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  1. Well hey. I wasn’t so certain about Cyrstal before but I’m willing to give an old friend of Lunker’s a shot.

  2. I’m pretty sure the Lunker thumbs up is the highest honour a human being can receive. Congrats, Marla!

  3. You think you are picking your staff and bringing them aboard your ship; but in retail, the staff pick you and bring you aboard THEIR ship. hehe.

    I love how small Crystal shows against Lunker and her outfit complete with the prints fits her so well. It is professional yet eccentric.

    What is Lunker’s real name will show up years from now in trivia. hehe.

  4. Is anyone worried about the fact that they haven’t seen each other since eighth grade? And that either or both of them could have changed in that time?

    • Given they still know each other well enough to hug on sight, I’m not. They could have kept in touch through various social media, mutual friends/family, or even as pen-pals (which would totally suit both their quirks).

  5. I wonder if Crystal will end up as a bad manager, but in a different way – her relationships make it hard to do her job. Too soft with the staff or something like that. Or, gives in to the customer when she shouldn’t.

    A hug is one thing, but you notice how her leg is raised? Usually that signifies a bit more than friend.

    • Definitely would scream-jump-hug any of my friends that I haven’t had a chance to see in years if they suddenly appeared before me, and I have never had more than platonic feelings for any of them. Some of us are just really exuberant about our old friendships. 🙂

    • Maybe, but she was AM of “Pewter and Incense” for only six months – and apparently didn’t do much since that interview. While there’s any number of reasons for that to come to an end, it could be a sign of things to come. I’m not sure as simply being “offbeat” is going to make for enough conflict for the strip. Marla having to dismiss a popular but ineffective coworker would be quite a story arc – not to mention being new territory for RETAIL.

        • Board worker,
          Maybe she hasn’t done much since her initial interview with Marla because too many people interviewing her had the same attitude you have.
          When a business shuts down, people lose jobs and it’s not their fault.

    • I think it’s more likely she’ll stick around, as an offbeat flavor, but a firm ally. I’m seeing the conflict moving outward, Marla/Grumbel’s vs Mina/Delman’s.

  6. And I was expecting her to be a friend of Lunker’s from his online quantum physics boards-that would have been an interesting turn….

  7. Marla still has her doubts but the fact that Lunker approves is a big plus for Crystal for the rest of us. Things are sure going a lot better for her than they are for poor pitiful Brice at Delman’s. Smile, Marla! Things are looking up!

  8. OK, Marla. Just relax. Trust Lunker.

    And look forward to seeing Stuart’s head explode when he meets Crystal.

    • Lunker probably hasn’t changed much over the years.
      Bigger maybe, but he probably had short hair all the time.
      How much Crystal changed, on the other hand… But how many redheads were YOU friends with in the 8th grade? 😉

  9. It will interesting to see the dynamic between Cooper and Crystal. Is she up to the job in her own way?

  10. People worried about antagonists, remember, Norm has a few of those waiting in the wings. Not to mention corporate and customers are ever present ones in the retail industry.

  11. I for one am getting fed up with Marla’s attitude.

    She didn’t even look for any new candidates. She could have at least looked at a job search website like indeed and looked at people resumes. And her cynicism and skepticism are getting irritating. She’s done nothing to help herself.

    • This. I was skeptical at first about Crystal, things are looking okay. But Marla is Mrs. Sourpuss.

      I understand she doesn’t want too much work, but when people quit, these things happen.

        • Quite the contrary. I worked retail management for the past 6 years (until the past month when I finally went corporate with a different company so I could finally get away from the customers) At a store with relatively high turnover due to the area. For the 6 years before that I was management with a different company.

  12. You know, along with my prediction of Brice’s story arc, I’m prepared to make one now for Crystal.

    She’ll turn out to be a good person and a decent manager. However, that flaky personality will grate on Marla – and Stuart, of course – so much that they can’t really see it. They’ll wind up alienating a perfectly good AM, possibly to the point of quitting.

    If my predictions on Brice are correct, it’ll happen just in time for him to want to return to Grumbel’s.

  13. So….possible scenario….Crystal does her happy vibes to the store,the staff enjoy working with her,the customers are happy,sales goes up,and then Stuart actually gets to see her in action… next conflict is Stuart’s disapproval of her methods versus the fact that sales are shooting up?

  14. I know I shouldn’t assume, but what if those two were to enter into a romantic relationship? Some readers have already suspected this could happen in the future.

    If caught, then Marla has to yet again cover up another relationship (like she did for Val & Cooper when there was a ranking discrepancy). And the position of Assistant Manager is pretty high up; it would be hard to equalize Lunker to that.

  15. I think we may have just witnessed the reuniting of one of the Lost Dr Who’s and a former companion. As I’ve always suspected that Lunker was one of the Dr’s. As he is always doing something very Dr Who’ish. Like when he attempted to build a T.A.R.D.I.S and it came out wrong.
    Or when he did the disappearing trick. Also coming up with all sorts of unique observations of the things around him. I’m waiting for Cooper to find a sonic screwdriver that actually works due to Lunker forgetting his employee locker open. (Cue the Dr Who theme music. 🙂

  16. …and I am once again reminded of my dear deceased friend Christian, who was exactly this type of bulky kindhearted person working in retail.
    Unlike Lunker, he didn’t have hidden smarts – but he was a wonderful cook and true friend. We miss him.

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