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  1. Wondered how long before something like that was going to come, especially after an experience my kid sister had working at the Hobby Lobby that had been here in town. She had a coworker in the framing department that was a similar level of crazy as Mina, plus violent on occasion, who always seemed to be assisting the store manager with counting the money way too often and for too long per day..

      • The business is owned by Christians but more than likely the law will not allow them to hire only Christians. Don’t you think non Christians may cry discrimination? I’m not sure that even those who work at a Christian bookstore are all Christians.

        • The law allowed them to consider the company as a person and to be allowed to discriminate against women in their insurance agreements.

          Also, with the current president, more laws that allow religious discrimination are being voted in, and this government is not likely to send their federal lawyers in to argue against them. They’re highly likely to actually support them. So, at least in the US it’s going to be harder to fight religious discrimination.

          • In what way exactly is providing 14 of the 18 forms of birth control “discriminating” against women?

          • Dag1984 (post below),
            The Green family using their religious beliefs, as opposed to best medical practice as the standard to then use medical insurance to exert undue influence over what kind of medical care their employees are allowed to access is discrimination given that the very same policy provided through all other employers provides more and more effective options.
            In addition, what’s to stop Hobby Lobby from expanding the list of medical treatments et al the company won’t cover based on their religious beliefs, not best medical practice?

          • Jackie (comment below/above): The HL employees are free to use whatever birth control they please. Hobby Lobby isn’t going to force them to go with any one kind over the other. However they will pay for a vast majority of them, only excluding the four the Greens felt terminated a life. If you absolutely MUST have one of those four you just have to pay for them yourself and nobody will stop you.

            On the subject of them expanding their objections I doubt the USSC will allow it. The Court only allowed the Greens an exemption from the contraceptive mandate. If they tried to do the same thing with other fields of medicine they would be denied.

    • Yeah, I’m confused too. Isn’t Mina displaying the self centred high handed style of management he likes to practice?

        • Instead of complaining we don’t get everything we want, we should be grateful we don’t get everything we deserve.

      • meh Brice really wanted someone who he thought was more store oriented not just self centered. He just didn’t realize Marla really is store oriented, she just has a good level of balance and has common sense and knows how to treat her employees so they will care, at least about her, as well.

  2. It’s pretty rare for Norm to switch midweek like this. I like it. With any luck this will last for a few weeks.

  3. Sorry Brice but you made your bed now lie in it. And keep letting the scene play through your mind of how Marla tried to tell you something but you were too determined to do the talking and wouldn’t listen.
    When he finds out about the SM position he could’ve had in New Hampshire (and you know he will find out at some point) he is going to cry.

  4. Worked at Robinsons*May in Westminster mall years and years and years ago. The store manager (male) really was in a relationship with the general manager (female) because they were married.

    This guy would literally stand in front of the store employees and block them from being seen by corporate when they would visit. You were instructed to never, ever talk to corporate when they showed up and people were fired for saying, “Hello!” to them.

    They also routinely fired people who were military for not showing up for their shift, even after having their activation orders in hand. The HR also terminated employees constantly for putting work on her desk. This includes, but not limited to, safety violations, threats of violence from other employees, and having punch in/out problems.

    Wish I was kidding.

    • I thoughtt the Military related terminations were illegal?! Dad was threatened with that at the railroad he worked for and was a reservist at the same time. Dad’s weekends for the reserves and weekend duty (forced weekend shifts, once about every couple months) and the guy running his division threatened to fire him until Dad threatened to turn him in for the violation.

      • A lot of what he describes is illegal, unethical, or against most corporate policies. Just as an example, punch in/out problems can lead to workers not being paid for time worked. That’s a big liability for a company. Safety violations? There’s a reason it’s called a ‘violation’. If there’s a bad enough accident, I imagine it could land Mrs. HR or the store manager in jail for ignoring it (negligent homicide). A lawsuit is almost a given.
        That’s probably why he didn’t want his employees talking to people from the main office.

    • Unless Mina is (in reality) bucking for a corporate office gig. That strikes me as more in character. The problem is who would become the store manager?

      • Brice, obviously. A final knife-in-the-back to Chloe, and Brice still can’t get away from Mina’s style of management. Plus, he’d also have Chloe and the rest of the employees against him.

    • Hey Bob, you should get a napkin…you’ve got something dripping from your lower lip…

      Oh, wait, that’s just sarcasm. Sorry.

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