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    • Thats 4chan, not Tumblr.

      Tumblr would berate Brice on his White Male Cis-Scum Privilege biting him in the behind for shafting a strong Womyn like Marla.

        • I’m curious as to why Tumblr attracted this feminazi subculture. They are everywhere, of course, but why so many over there?

          • They don’t exist at all, except in the persecution-complex minds of the 4chan manbabies.

          • Cashier 357757

            1st- That’s Marla, not Mina.

            2nd- They are at the coffee shop in the mall, not at work.

          • Wendy U. Tinkle: Next you’ll tell me all those “Ban Father’s Day” petitions were just hallucinations. Just because you’re blind to their BS doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

          • Feminazis do not exist. Neo-nazis are a part of the alt-right movement, which hates feminism. Radical femnists do not persecute people for being non-white. Now, if you want to talk about tumblrinas and SJWs…yes, there are plenty of those.

          • The fact that Tumblr lacks a central index means that people with strong ideological positions of any sort can say whatever they want and *mostly* don’t get called out for it because most people seeing what they say are their friends. Sometimes a popular person of one position will reblog something they disagree with, generally resulting in a massive dogpile of the offending post by all their followers; however, since this is ad hoc, there’s not much of a way for any one position to silence all others.

            Thus, there really isn’t any ideology at all that dominates Tumblr, you can search and easily find extreme examples of any given ideology. Tumblr just gets stereotyped as crazily feminist by 4chan because it’s 4chan posters go-to for finding crazy feminist statements to complain about.

      • 4chan would probably end up calling him a beta male cuck. Well there would be one more word…. but it’s not for this board.

        • The end father’s day petition weren’t a hallucination, it was however a 4chan hoax to make feminists look bad. 4chan has done tons of those. E.g. the freebleeding movement was also faked by them. They do this a lot. If you see a something crazy supposedly done by feminists, even if it is reported by mainstream media, wait a few weeks and then do your research if it wasn’t revealed to be a 4chan hoax. http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/endfathersday

          • Oh I know it was a hoax. I don’t advertise it but I do coast through 4chan on occasion. They love bragging about this kind of stuff. Unfortunately it actually IS taken seriously by tumblr feminists. Kinda goes to show that once it’s on here…. it ain’t coming off no matter what you say.

  1. So Marla’s options are to either keep Crystal or re-hire Brice?

    She must be getting tired of having to choose between the tiger or the tiger.

    I know I am.

    • It’s her store so she technically has the right to hire whoever she wants and make in store decisions without consulting with upper management. If it were up to Stuart Cooper never would have got his promotion.

      • Cooper might have turned down the promotion the same way Val did.

        I turned down promotion three times at my current job. More than twice as much stress, for $2 an hour more.

        …what would Akbar say?

    • Usually Stuart “suggests” someone for Marla to hire like he “suggested” Brice and at that time she couldn’t find anyone “better” so was pretty much forced to take him. This time Stuart was so overwhelmed with the mess in New Hampshire he told her to go ahead and hire whoever she wanted and after she hired Crystal he has never come to see her for himself, he’s still that busy with the N.H. situation. If she wanted, she probably could either fire or demote Crystal and hire him back. Stuart would not do so himself, I don’t think he’d accept having someone back who had defected to the competition. Marla could do so quietly though. But I don’t want to see Crystal demoted or fired when she’s done nothing to deserve it. She does have a lot to learn but she’s teachable.

    • From past strips, it seems to be Marla’s choice, but Stuart holds veto power. Otherwise Cooper would be AM.

  2. I wonder if Marla will drop the hint about the SM position from Stuart. Probably not honestly since she never got the chance to say it in the first place and it’s probably filled.

    • Yes by now I’m sure it’s filled. Brice had his chance and blew it. If he’s so depressed over his sideways move from AM for Marla to AM for Mina, think how depressed he’ll be when he learns of the SM position in N.H. he could’ve had. The poor man will be suicidal.

      • Stuart said that all managers at that store were fired. It would not surprise me if there was still a position available there, but it being store manager is highly unlikely. I presume it’s been at least two weeks since Brick started at Delman’s. Hiring a store manager had to have been done in days since there was no assistant to take over temporarily.

        Marla won’t be willing to rehire Brick. Stuart wanted it last time, so Marla didn’t by default. That said, Stuart also recommended Arthur, who was awesome, but in this case she knows that Brick is an animosity generator who has no respect for her and no willingness to do work. She does not want him back.

  3. On the one hand I think Brice has learned a lesson from this and it has probably humbled him somewhat, although I’m not sure if it’s the right lesson or if the lesson is just ‘Mina is terrible and retail kind of sucks everywhere’. Which isn’t a terrible lesson I suppose.

    On the other hand, I don’t want to see him easily forgiven and given his job back. The manner in which he quit – notably the things he said to Marla – was incredibly unprofessional. His current situation is his own fault. He burned those bridges, and should have to live with the consequences. Under normal circumstances he would have to – especially considering he even left on a bad note with Stuart – but in comic land, it’s hard to really tell.

    Whatever happens, I just hope Crystal doesn’t get the short end of the stick. She’s nice, she’s willing to learn, she’s shown she can be professional where it counts, and she even has Lunker’s seal of approval. What’s wrong with being a little eccentric? She can get the job done, and without making half as many enemies as Brice. She shouldn’t wind up shafted because Brice realizes he’s been stupid.

    • Brice has learned there are worse things than what he had under Marla. The real question is if he realizes if he was wrong about how the way things should be. So far, I’ve not seen signs of that.

  4. Although Crystal is likeable, she is and always will be kind of flaky. It wouldn’t be too far-fetched for her to suddenly lose the “good vibes” or whatever positive energy she feels and just bolt out the door. Since this is Comicland, that would leave Marla in a pinch(again) and Brice would be there for the picking.

    In the real world, he probably wouldn’t get re-hired (HR rules would forbid it in my past hospital management experience of 20 years), but in this Comic realm where time (and sometimes normal reasoning) can be suspended, it’s possible.

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