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    • and you’d be the first to kill Stuart there and then for not letting people go home early.

      Luckily I don’t work for Corporate America and I don’t need to give a reason to leave early if I want to.

  1. I wondered before if Crystal would be “bad” in a different way. Hard telling if this is just a learning curve or if it will be a ongoing fault in her character.

    • The staff are obviously wising up that she can be manipulated.

      Obviously I wouldn’t actually kill her. The paperwork would be horrific. Moreso than cleaning it up

  2. Employee Review
    Employee Name: Crystal
    Pros: Positive attitude, eager to learn, friendly, good with both customers and fellow employees
    Cons: Naive – takes excuses at face value without checking, tends to bias her “gut feeling” over evidence (or lack thereof)
    Conclusion: If she can be taught to be less of a doormat, she’ll do wonderfully. Until then, oversight is key. Avoid giving her too much responsibility.

  3. Yes, not only are scammers attracted to the smell of “new employee” but employees like the new supervisor smell as well.

  4. Well Marla, Val did say you should train your new AM so now you’ve got your work cut out for you, start training. In the meantime it’ll mean no days off since you couldn’t even leave her alone for one lunch break without her getting into trouble.

  5. “I let her go home early.”
    “She asked if she could.”

    Oh, I love it when people do this.

    This is what they call a “Mathematician’s Answer.” An answer that is completely correct, and yet utterly useless.

    Like when a cashier asks, “Do you want paper or plastic?” and the customer says, “Yes.”

    It’s not really amusing when it happens in real life, but it does make for some great comedy routines :

    “Wait a minute! You’re not a surgeon!”
    “I will have you know that I operated on a man just the other day.”
    “For what?”
    “For 9,000 dollars.”
    “No, no, what did the man have?”
    “9,000 dollars.”
    “No! What did you remove?”
    “9,000 dollars.”
    “NO! What was his complaint?!”
    [Both speak at once] “… The 9,000 dollars.”

    • I had a customer who could barely speak english come up to me and ask “uhh how much this is?” and when I said “Ok let me check for you, it is 5 dollars” she just looked at me and said “No”.
      Without thinking I repeated her “No” in a condescending voice luckily I didn’t get in trouble for it.

    • What a dumb comparison. If I ask my boss if I can leave early, I’m not being interrogated soviet style to see if it’s “Justified”.

  6. I think it’s time to have Crystal learn to connect with the material world a bit by playing detective with her vibes. Her ‘conflict vibe’ was likely because Marisa hated working but loves having money. The Customer with the coffee pot honestly wanted his money back. This might be the only way to get through to her.

  7. There is naivete and then there’s lack of common sense. And this “vibe” thing has gotten old. Crystal is a complete flake that needs to be cut loose. Did she look at the schedule? Did she consider store traffic. Or did Marisa’s heavy vibes over-ride common sense. And Marla – one of the first things I learned as a store employee was how to handle returns – receipt, 30-days, condition of product returned. So why didn’t Crystal know how to handle the coffee-pot return? If the AM has to constantly be “managed,” what’s the point of having the AM?

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