Floor Change” means that Stuart knew about it a week ago and didn’t bother to tell Marla then.

  5. Of course if the display was not done yesterday, Stuart would have visited and taken off points for not having the display done yesterday.

  6. Deep question: What differentiates “good” and “bad” news with this clown? Isn’t this bad news, since they already set up this premature display?

    • I think he thought he was actually giving them good news, as in “here’s something you don’t have to do.”

      In his mind that just gives them more selling time, but still…I bet he thought Marla would be So Pleased!

    • Marla has worked with this guy for 10 years. She knows when Stuart says “good news” it’s time to cringe because the news will be anything but good!

  7. Reminds me of a few years ago when our company mandated the entire xmas aisle be set by 11/3, didn’t matter how much Halloween merch was left, ended up with enough repacks to fill an entire stockroom bay and a lot of discarded candy. (we weren’t even donating it back then) The only thing I noticed this accomplishing was disappointing many shoppers coming in to look for marked down stuff and finding only full price (not even on sales yet, why was the deadline so short?) xmas junk. Many of our stores still have that stuff because it’s so old and we get our regular aisle fully stocked already each year so we can’t get the old stuff out until some stuff has sold out to make room for it and it’s real slow going, like trying to flush a very full toilet. (at least a toilet is likely to be fixed in a day instead of years)

  8. This should be given to Brice – more fuel for the “corporates is an idiot” fire. If it doesn’t push him over the edge then he is permanently damaged goods.

    • I think he needs a little more cooking in that fire before his thermometer pops. Should be a good show.

      Hopefully he’ll come over to the light side. Or is it the dark side? Which side is cynicism, despising customers, and hating the job you need to keep?

  9. Sounds like when we had a complicated winter display for Christmas complete with stringed lights that had to be inserted into a piece of cardboard dot-to-dot style. Being the ‘mistress of windows displays’ I got assigned to do it, thankfully boss let me come in street clothes to get it fixed up. Two days later, the outlet overheats, melts the boxy plug and the lights go out. The displays were recalled for fire hazard. I was slightly mad.

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