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  1. Lunker, not everyone can afford a gym membership. Get Donnie set-up on stuff here at work he can do to get stronger.

    • That’s right. Gym memberships are expensive. Seems he’d already have increased his strength by working there lifting and carrying boxes.

    • Does the city where the characters live own/operate fitness centres in-house? If they do, that might be an intermediate step between working out with the store’s merchandise and support equipment and going to a privately owned gym. Especially in terms of costs.

      • I doubt that’s an option. Those are kind of a new idea and as you said limited to cities where businesses that maintain them exist, and Grumbles has been in this mall for awhile. Their space is likely limited to what they are renting, so they would have to lose floor space in order to have such a facility. I worked in a retail store where HR made efforts to promote exercise and healthy eating, and plenty of my coworkers there had gym memberships. You pay for what is important to you. Many retail workers don’t pay for gym memberships because they see them as a luxury, but they probably pay for entertainment that they could cut out to make room in their budget if it were a higher priority.

    • Depends on the gym. One of the local gyms near me charges $20-25 a month, and the city-run gym is about the same.

      • We have a city run gym here, and used to have a franchise gym as well, the franchise one was cheaper than the city one, but things changed there after one of the owners had a heart attack and died right before Christmas a few years ago (suck too, she was always nice) and it changed hands and ended up moving to another location, out of town.

  2. Always happy to see Lunker. But I’m still looking for Bryce to get a Lunker lesson.

    That box looks pretty small to be very heavy. I wonder what’s in it?

      • At kmart we used to get boxes with a single boat anchor. They had a warning label: “Caution. Box contains an anchor.” I always found it slightly humorous.

        • An anchor for a small boat isn’t very heavy; they’re designed to catch on or dig into something, and still be easy to haul up by hand.

          An anchor for a large ship can weigh several tons. But again, it’s designed to dig into the bottom, so it’s very small in comparison to the ship itself.

    • When I worked for Toy’s “R” Us, we would get boxes of domino sets in, and they were these little, light weight looking boxes that weren’t much larger than a brick, but I swear they could be upwards of 15 pounds!

  3. I am one of the weakest people in the store physically, so when I’m asked to a lot of heavy lifting, I’ll say “I wasn’t hired for my strength, I was hired for my looks!” 😛

    • LOL!
      I used to work with a guy who was 6’5″. I’m 5’7″. Whenever I needed something from the top shelf, I just had to look up at it, and my coworker would grab it for me. He also changed all the burnt-out lights.

        • I worked for a grocery store as a bagger when I was a teenager. I was about 5′ 7 1/2″ and weighed about 115 lbs, and one of the only female baggers. I was also a dancer, with a 22″ waist. It was always entertaining when a checker would call me to help people get a 50 lb. bag of water softener salt. I’d get some real incredulous looks, especially when I’d heft the bag and carry it to their car. The guys loved to joke that I could just flip a bag onto each shoulder and off I’d go.

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