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  1. That’s the problem with carriers in the US. You have 1/2 the major carriers that do not require a SIM card and the other 1/2 that does while the entire world uses SIM cards. At least the 1/2 the carriers that do use SIM cards allows you to use mobile service pretty much anywhere in the world.

    • I have dual SIM slots on my year-old ZenFone 2, so I can keep my AT&T service (beats T-Mobile’s around here) and buy a $10 SIM for international sabbaticals whenever needed. I took this SIM from my previous phone, so instead of wasting $800+ on a phone, I paid a fair $200.

      Verizon and US Cellular need to get themselves up to snuff. CDMA is going the way of the dodo for a reason.

      • CDMA is going away because of 4G. I’d suggest TDMA and GSM are also dying for the same reason – being overtaken by a newer standard.

        • They can’t get rid of GSM because it handles the actual phone calling bit. They’ll need to replace that with something else.

          • Actually, I think a number of companies are moving voice to 4G LTE. More efficient use of spectrum, and one network, not two. GSM is ancient. It dates back to 486 and 3.5″ floppy era.

    • Ummmm, no.

      The problem is that the customer thought the phone would make and receive calls even without activation by a wireless service provider.

  2. uuuuuugggghhhh. I worked in an AT&T call center for a year and this was basically all I did. (besides getting yelled at for not being able to adjust a bill that was deemed accurate by our billing team) Most people either don’t realize that turning the phone off and turning it back on will solve 95% of all problems or you need to have actual service to make phone calls. (I remember one lady cut her SIM card to make it fit in her new iphone and refused to believe it wouldn’t work and wanted a full replacement for the phone)

    • “…one lady cut her SIM card to make it fit in her new iphone and refused to believe it wouldn’t work and wanted a full replacement for the phone…”

      Oy. Just…oy.

    • Reminds me of computer tech support back in “the day:” one customer bought a 16-bit sound card but their motherboard would only support 8-bit cards. So he took a pair of scissors and cut the card in half.

  3. It *HAS* happened. I was a witness. The customer immediately went into a spectacular display of rage/denial about it and decided she wanted to return the phone because ‘nobody ever told her’. She honestly thought you bought a phone and that was that.

    She had another tantrum when told she could not return the phone and ended up throwing it at the employee. It sailed past him and found a concrete pillar instead, and shattered on impact. Of course, it was OUR fault she was spoiled ignorant twit and ’caused’ her to destroy her brand-new $400 phone.

    How is it possible for people to be this utterly oblivious?

    • Don’t leave us hanging–did your company replace her phone? Marla wouldn’t, but Stooart* would.

      *I know, I know… 🙂

      • No, there wasn’t going to be a refund in any case, but once she broke it the answer changed slightly from ‘Sorry, no’ to ‘HELL no’, with a side order of being escorted from the premises by mall security. I would have called the police to report it as assault, but my manager told me to let it go – it would be more hassle than it was worth, especially since nobody got hurt. To say I disagreed with his decision would be the understatement of the century.

        • Someone threw a phone at you and nothing happened except the phone broke and you want to press assault charges?

          grow the fuck up, you big baby.

          • It was attempted assault, you idiot. That she missed doesn’t change her intent.

            I don’t suppose it occurred to you that she might be dangerous and shiuldn’t just be wandering around? That she might try to hurt someone else? That this wasn’t simply about payback? Or is that too complex a concept for you?

  4. Hard to add to what’s already been said before me. So I’ll just say that it’s nice to see Craig back. It’s been awhile.

  5. well I have no horror stories but I do have this:
    My grandpa is in his 80’s and loves learning to use his phone XD he was delighted that he can use talk to text bc his hearing is going, Its always fun getting his curse laiden text messages. “look its got a camera I can take pictures of the garden!” “I can put music on this? show me!”

    • My Grandma doesn’t even have a cordless phone lol. But she knows the rest of the family can text each other…she calls it a fax because she’s adorable. She doesn’t know what a fax is either.

  6. I was upgrading my iphone several years ago at an At&t center. There were these 2 elderly ladies and one of them was interested in buying an iphone also because her friend had one. However, she didn’t want any “internet stuff on it”. She just wanted it for the phone capability. I’m still smh.

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