26 thoughts on “June 2, 2017

    • They certainly make a cute couple in the middle panel. The question is how this is going to affect their work relationship and how that impacts the store.

      They might be able to keep this professional, but there’s opportunity for it to go badly.

      • I can’t imagine that it will be too much of a problem. At least I hope I’m right! After all, there’s Cooper who is stock room supervisor and therefore a level of management between Crystal and Lunker. If there is reason for criticism then it should go from Crystal to Cooper and only then from Cooper to Lunker.

      • I would say Marla would be right to keep an eye on that aspect. remember it is not just about avoiding conflict of interest but even the appearance of it at times.

  1. Of course the next question is why and how did they lose touch? It sounds like they haven’t seen each other in years. I love the part about how they looked out for each other. They will just pick up on that now.

    • It’s very likely that one or both moved away and/or went to different high schools. Before social media, people that young (12-14) wouldn’t have had as easy ways of keeping in touch (no cellphones and very limited internet). Many social interactions would be monitored and/or arranged by their parents, and kids would most likely hang out with their immediate group of peers that they see every day at school.

    • Especially when zucchini head sees Crystal and tells Marla to fire her.. Lunker overhearing that would be too funny. Stuart is terrified of Lunker.

  2. Lunker is going to get lucky. What I don’t understand is why Norm makes him speak like a Neanderthal. Me Lunker I like Retail. I think he would be better spoken than that. Just my opinion.

    • It’s my understanding most of the main characters are based off people Norm worked with while in retail. Quite possibly there was a real lunker type guy who talked like that. I’ve worked with a couple of them myself.

    • I think Norm is trying to capture that Lunker doesn’t speak like “normal” people. Given the text-only format of the strip, there isn’t much in the way of tools to communicate that. If this were an animated series, it would be different.

  3. This is either the origin of stories of Kole (who could crystallize herself) and Gnarrk (who looked like a caveman) from the Teen titans cartoon or a great homage to them. In any case brilliant.

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