16 thoughts on “July 8, 2016

  1. Don’t worry customer, the store will still be there in the morning.

    “But if I come back tomorrow when you open, you might be sold out!”

  2. I *HATE* this game. I try to make sure the door gets locked immediately on time and I also try to make sure if there is someone out there to NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT and to NOT LET THEM SEE YOU if possible. You cannot win. NO ONE takes no for an answer. They will act as if you did something horrible to them. In fact, I am sure it is easier for doctor’s to tell people they have cancer than it is for us to say ‘we’re closed.’

    • heybro,
      When all else fails, lie. Tell them the server has shut down the computers that run the cash registers and they won’t come up again until the store opens in the morning. Therefore, can’t help you the customer because only the manager has the code to bypass the system and so on and so forth and refer them to Walmart. With any luck, they’ll get mugged in the parking lot.

    • Embrace the futility of victory, and accept the inevitability that they will be angry regardless of your actions. Once you fulfill these objectives, proceed to shut the door in their face and grin widely while waving. Mouth “good bye” to them as you walk away. They will be angry and entitled anyway. They can at least have a valid reason for it.

  3. Why can’t these people understand that retail employees want to go home at the end of a working day the same as anyone else who has a job? Sometimes I think the public doesn’t see retail workers, waitresses and other service employees as human beings at all, but as machines. A machine doesn’t care how long it works, it doesn’t get tired and has nowhere it would rather be. Wouldn’t it shock this woman to find out that Marla has a life outside of the store, a husband and daughter she wants to get home to and her whole existence isn’t inside the store?

    • You can thank the instant gratification industry for this mind set. Gotta have it now, gotta have it this instant, no time to wait, don’t care about other people, and definitely don’t care who they have to piss off to get it.

      My Husband sees it every day he goes in and it blows his mind how people treat other people. We have both worked retail, him longer than myself but we have always followed the Golden Rule ESPECIALLY with other Retailers.

      Because we get it and we’ve been there and have been treated and seen this happen too many times but not let us dim our own view of how to treat others. But reinforce the simple fact that we need to treat each other with kindness and understanding even more so now than ever.

      It’s why we still believe that everyone should work in retail for X number of years to get a better understanding. Even if they don’t get much out of it, it’s a small taste of what many folks have to endure even longer than some, and may help curb that attitude of treating others like the machine.

    • Because these low IQ people have been drinking the politicos’ kool aid for too long!
      Remember the famous line: ‘low skill jobs” and all of the others? They don’t care a damn about you and/or your family.
      The same ones that want to have the stores open during Thanksgiving for their own convenience, typical american, selfish and self centered.

    • their logic is probably “well, you’re getting paid, aren’t you?” but they don’t take in to account that being over payroll hours but not WAY over sales goal affects future payroll. They may cut it next year, or cut it next quarter, or expect the store to cut payroll the next day (if the overage in question wasn’t at the end of the pay week, which it often is)… we have closing hours for a reason. So, if you just want to grab ONE THING AND PAY FOR IT, fine. But if you tell me you “just want to look,” or “I think I know what I want,” then no. go away. If you can tell me you know what you want, will walk you to it, then walk you to the register to pay for it. we don’t have time to let you wander through the store and mess up everything in your path because you don’t know your t-shirt size.

      • A woman once knocked on the door of the store where I worked while I was cleaning up — 15 minutes after closing time. When I told her I couldn’t open the door to let her purchase the items she needed, she literally stomped her foot and said, “But I’m a paying customer.” I gave her my evil eye and said, “Before 9pm, you’re a customer. After 9pm, you’re a trespasser.” She walked off in a huff, and I was prepared to have to defend myself to corporate the next day, but to my knowledge, she never called.

        The real kicker is that the store I was working in at the time was a confectionary and ice cream shop — not the sort of store that sells things that people *need* (as opposed to stores that sell things like groceries, diapers, medications, etc).

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