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  1. I’ve had thoughts of just driving to where they work and drive through it to mess it up and go, “C’mon, chop chop. Clean it up.”

    • Yeah, I’ve had similar thoughts. A co-worker cautioned me, “Uhm, that’s stalking, and it makes the police officer very stern…”

      Still wanted to do it.

  2. Reminds me of the time in Middle School when I took my lunch break in the mall with a rather privileged classmate. Her parents were a lawyer and a doctor, they lived in the rich part of town and had of course a housekeeper to take care of their home.
    We were sitting on public benches in the mall’s atrium and eating sandwiches. When I was done I took the wrappings to the nearest trashcan, three feet away. When she was done she left her wrappers sitting on the bench. Naively I told her she had forgotten to throw away her garbage. She laughed, pointed at a mall employee who was cleaning up a spill on the other side of the atrium and said “That’s her job, not mine.”
    Yikes! I was horrified but too shy to say anything so I just rolled my eyes at her and threw her stuff away too.

  3. This makes me think of shopping carts in front of grocery stores. Drives me nuts to see people walk right by carts in the parking lot just to grab one inside.

    • Drives me nuttier when people leave their carts loose in the parking lot not even 10 feet from a cart return. I once had someone tell me they did this to provide employment for those who had to go gather them up.

      • I use non-self checkout lanes to provide employment. Carts, I put where they belong if mine, sometimes even if not. Especially when one is blocking a parking space in a busy lot.

      • Or the people that take it to the cart return, and park the cart just outside. I went to the grocery store last night -there were no carts in the return but at least a dozen hanging out of it blocking the driving lane.

        I’m a teacher and I always tell my students “The custodian’s job is to maintain the school NOT clean up your messes.”

        Several years ago I was at a multi school event. When it was time to leave the schools were asked to stack the chairs they had been using. The “Rich” schools teachers and students swanned out of their leaving a mess, not stacking their chairs. Our students stacked our chairs and with out prompting from teachers asked for a broom to sweep up the crumbs and bits and pieces around our table. Those not sweeping helped stack the unstacked chairs saying it wasn’t fair to the the custodians. The custodians told the School hosting principal what happened. He gave the head of science an earful. We also filed complaints because the teachers from the “rich” schools had called our kids thugs, gangbangers while letting their kids run riot. I had brought a bunch of electronics to keep kids occupied between events. (From a grant) They kept trying to take them because it wasn’t “Fair” we had Ipads and they didn’t (2 teachers from their school did from the same program). They came by and tried to take our snacks. And when the pizza was delivered threw a fit because we were first served they were last. (Loaded in alpha order so unloaded in reverse alpha order we were at the end of the alphabet.

        Result – Their teachers were written up, their students had an assembly with the head of science letting them have it for their bad behavior, the kids who had been at the event got trash duty at recess for 2 weeks.

        Our kids were given a pizza/ice cream party recognized in a district wide publication. THe next year our group was given a private waiting space. Their schools had to share with each other and no child or staff was allowed to leave until the head of Science checked their space and she made them reclean it. (Oh our private space was a classroom – our students suggested that we take a picture so we could remember exactly where and how the chairs were stacked and a few other things so we could put them back right. )

      • I have a rating system for people at grocery stores and what they do with carts. I’ll start at the bottom
        F- leaves cart totally blocking a handicap spot or a really good non-handicap spot or leaves their cart behind someone else’s car (had that happen to me twice when I didn’t even have a cart)
        D – Makes some effort to move it out of the way so only partially blocking a parking spot, small car can still get in it or parked next to a cart return but still doesn’t put it in the cart return.
        C- takes it to the cart return but makes no effort to get it in the return. Like Kimberly I’ve seen times where there were none in and a bunch hanging out.
        B- like C but actually makes an effort to get it in the cart return or Elderly person or adult with young child who walks any distance to put it in the cart return. I know their task is extra difficult so I cut them some slack.
        A- makes every effort to make the cart return carts as compact as possible. If loose cart is spotted when walking to the store, it is taken all the way to the front of the store (or wherever the main cart return is) even if they don’t need a cart on that particular trip. This is me by the way and I considered it the gold standard against which all others were to be rated. HOWEVER, I have one more rating because of others I have seen:
        A+ – Returning multiple carts even though not a store employee or returning carts all the way to the main cart return area even though they are leaving not arriving and there are closer empty cart returns. I give these people an A+ and I know that although I might think about doing these things, I will probably fall short.

