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  1. I think that Crystal must’ve sensed that honestly wanted to get a refund and to fool a newbie at the same time .

  2. The good thing here is that Crystal is open to learning. Including learning that her sensing of “vibes” may not be infallible. That’s a good sign.

  3. I ran into this problem all the time. People would literally be cleaning out their garage and they’d bring in stuff they insisted they had purchased from that store. No receipt of a receipt that was months, even years old. Had a couple of girls come in with a badly damaged obviously very old lopper that looked like it had spent the last few years hiding in the weeds. No receipt. In each case like that I would apologize profusely and explain why we couldn’t take that merchandise back. And every goddam time the assistant manager would come scurrying over and over-ride me. Meanwhile we were getting “I am not pleased” notes from the store owner about all the returns we shouldn’t have been making

    • Same here. People would “return” stuff that they hadn’t bought at the store, that was obviously old and well-used, and when I’d explain the return policy, the customer would throw a temper tantrum that would embarrass Verruca Salt. Then the manager would override the return and the customer would leave happy, and I’d get yelled at.

      One time a guy brought back a lawn sprinkler that he insisted he’d bought a week ago, that was sun-faded and encrusted with mineral deposits. Even the blistering hot sun and horrible tap water in Phoenix, AZ (where this happened) don’t do that kind of damage in one week! It was blatantly obviously BS, but the manager did the return anyway.

    • That’s exactly why when I was getting ready to leave a store where this nonsense was commonplace, I insisted the manager themselves process the return so it wouldn’t end up under my register ID. I can’t stand the idea that it would be *their* decision, but considered *my* responsibility. No way, Jose. You can take credit for that particular terrible decision, thank you very much. Both customers and retail managers alike need to be reminded that there is a difference between providing good customer service and allowing people to rip you off to avoid even slightly annoying them.

    • Ok, so say someone comes in with some old thing they didn’t buy there, have no receipt for, is damaged, etc., and demand a refund. How do you know how much to refund them? Just accept whatever amount they tell you?

      • If they’ve also brought in the original box, you can scan the UPC and if you carry the same item, you refund them the lowest price in the system (in case they bought it on sale).

        If it’s something that you can’t even find in your system, though, I have no idea how these people manage to figure out an amount to give back.

        • If they bought it with a credit card (or, I assume a debit card), there’s a good chance the store can look up the sale. That’s saved me from a “no receipt” return a few times.

    • I’m guessing either it was dropped upside down or someone got really mad and banged something hard on it.

      Or it was Obama’s fault.

      • In order to get in as little trouble as possible I’ll word it this way. If I threw a coffeemaker against the wall every time a politician ticked me off I’d be buying 10 coffeepots a day.

    • I was figuring it finally failed to provide coffee one morning, and picked a REALLY bad day to do so. Some of the people I know, if coffee is not forthcoming soon after waking – there will be blood/machine parts/why not both?! scattered around the area.

  4. I know this is fictional but it does my heart good to know there are still naive people who see the good in others, instead of being like me, jaded. I am sure overtime in retail she will change and see that very few people who bring ridiculous refunds in retail are legit.. But for now I enjoy her innocence and goodness.

  5. I think, unfortunately, that she’s not going to last. She’s too good/optimistic, and she will soon see that working in retail can show the dark side of people and she wont be able or want to deal with that.

  6. This would be a great way for norm to showcase the difference between Marla and the evil one that autocorrect will not allow me to spell. Show Brice being taught negatively and Crystal taught positively about the same issue in back to back strips. course, they were all made weeks ago so…..

  7. Here’s how you teach someone like Crystal, Marla: “Well, if you got a really *strong* honest vibe from him, you have to consider that some people can be honest *most* of the time, but dishonest *some* of the time; and unfortunately retail stores are one place where a lot of people let their honesty sort of slip temporarily. That’s why, in addition to vibes, we have to look for other kinds of clues, such as A, B, & C.”

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