14 thoughts on “July 9, 2017

  1. I know the comics say Neegan was a teacher, but I always believed, since his introduction, that he had to have been a department manager at a retail outlet. That mentality can only come from that.

    • That Negan was a teacher somehow slipped past me, but retail manager makes a whole lot more sense.
      Teachers are generally motivated by a humanitarian desire to make the world a better place. So no matter how weird they get, they never quite lose that. Plus, down deep—and don’t tell anybody—teachers are basically cowards. I taught for ten years. We’re all cowards. Teachers can be bullies, they can be jerks, but stand up to them and they fold like wet toilet paper.
      People who go into retail management are too often motivated by power and greed. There are far more Stuarts out there than Marlas

      • It was in a spinoff comic. He was revealed as a gym teacher who was cheating on his wife until she came down with cancer.

  2. Cooper you constantly eat trash, no way you’re in good enough shape to survive on your own, and you’re not enough of a people person to survive by grouping up.

  3. Got a first the other day. Someone left a bottle of cinnamon whiskey with a swig left in it. No i didn’t drink it. But who goes drinking at your local department store and leaves a not quite empty bottle of hooch behind.

  4. Well, guys, if it’s any consolation, the dope who did this spent good money on it and wasn’t able to enjoy it. So in some small way they got punished for the evil deed of just leaving it there.

    • I’d bet 10-1 it was dropped by a spoiled brat whose mother probably caved in and got him/her another one.

      Maybe at best a little karma for the mother.

  5. Dead Rising had psychopaths, people who were mentally broken by the zombie uprising and started killing anyone, human or zombie, they could. Steven Chapman is a grocery store manager who just straight-up murders anyone who messes up his store. The entire time I was fighting him, my only thoughts were “yeah, that makes sense”. It’s probably a good thing I’m no longer working in food service.

  6. When playing the All Things Zombies RPG, I used my work as a starting point for my adventure, using Civilians for customers. Let’s just say I tripped quite a few of them while escaping.

  7. I had this happen twice at work yesterday…one was a kid who dropped a slushie (parental failure…who gives a 3 year old a 44 oz slushie?) , parent walked away. Later a grown adult spilled a 44 oz drink on my counter…and left. Of course I charged the second guy for his drink AND the refill.

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