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  1. I can express in words how much this makes me smile. I know it probably makes me a bad person to see Brice grovel but damn does he deserve it.

    • Now I’m wondering if Marla is going to let him know how badly he burned that bridge. Even he can be hired back he has no chances for advancement anymore….

  2. She has, but my impression has been that Marla’s confidence in Crystal is … shaky.

    I honestly don’t know what Marla is going to do now.

    • Wonder if there’s enough budget for two Assistant Managers? Probably not…I don’t really know what she’s going to do either.

      I mean, Brice wasn’t absolutely bad, but he did jump ship to what he perceived as greener pastures…

      But Marla also knows how innocent and sincere the Manipulation Queen Mina can seem.

    • She might suggest he talk to Stuart to see if there’s a opening elsewhere – and then Brice discovers what he missed out on. (I don’t see Marla as being vengeful enough to tell him.)

      • I wouldn’t do anything for Brice. He made his bed, he can lie in it.

        I’ve seen employers refuse to rehire people who’ve resigned even when the employee was exemplary, because they don’t want to be a pit stop on that person’s career path.

    • Usually this plot would be simple

      They both get what they want, realize they regret it, then go back

      Mina gets burned and…

      Oh wait. Crystal is charming and a hard worker

      Marla may not be crazy about her but we as the audience like her.

      We actually can’t go back to the original set-up without hurting Crystal

      (Or maybe she just finds a better job but that would be less interesting)

      • I’d rehire him. As a sales person, or to work in the stock room under Cooper. Make him work his way up. Teach him humility, and the problems of the people he MIGHT once again manage.

  3. NO.

    NO, MARLA.

    He’s made his bed. He’s made his choice. He doused the bridges in fuel, lit them up, and walked away middle finger extended.

    For the love of Raptor Jesus, let’s see him at least learn a lesson from this.

  4. Man people really seem to hate this guy. I know Brice was a bit of a jerk but I think he’s learned his lesson. He doesn’t deserve years of torment at this new job because he was stuck up for a couple weeks. Let’s forgive.

    • I know a lot of Brices. It takes them years of dedicated self-absorption and self-centeredness to get their personalities to where they are; one unpleasant experience would hardly be enough for a lesson to sink in. Forgive, yes. Re-hire? Prove to me that you’re no longer a total jerk and in a year or so I might consider it.

    • I don’t think Brice is inherently bad either. I think he was misled, first because he came from a different kind of store, and didn’t know how to deal with a store that was less than perfect. It seemed his time in the store was teaching him something, but he’d take one step forward and two steps back all the time, til that final scene with him basically telling Marla she was a crummy manager and he had found greener pastures with Mina. And holding up his hand, not letting her give him the information that would’ve changed everything. Now having worked for Mina for a while, he sees he had it so much better with Marla and if she took him back he might become a really good AM. But… there’s Crystal who has done her best and doesn’t deserve to be booted out.

    • I’m sure that Grumbel’s and Delman’s aren’t the only two retail stores Brice could work at. He could try his hand at selling cars. And there’s always Big W Mart… 😉

      • I wouldn’t wish that last option on Satan himself.

        However, maybe he can be approved for rehire as someone to clean the bathrooms.

    • He was a HUGE jerk. From Day One. He criticized everything the staff did, and questioned every decision Marla made. His last act before deserting Grumbel’s for Delman’s was to whine about having to run a register for ONE HOUR a day. His only redeeming quality was the time he thought Stuart was being too harsh on Marla for missing that meeting.

      I certainly wouldn’t rehire him, because what he needs is retraining in how to be a decent human being instead of an arrogant jerk. A few bad days with Mina likely aren’t enough to get that lesson into his head; as soon as he was out of there and felt safe again, he’d go right back to being a jerk.

    • Grumbels does not have the hours to give their regular employees, Donnie had to take a second job and everyone is trying to get more hours. There’s no money to hire a second AM. Brice is out of luck unless Marla fires Crystal which she’d better not do.

  5. Not everyone deserves a second chance, feeling sorry for someone’s bad choice doesn’t mean you should prevent the damage you knew would happen. He needs to suffer for a while so that lesson burns in that brain of how to spot a BS manipulator. Let that burn hurt a while.

  6. Aside from the Bryce panels, notice how kind and considerate Marla is to the barista. She doesn’t pass on the poison.

    • Most people who have been on the other side of the counter, like Marla, generally are nice to their fellows also stuck in the trenches. They know what it’s like to be bullied by customer after customer, and that one decent customer can make things much better, so they try to be that one decent customer.

      There are always exceptions, true, but most people do understand the Golden Rule.

      • Very true. My husband and I treat cashiers, waitresses and other counter people kindly, he’ll often make a joke with them and we chat with them in a friendly way since we both know what it’s like to work those kinds of jobs.

        • Same here. I’m always nice to people who work fast food and delivery because I’ve worked both of those jobs, and I know how hard they work. And by extension anyone who works in retail.

  7. I think the look on Marla’s face in the last panel shows that she feels badly for him. She knows how vicious Mina is and how badly he’s being treated right now.

    And Brice isn’t all that bad. Remember how he stood up for here in that district meeting, when Zuccini-head was on a rant. Granted, it turned out Marla really did just ditch the meeting, as Zuccini head thought, but Brice, at least, counseled ‘innocent until proven guilty’.

    • That’s a good point. Brice has his faults but he still has a good heart when it comes down to it. He’s a little too stuck in his ways and can’t see that Marla’s store isn’t like his old store, but he’s far from a villain and doesn’t deserve this.

  8. I think the local crow population may shrink substantially in the next few days. Hope Brice has a good recipe.

  9. Marla needs to keep in mind that every time she’s tried to teach Brick a lesson that he’s forgotten it quickly. It is going to take much longer for Brick to develop a permanent imprint, else he’ll turn out like Stuart. You gotta remember that Stuart too was corrupted by the system – he was never a gentleman but retail turned him into what he became (Josh is another story).

    Only when Brick has fully realized his loathing for totalitarian management can Marla attempt to rebuild the bridge he burned with her, else he will revert once again.

    • Except I have never seen one single thing that would lead to your conclusions concerning Stuart. We hope that is true, but there is no proof.

      • The earliest strips show Stuart as a more normal person that’s a bit of a jerk. He was nowhere near the level of [bleep] that Josh was from the getgo… or that Stuart himself is now.

        Stuart’s insanity was caused by two things. One, his head swelling due to some sort of trauma. Two, the corruption of the retail system maximizing the effects of that trauma. I believe Stuart never had the same level of malice in his language that Josh had, from how I read his character, and that he was designed to be a loony who had no idea how to manage people as opposed to a bitter, jealous jerk.

        This is just a theory, but regardless he’s past the point of being able to be restored by now.

  10. I predicted during the last story arc that Brice and Stuart will meet up and Stuart will offer Brice that NH position. I stick by that prediction and think that arc could start next week.

    • If the ish is still a big enough storm, Marla may feel bad enough for Brick to facilitate and Stuart may just go for it. Last we heard it sounded like that storm was a mythical category 7.

  11. It’s like looking in a mirror, sort of.

    I started looking for a new job, because my current boss is starting to drive me nuts.

    I recently attended an interview, where I spoke with my potential future boss. This guy was even worse than my current boss.

    I’m glad I got to find out at the interview stage, and not after all has been said & done.

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