19 thoughts on “July 7, 2016

  1. We know we have to fold and re-fold during the day, but we also know how pointless it is because of guys like this.

    • I always feel bad for people working in the clothing departments, and wind up folding any messed up shirts that I come across to the point that other customers assume I work there. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve been mistaken for an employee, despite not wearing a uniform, and having a hat on.

  2. I’d say “Men!” only women are just as bad about this. Maybe because they’re the mess cleaner uppers at home they think it’s fun to make messes in stores for others to clean up.

      • I third this. In fact, I have more experience with messy women. To think men in general are slobs at home is very bigoted. (thank you, Steve)

        • I guess I’m one of those exceptions to the rule then. I tend to be messy at home but I will go out of my way to clean up after myself outside the home.

        • The problem with her statement is that she said that women “are the mess cleaner uppers at home” which means men are the slobs, women are the neateners. That was what was offensive.

  3. Just how difficult is it to put your hand under the unwanted pants, lift them up, and gently pull the pair you want out of the pile, leaving the rest as neatly stacked as before?! That’s what I do. He could’ve done that, but he had to be thoughtless and make a big mess. Jerk.

    • Well…to be honest, it can be difficult when they are stacked pretty high and they’re heavy. As I get older I find that it’s more difficult to manage this sort of things, they tend to fall over. I do pick them up and try to refold them though. And before you ask, yes, I do look for help but unfortunately as most retail stores around here only give part time hours, it can very hard to find an employee to help

      • ^ this. I have the same issue and am left wondering why on earth the heavy stacks of e.g. jeans aren’t hung on a rack. Not trying to be a slob but it can be hard to pull clothing out neatly. Why make it difficult for the customer?

  4. Can we please move on to the story line with the guy that hates Cooper and came back as an auditor and said he had a plan. Maybe Brice could end up as the fall guy whether as a self sacrifice or by accident.

  5. It isn’t just clothing. I get something similar in the greenhouse. I call them “The De-selected”. It is like they can no longer even see the plants they decided they don’t want and just leave them on the ground or where ever they are when the Purge occurs.

    I used the have this one lady that would go thru the small house plants rack. She would pull every plant off the rack and put them on the floor as she looked at them and then just leave them there! 20 to 30 small plant pots all over the floor where the next customers can run them over with their carts.

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