        • What’s the point, Mary? Do you go up to them and tell them the grade they got from you? Or is it some kind of “Well, at least I didn’t do THAT.”

          Dad taught my brother and me to take the carts back and grab others on the way (or at least to those things in the parking lot).

          But if you came up to me to tell me I got an A, I’d wonder why you think it’s any of your business to worry about what I do with a cart.

    • Sorry but I don’t want to push the cart over gravelly concrete all the way to the store. So I will find one inside, thanks.

  4. What I so wanted to do during my retail career ages ago to parents that told their kids, “Go over and play in the toy department and I’ll pick you up when I’m done shopping”. I reprimanded one kid for destroying a display and since the kid told his mom that, “the toy lady was mean to him”, I was the one that got in trouble. Granted that was many years ago in a small town discount store. If it had happened these days, I think could have called the cops on them for child abandonment .

  5. I can sympathize with Marla. Unfortunately it’s part of working in a store.

    • I hand them back completely innocently that they were forgetting their coffee.. “Oh its trash.” Well there are trash cans at every register and every call box.. And I make NO attempt to take it back. But do continute to zone behind them cause I want to make them almost as uncomfortable as a shoplifter. I hate lazy people like this.

    • Thankfully if a staff member is that close most (but not all) of the customers at the store I work at will at at worst ask the staff member to trow it away, and the vast majority will ask where a trash can is if they do not see one.

  6. the worst ones are the ones that take a frozen item, decide they don’t want it after all, and just dump it someplace where it not only melts but ruins the items they put it on

    • or right at the end of a register, you are literally 5-10 feet at most from someone who can get it put away by a store staff member.

      • I know. It always bugged me (both when I was a cashier and now that I’m just a regular shopper) that people were too lazy to hand their unwanted items to the cashier standing RIGHT THERE and instead decided to tuck them in among the candy and magazines. Especially the perishables. I’m sorry, in what world is it okay to leave sour cream on top of the Hershey bars?

        When I was a cashier, I’d make a point to call out any customers I’d see trying to hide unwanted merch in the candy by saying, “Hey, you can just hand that to me. I’ll take care of it for you.” 99% of the time, they’ll either say, “But I don’t want it,” (as if you’re going to scan it anyway) or look like a kid caught breaking a rule or something. That last 1% is actually honest, saying “Oh, I didn’t know I could do that,” or something to that effect.

  7. When I worked in Florida as Cart Attendant for Target People would leave “Hot Potatoes” I called them in the Carts outside for me, and by “Hot Potatoes” I mean wadded up used diapers left to cook in the Florida Summer under constant direct sunlight.

    • Oh, I hated those when I worked for Toy’s R Us, even though we didn’t reach Florida temps, actually not sure which was worse, that or when they’d leave them just laying in the parking lot.

  8. How about this? I went to the store and bought a gallon of ice cream, but when I got home, I discovered that it had been thawed and then refrozen, so it was just a block of ice! All we could figure is that someone had taken it out and let it melt, then either they (or someone else who found it) put it back into the freezer section, not realizing that it had melted so much or that you can’t re-freeze ice cream like that. Fortunately, the store had no issue with exchanging it for me.

  9. My revenge fantasy is, whenever a customer shows up one minute to closing time and then farts about, making me late leaving, is to magically find out where they work and then show up a minute before they leave and stop them leaving. If they work in a place where members of the public are allowed inside (ie museum, leisure centre etc), I’ll go inside and dawdle around. If they work in an office, I’ll ring them up and ask lots of stupid questions about what their company does. Anywhere else, I’ll borrow a four by four and park it slap in front of their car so they can’t leave til I move… and I will be listening to loud music on headphones so won’t hear their angry protests. See how they feel being late home!

    I have put way too much thought into this, haven’t I? XD

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