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    • I’ve had tourists get stranded at my former workplace because they took the wrong bus….and it was the last bus.

      Hello costly taxi ride back to the hotel!!

    • I used to work in a movie theater, mostly in concessions. On one particular day, there was a little old lady wandering around, wearing a bathrobe. The general reaction of those of us in concessions was, “What the heck?”, but since we were stuck at the concession stand, we couldn’t answer that question.

      Until they started rotating us through our breaks. *Then* we started talking to the ushers who’d been in that area, and the story came out.

      Apparently the lady was a bit confused. She wanted to know where the stores were. Which might have been more understandable if we’d been attached to a mall…

      So yeah, I can believe it.

      • @BPFH

        That sounds more like Alzheimers then a clueless customer/tourist. If something like that happens again, you should call the authorities, and they can make sure she gets home safe.

  1. It speaks to the random things you are supposed to be able to help with. How nimble we all must be. Becoming shocked and confused in response to such odd questions is a no-no! HAHA.

  2. Wait for the outbursts of “Your service sucks” / “You are no help” / “I am never shopping here again” and other platitudes because admitting your are wrong is apparently impossible.

    • “I’m never booking a flight on your airline again!”

      -Man with luggage to retail stockroom manaber fixing a display

    • But a Mall looks nothing like an Airport so his next mistakes were leaving the cab, entering the mall, wandering around like an idiot etc.

      • Major airports don’t have parking right near the entrance. Smaller, domestic single-terminal airports, like I’d imagine Rhode Island to have, do. Seeing a parking lot might have made him think it was such an airport. But if this guy was supposed to go to Boston Logan…

        • You imagined wrong about T. F. Green airport but continue, please, with your generalizations about “smaller, domestic, single-terminal airports.”

          • Ah, okay then. I was just imagining based on my experience… namely from the smaller, domestic, single-terminal airport around here.

          • Callie – are you actually taking offense to someone generalizing about airports? Really? Do you also get upset when people say water is wet or the sun is hot?

          • TF Green’s a lot smaller than Logan, but they do have parking right across the bus lanes from the main entrance.

      • If they hadn’t specified Minneapolis, I would’ve assumed they were in the Mall of America or something similar. It’s really close to the airport up here, and many parking ramps service both the MoA and the airport, and many of the signs for both are near each other. I could see this happening to rather clueless people who have no awareness of how malls/airports work.

  3. I’ve never had this happen when I worked retail. BUT when I worked phones for an airline, I did have someone ask me if we flew out of a train station.

    Looks like another week of no story line. I wonder what Norm has planned for us.

  4. I probably focused a little too much on the fact that someone actually remembers that Minnesota actually exists. But since it’s my home state, it’s a rare treat to see.

    Hope I don’t do something that stupid when I fly down to Baltimore in a couple of weeks.

    • Well, BWI is in the middle of no-where. You’ll know by all the planes taking off/landing, and there are no signs for Kohl’s, Target, or Macy’s. Baltimore is a great city. Enjoy the seafood, particularly crabs. Have fun!

  5. Sadly, I can see this.. Last couple of airports I’ve been to seemed like malls with the occasional airline gate thrown in.

    • Some airports are trying to garner more revenue by “upgrading” their facilities and finding ways to nickel and dime you even more.

      There was this one documentary series (Inside Gatwick is the title; Youtube it) where the airport got taken over by an American Capital Investment Group and they planned a ton of ideas to milk more money out of the passengers. While some of the ideas made sense (upgrading the security checkpoints to be open and somewhat hassle free for example), they completely missed the point on others.

      In one episode, you got a passenger telling an executive walking around with camera’s rolling going basically “I don’t come to an airport to shop, I come to an airport to travel,” and the executive hilariously and completely missing the point of the gripes of the passenger and touting how the “shopping” experience in the airport will be better and be more varied. You could even tell the response was crafted to hint at “milking more money from passengers.”

    • I don’t mind airport shops. I might have forgotten, lost, or broken something, or I might be on a several hour layover or delay. It’s nice to have something there.

  6. I laughed at this and I have gotten laughs when I showed this to my coworkers. Take a cab to the airport, and you will be heading in the right direction.

  7. Closest thing to this I’ve seen in real life was when I was at the movies at a four-week-old film, which was near the end when two little old ladies walked in. They just stood there looking confused for awhile and I finally walked over and asked if they needed help. Apparently, they were looking for another theater (this was a multiplex, of course) and walked in to my theater thinking it would be screening one of those second-rate Disney dog movies from awhile back. They had vaguely foreign accents, and I had a feeling they weren’t used to movie theaters having more than one theater and thought their movie would be on after the current one was over. I finally persuaded them to go out and ask an employee or look for a doorway with their movie’s name over it. They gave me a slightly suspicious look, but they did leave and never came back. They either found their movie or continued wandering the multiplex all night long until security shooed them out.

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