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    • That’s happened to me so many times. One time I was approached by a regular who recognized me. She asked me to show her where something (I forget what) was, since I ‘work in a store, so I’d know’. I was in a hurry, told her so, apologized, and pointed out an employee.

      The next day, my manager told me she called him to complain about how ‘unfriendly’ I was to refuse to help her. He sort of rolled his eyes when he told me the story, and said not to worry about it. We both had a bit of a laugh over it.

      The woman who recognized me was a little old lady, and was usually very nice. She didn’t even mention it the next time she came in, and was as smiley as usual. Meh.

  1. actually I have found retail employees sometimes are the worst customers – – myself I am always nice to cashiers but I know others who definitely are not

    • I spent a summer working for Walmart—-which is why I will never set foot in a Walmart ever again—and the people who worked there were ghastly customers. Part of the problem was that these people assumed that anyone working there automatically knew everyone else working there and would grant them special treatment based on that. The other problem was that staff was treated horribly by customers, management, and each other. Abusing staff when they were on the customer end was, apparently, their revenge.

    • I find it depends on how much they time they spend in a customer service type job, those employees tend to be very understanding while the rest are a mixed bag. At any given supermarket type setting the customer only sees maybe half the staff, at a largish walmart it is more like a third.

  2. i had one of these moments as a customer in walmart today. i feel so bad for those who have to watch the self check outs because no one knows how to scan an item and put it in a bag before scanning another item..

    • omg yes!!!
      The freaking thing talks to you, tells you what to do. All they have to do is READ the screen and LISTEN to the instructions!!
      But nope… that, apparently is too much work.
      I once had a customer say to me after I pointed out she was using a coupon on the wrong item…
      “I shouldn’t have to read when I shop”…..
      I had so many “brain just stalled from the shear stupidity of what I just heard” moments in my 17.5 years in retail.
      So glad I’m done with it!

      • at moments like that it is important to remember an important skill: not saying every word that crosses your mind.

      • Maybe at your store. But most self-checkout systems are at least a bit flakey. The first time I tried one was in a Home Depot. The registers were all full and I was pressed for time. So I tried it. Their was no warning that you had to put the item in the bagging area after scanning. Not so easy with a couple of 1x4s. The “skip bagging” required you to wait for an associate to come over. Not exactly a rtime saver

        I rarely use them anymore. First, I like to let people keep their jobs. And second, if I wanfsd self-checkout, I can just buy on-line for most of it. Witn less effort and usually cost. Let the company do something to earn the extra money.

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