15 thoughts on “June 14, 2016

  1. It really is uncanny how much people believe what they believe should be the law of the land. The way people fight over t-shirts and shoes, it makes you wonder, what they could accomplish if they took their fighting energy to improving the world.

  2. HOW many times have I had to deal with noise like this? Too damned many, that’s how many.

    It would be so easy just to call them stupid, and be done with it. It would explain so much very simply.. But these are rational, otherwise functional ADULTS who cannot comprehend that not every store sells every product, and that if they want (product) and know which store sells it, THAT is where they should go to get it. I get that it never hurts to ask, since many stores often sell the same/similar products, but if/when told no, ACCEPT THE ANSWER YOU ARE GIVEN and move on.

    • Blame the marketing people for the various chains. They’ve been “training” people for years to believe that you can get pretty-much anything at their stores.

      And support those products … There’s probably a storyline for Norm in that!

      • I can’t count the number of times someone has said “Well, they sell it at (competing store).” and I had to bite my tongue to not say “Well then, why are you here?” or “Then go there and get it.”

        • My boss — private owner of her own independent store — actually has encouraged us to say that. In a more polite and customer-service-friendly sort of way. “Well that’s great! I’m glad you’re able to find what you’re looking for.”

          Most of our customers do realize that we ‘re a small store and can’t stock everything.

  3. Why do they always rag on just any employee as though that person alone were responsible for the decision of what to sell and what not to sell? If you’re not happy with what is sold or not sold take it to the corporate office. Or go to a place where you know it’s sold!

    • Because that takes work, and Corporate might say no anyway. It’s much easier to bully a bottom-rung employee with no say in the matter and not allowed to fight back. Then the customer can walk away satisfied, feeling that he Stuck It To The Man©!


      • Love the copyrignt symbol! It’s a pleasure to meet (so to speak) the person who came up with the phrase. Or ar least smart enough to put a mark on it.

  4. Because we have enough trouble with people spilling stuff all over our displays? If you want ice cream, just walk down the mall and but it in the food court. You often don’t have that option at Target.

    • He is a book SELLER not A BOOKKEEPER. A bookkeeper deals with debits and credits. A bookseller deals with “Wright Brothers,” and “Boys in the Boat” for example.

  5. First, Target isn’t a “department store”, it’s a big box discount chain.

    When I worked at Walgreen’s somebody asked if we sold meat, when I said “um no, we’re a drug store” he said “So now I have to go to the grocery store” Yeah, ya should have started there.

    I used to hear “Walmart has…” or “Walmart does…”, I eventually just started replying “We are not affiliated with WalMart”, and with one woman who wouldn’t give up, “Then GO TO WALMART!”

    • Donna,

      I work at Walgreen’s now and we do sell a little bit of meat … but for way more than you would pay at Walmart. But I feel your pain.

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