29 thoughts on “June 12, 2017

  1. Yes, please be a good girl. I really want the eccentric hopeful personality as a contrast to the rest of the cast.

      • Crystal has the best attitude for an AM. She’s not above it all, and knows that sometimes she’ll have to do the dirty work. That’s great, that’s more than Brice or Josh ever did. And all of my best real-life managers were willing to hop onto the register or mop the floor now and then.

  2. Finally some positive thoughts from Marla. Her cynicism is usually tempered with some positivity, her constantly negative inner monologue to the most harmless of things Crystal did, were beginning to get on my nerves.

    • @TrulyScrumptious

      I can see why it would irritate you. However, Marla has probably seen enough to have some of her skepticism and icy thoughts. But I do agree with the others that Crystals positive attitude will be a breath of fresh air for the cast.

      • If we’re talking about genuine experience, then she also has seen enough good to not warrant pure pessimism.

        • Agreed, I mean, by and by she is really lucky to work with the people she does. Sure, management sucks but everybody else she works with is great, even the secondary character underlings like Lunker, Donnie, Heather, Amber etc. and ever since Stuart became DM he has been around far less and everything has improved. Brice, for all his faults, was still easier to work with than Stuart and Stuart, for all of *his* faults is still better than the previous District Manager, Jerry.

  3. Looks I was wrong about going back to one-offs for this week. What’s amusing is that Mina “stole” Brice partly as “revenge”. Certainly Marla doesn’t seem to be hurting. We’ll have to see what Brice does about Mina to see how badly her plan backfires.

  4. Crystal have the right attitude. She is willing to see how work is done on the floorlevel and im sure she is the kind who keep that in the back of her mind even as a manager.

  5. Really hoping Crystal turns out to be thoroughly competent and this is all a long morality tale about how we shouldn’t judge people based on first impressions.

    • Brice didn’t have an issue of running the register to prove himself. That didn’t come until later to make up for payroll.

  6. I had a coworker with a similar positive attitude.
    His name was Nick, and he eventually moved home when he was done with school, but every day he was a shining example of a great attitude.
    Before he left I made a little greeting card with a gift card saying how great his attitude was and how he inspired me to see a positive side in People.

  7. I’m looking forward to this. A good manager, with enough quirk to keep things interesting, and hopefully, keep her around longer in the strip.

    Employee-employee conflict isn’t the only way to keep things interesting.

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