24 thoughts on “June 14, 2017

  1. I love Crystal!! She’s able to catch the customers off-guard while delivering happy service and being her true self!

  2. Ha! So she tells customers they have good energy following them rather than have a nice day which many people say they’re so sick of hearing. Hey I wish I had more energy following me, I’m so slow sometimes it wouldn’t take much for it to catch up with me and I can use all the energy I can get. Thanks Crystal!

    • Unfortunately, the Grumbels employee handbook clearly states that employees must end every transaction with ‘Thank you for shopping at Grumbels and have a nice day.’ Wishes them good energy is an unacceptable deviation.

      • Then why do so many of them “deviate” towards the end of December?

        “Thank you for shopping at Grumbel’s, and have a Merry Christmas.”
        “Thank you for shopping at Grumbel’s, and Happy Holidays.”
        “Thank you for shopping at Grumbel’s, and have a Happy New Year.”

        Actually, the last one would be interesting. I’d like to see someone get offended by “Happy New Year.”

  3. I haven’t a clue where this is going, but this feels like a strip right before some sort of plot twist. Perhaps Brick coming back, getting down on hands and knees, and begging for his old job. And Marla laughing at him, saying “If you had respected me when you came in to give me your notice, you could’ve gotten your own store. But, alas, you didn’t want me to get a word in edgewise.”

    Brick would be even more miserable. (Man, do I love that nickname – it fits him so well)

    • I can think of a world breakingly unfair scenario. Brick tries to come crawling back to Stuart directly and Stuart is still so hard up for trained management in Maryland he whisks Brick away, though still as an AM to make up for his minor act of treason. Unfair, but Brick would be away from Marla’s crew and one could call working for Mina cruel and unusual punishment.

    • Oh, I’m sure that’s coming. And that might be what Andy is sensing as a new twist. Since she has the support of Lunker, Cooper doesn’t dare too out of hand. So that’s one possible story arc.

      • Yep. The supermarket where I used to work the 3 managers wore business suitable clothing.

        Department Managers wore Purple store issued button down shirts.

        Everyone else could wear company issued mustard yellow polo shirts or blue company issue T-Shirts. Even the shift supervisors on the Front End could wear the blue T-shirts. Some of the shift supervisors however have gone back to the Purple button down shirts. I was friends with one of the shift supervisors and he was happy when they gave out the blue T-Shirts. He said it was nice to work in a shirt that wasn’t a button down shirt. LOL.

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