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  1. We are required to follow the script. The customer, as always, gets to do whatever they want. They are supposed to say ‘I *AM* interested in any sales that might go with the item I have picked out!’ HAHA.

  2. I remember one of my co-workers, who was a very gorgeous hispanic woman, would have this happen to her all the time. One repeat offender was this older man who would come in and bark and growl at her under his breath while he followed her around the aisles. Her tactic was to go and hide in the backstock until he gave up and left. Really sad that, unfortunately, this happens a lot in retail. People think they can abuse the “wage slaves” because they are just there to bow and scrape before them.

      • Yes, but our store manager was a real life Stuart who didn’t want to offend customers. I had one guy who came in and was throwing our benches and they wouldn’t do anything.

        What’s worse is, we got rid of our LP around this time, so we had no store security to come and save her from the guy.

        • Wow. Just… wow. The more I see comments like this the happier I am to work for a guy that has actually (more than once) defended his employees to the extent of arguing with abusive customers, telling them how very not ok that kind of thing is, and banning them from the store.

  3. I worked at a local pizza place where I met my wife. We worked together. How did I get her to go on a date with me? Some guy would come in and harass her all the time. (By the way she was and still is way out of my league) This particular spring day the stalker comes in and the store was empty. He’s going through his shtick and I walk up behind her put my arm around her and kiss her on the neck. I told the guy she was my girlfriend. I always liked her and saw an opportunity and took it. He was put off, left and never saw him again. We were married 3.5 years later.

    • You, sir, are a badass. Taking out the bad guy AND getting the girl at the same time like a boss! Kudos to you. (I wish we had a like button)

    • I am very glad this worked out for you, but whether this kind of action is considered creepy or endearing is directly dependent upon whether or not that women finds you attractive. If she doesn’t you’re a creep who sexually assaulted her, and she would call the police. Just a warning to anyone else who thinks this is a good idea.

      • I want to add that you could try something that doesn’t involve touching the person. If a strange person did that to me, I’d be completely creeped out even if he was good looking. I’d assume he thinks he can touch women anytime he wants as long as he thinks he’s “saving” them from someone creepier. Try just saying, “Hey, babe, just going on my break. You ready to get lunch?” That way you’re not being potentially sexually threatening, just saving her. She might still say no, but at least you don’t risk getting arrested.

      • She had worked with him for a while, as far as I can tell. Big difference between that and a stranger doing it. He was doing it to protect her and he got something out of the deal. A stranger doing it would look worse than the guy asking for the number.

        Related: Did we find it creepy when Duane from Burger Dude posed as Val’s boyfriend “Rick Cooper” in front of Stu and Josh? No, we found it awesome, because it deterred them from prying… forever. The intention was clearly helping Val out, not “scoring.” Casual acquaintance there and one of Cooper’s grand schemes, sure, but not creepy.

        • Yeah, but kissing her? That’s a little much. Honestly that (especially on the neck) would creep me out as much as the stalker…and create an uncomfortable work environment to boot.

          • The storyline I referred to starts here, goes for two weeks:

            A kiss rattles the enemy the most, but it’s not always appropriate. If you read it wrong and it is inappropriate, you’re the one who pays. The kiss in this storyline was of course scripted, so it was appropriate. The kiss in Larry’s situation was possibly appropriate because she knew he liked her and wanted him to make a move. If she didn’t like him, however… yeah…

        • But Val and Duane (and Cooper and Marla) were aware of the ruse ahead of time, and were willing participants. The story in question, it doesn’t sound like she knew what the poster was going to do beforehand. That makes a world of difference…

        • Uhm… Not to be a killjoy, but trying to defend a girl from a creepy stalker by kissing her in an intimate area? Big nope here. Unless you’ve been flirting with her for some time and she’s given you clear signals she’d like more than just empty flirty words, you should definitely not take such liberties. Even if it was a person you’ve been familiar with, there’s a big chance the woman would be creeped out by an intimate kiss as much as the creepy stalker.
          Also ‘getting the girl’; wow, it’s nice to see women treated as prizes…

  4. -When leeches…errr customers would ask for my phone number, I would tall them it was 867-5309 (anybody who grew up in the 80’s will get that).

