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    • The truth made his perfect life spiral out of control. We find him 1 year in the future selling fake coupons under a bridge.

    • Marla is idealistic in that she thinks that things should be fair and they shouldn’t be punished for a rule violation when it was something that was 100% of of their scope to prevent. Stuart, on the other hand, is fascist, in that things need to be the way they’re mandated to be or heads will roll.

  1. That does explain Stuart. Since there’s is no forgiveness in the manual for items not shipped, he doesn’t give any. It’s not his fault, that’s the way the manual is written. He can never be blamed because he’s just following the manual.

  2. No Stuart, you’re the one who doesn’t get it. They. Have. No. Way. Of. Getting. SPF. 15. What “rules” justify knocking points off a store for something 100% beyond their control?

    • It’s not the “rules” that justify it, it’s the insanity you see glimmering in Stuart’s eyes in the last panel.

  3. Yeah, well, Stuart, I’ve got some bad news for you. Rules may be rules, but when it comes to Rules vs. Reality, Reality has the annoying habit of winning. Constantly.

    And ignoring Reality is what makes you the fucktard you are.

  4. You can have all the willingness in the world to obey a rule (or a law) but there are times when circumstances do not allow it. I don’t know how Stuart could have gotten to his present age and not known that.

    This is a lot like back when my husband and I did a paper route. We were supposed to have all the deliveries made by 5:00 PM (or 8:00 AM on weekends and holidays). We picked up the papers in a parking lot when the man from the newspaper office arrived to bring them to us. But many days he was late. Sometimes we’d wait an hour or more for the newspapers. When that happened there was no way we could have the papers delivered on time to every customer. We were of course subject to the same traffic laws as everyone else. In bad weather it was even more impossible. However every day when we got the list for new customers etc. there were complaints of “non delivery” by customers who hadn’t gotten their paper on time. It was totally not our fault, since the papers were delivered to us late, but we were forced to fall on our sword and take the blame for it. As if waiting around in that parking lot was so much fun, and not getting finished on time so we could go home was what we wanted!

    • My husband and I did that too for a a while so I’m with you on that. I’m thinking Stuart may be getting his comeuppance soon from his boss but we’ll see.

    • Paper route was my first job, and I hated that. Even worse, we (parents, brother and I) couldn’t go pick up the papers, we had to wait for the guy to deliver them to us. There were days we’d be wrapping the papers in the car while others were putting them on doorsteps. We were also the ones to get low marked for a non-delivered paper, even if we were the ones shorted.

    • If Brice is smart, he’ll find that rule in the rulebook and turn the tables by making Corporate (or Stuart) lose points for failing at the logistics function.

      If Brice is *really* smart, he’ll do it via Marla.

      • Unfortunately, Corporate is smart enough to not write that into the rule book and is never graded on the same kind of points that the stores would be. And in general, blaming things that go wrong on the people who are essentially your bosses is a very good way to get fired. Even if everything that went wrong is because they screwed up.

  5. I used to have a DM like Stuart. Regardless of why something was not done or done incorrectly, to him there was always a work around. Product out of stock for a required display? We should have called another store to have some transferred in. Sold out this morning? Poor planning, should have ordered more. To managers like Stuart, there are no reasons for non compliance, there’s always a workaround.

  6. Stuart is so clueless, and it’s getting old. He’s been the strip’s main antagonist for ten years now. Perhaps it’s time for a change.

    • I couldn’t agree more, Andy. I’ve been advocating in here for a while now, that Stuart needs a comeuppance to put some spark in his story line. I spent 25 years in Retail and worked for some poor leaders, but also numerous outstanding leaders whose mentorship was priceless. I’d like to see a great leader come along and rock Stuart’s world.

  7. Strips like this make me think that there still may be hope for Brice. That Marla may yet be able to pull him back from crossing completely over to the dark side.

  8. No, Stuart, you’re forgetting the underlying principle there: “Rules exist for the sake of having rules.”

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