    I actually had a leech try to pull “The customer is always right” to get my phone number…I told him that I’m not a hooker so he’s not my customer therefore he was actually wrong.

  5. She’s leading him on by using the greetings her job requires her to use? The jerk hears what he wants to hear. Imagine him calling Corporate to tell them one of their employees made a pass at him and they found out the so called pass was merely a store greeting.

    That said, a lot of us used to get the same sort of garbage when I worked as a waitress. I’d come over to take their order and they’d ask if I was on the menu. One idiot said, “I’m having such and such for dinner and you for dessert.” Just like our friends in retail we had to take it and for less than minimum wage, we were paid less due to the fact that we made tips. I’ve never understood how they can legally get away with this considering that servers making tips takes nothing away from the restaurant, customers have to pay for their food regardless of whether they tip their server or not.

    • She would probably still get in trouble, even if it was proven that the “pass” was the store greeting. After all, customers can do no wrong.

      I see this happen at my work too (coffee place); the girls get hit on quite frequently; it happens to some of the guys too. There are a lot of cougars who seem to have an eye for one particular male coworker and myself….why the would go after minimum wagers is beyond me, however :/

    • What I don’t understand is why people don’t call the police on the customer that does this to them? Surely it’s against the law, and it would be illegal for the store to fire or even penalize an employee for exercising their legal rights, wouldn’t it? I guess I’m probably wrong, but if so, the law needs to change to correct that.

      • Where I’m from it wouldn’t be a crime, just a sexual harassment complaint. The employee could sue the customer or file a human rights complaint, but there wouldn’t be reason for arrest. It would take a lot more than one (or even a series of) comments to proceed up to criminal sexual harassment, and one offhand comment probably wouldn’t be found to be worth prosecuting, especially if it’s from a customer. Most human rights tribunals would probably be more likely to go after the employer if they constantly harassed their employees or let them be harassed, for providing an unsafe work environment.

  6. I really hate that some people will always assume basic courtesy and friendliness are open invitations to make inappropriate propositions. Then they have to salvage their ego by insisting that there’s something wrong with the other person instead of accepting that maybe they got rejected because they were being an ass. Trust me, even the two guys I actually *wanted* to go out with would have been turned down if they had acted this way.

    • Absolutely! At one place I worked I noticed a new guy. I thought he was good looking so I smiled at him and was fixing to greet him and befriend him. But the first words out of his yap were “Wanna f—??” Well that put the kibosh on a friendship or anything else! Honestly why do guys think girls would respond to this kind of garbage? I was glad he didn’t last long.

    • A few years back I was part of a group of regular commenters on a certain site; some of us got to know one another pretty well; and one guy posted a query: He had developed a crush on a nice teller at his bank, and he was pretty sure she liked him too, because she always smiled so sweetly whenever he went to the bank. What he wanted to know was, how should he approach her? Get her number while she was at work, or wait until she left on her break? Every woman in the group chimed in more or less simultaneously, explaining that she wasn’t smiling at him because she adored him; she was smiling at him because she would get fired if she didn’t and that all day long she had to deal with creepers who tried to coerce her number out of her because she smiled at them, and yet she had to keep smiling; and that if he tried to follow her to her car she would get so freaked out that she would probably call security to stand by her desk the next time he went to the bank. He went silent for a few days, then posted to thank us for keeping him from doing something stupid.

      So is that good news or bad news? I mean, on the one hand, we had to explain it to him. He really hadn’t known. On the other hand, he did turn out to be educable, and not a creeper after all–just stupendously clueless.

      Moral of the story, for women:
      Sometimes guys will listen, if you try.
      Moral of the story, for men:
      Guys, get over yourselves.

  7. Even before I worked retail it would never even occur to me to ask something like that and I would never dream of doing anything like that.

    Heck I do not even flirt with waitress because I do not want them to think that there tip would be dependent on on much they flirt back and also I am horrible at flirting.

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