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      • Notice how it appears to be the GUYS who mock her looks rather than her lovely personality? I’m with you.

        • Yes, that’s the first thing I noticed. 21st C and they still don’t get it. I wonder how many of them have receding hairline, flabby arms, beer gut and no personality.

          • Who cares what year it is? Some things are eternal.

            Back on point, my guess about why she’s mad would be, “product didn’t meet my poorly-thought-out expectations, so there must be something wrong with IT.”

      • Every time I see fat people bodyshame thin, healthy, active women, fatshaming is okay for a week for me.

        I’m at five years without interruption now.

    • Yes, CLEARLY this woman is morbidly obese and should be mocked for it.

      What the hell is wrong with you, dude? She’s not fat, she doesn’t look fat, and her being fat/ugly/whatever is not something you should be judging anyway. Live and let live, the world will be a better place because of it.

      • She could stand to lose about 10 lbs. Many of us could stand to lose far more. I hope the people who know me don’t just think of me as overweight but what kind of person I am inside regardless of weight. It looks like this woman needs a personality adjustment far more than to lose a few pounds.

      • Eh, she looks fine.

        I figure the scale runs from Anime Babe to Everyone Is Beautiful In Their Own Way, and she’s somewhere on the high side of the middle.

        • I saw an higher than average comments number and of course I knew it was people discussing the weight of this character. Typical. God forbid a woman is overweight (obese is another thing entirely, being overweight is not a sin nor a medical condition).

  1. So, whatever became of Marla’s retail manifesto? I would’ve bought that if that had become a real life book.

  2. Typical angry customer. Blonde, fat hips, shoulder length blonde(ish) hair and middle aged. We can’t see it, but I’m almost positive this woman is wearing flip flops.

  3. Why couldn’t she WHUMP that bag in front of Mrs. Positive Vibes instead? That would have been much more fun to watch! 🙂

  4. I would have responded with, “Ummm, excuse me?” With one eye brow raised. As in, “I’m going to give you this opportunity to start this conversation over again in a rational and civilized manner.”

    But that never ever works. Does make the customer more angry though, which is excellent.

    • “Ummmm, excuse me? How many guesses do I get? Tell you what. You tell me and then I’ll tell you if you’re correct or not. By the way, for extra credit, do you have the receipt?”

  5. Why are you unhappy? Because your Grumpy cat impression failed. That frown doesn’t look as cute on you as it does on Grumpy Cat and you’re ticked off. So you decided to do the mature thing and come into a store (could’ve been a restaurant) and take it out on someone who can’t argue back with you without getting fired. Only Marla is the store manager and it may not work the way you want it to this time.

  6. “Because you broke it. No refunds for items broken by carelessly throwing them on the counter in the store. It’s covered under section 18, subsection W in our return policy.”

    (And yes, before anyone asks, I’m just being sarcastic.)

  7. Anyone want to bet that the guys on here who are calling her “fat” are themselves at least 30 pounds overweight, dream of having a skinny model type wife, but will probably end up all alone because no decent woman will have them? Seriously, that is an average woman who’s decided to not diet herself into anorexia to meet some unrealistic dumb male ideal.
    Her personality on the other hand. . .

  8. People in comments complaining about “guys” lumping women together into unrealistic standards, proceeds to lump all “guys” together themselves.
    What a customer thing to do.

    • Nice try at simplistic logic. Within the context of this discussion, and several of the responses, it is clear the “guys” are those who commented herein. I’m beyond caring what “guys” think of my appearance. I’m retired and happy in life. But it saddens me that so many “guys” still look at the packaging before considering the content.

  9. It’s been forever since I worked in retail. I would like to know honestly from retail workers who is typically the more angry customer. Men or Women?

    • Food service, not retail, but the worst customers on average were the post-church crowd of any gender. Tipless, demanding, and they were always the slowest people you’d deal with all week.

      • I’m deeply disturbed that the bulk of the argument here is over the quality of the person in the comic. Seriously, “She could use to lose 10 pounds…”. She isn’t a real person! Her attitude? We have one line from her! Maybe she is having a horrible day. Yes, she shouldn’t take it out on Marla, but even decent people have their moments.

        She isn’t going to date any of us, she is fictional.

      • That’s another topic I’ve commented on in many places. I used to work as a waitress and you’re right about the after church people, on Sundays they’d come in after the AM service dressed nicely, but they were horrible to wait on. They’d leave you religious tracts instead of tips and my coworkers were so put off by them they wanted nothing to do with Christianity. So they were hurting their cause more than helping it. They were not any nicer to wait on than other customers, they would always send you back for free extras, more napkins, more water, replacement silverware they’d dropped and so on.

    • I’ve never really noticed a difference. Just about every hostile behavior I’ve ever encountered, I have seen from both male and female customers.

      Well, except one :

      I have never had a male customer physically threaten me.

      But that might just be because they’re more likely to think they’ll get in trouble (as in arrested) for doing that. A female customer might think she can spew out that kind of venom and not be viewed as a serious threat.

    • Men. Because they would talk loudly and demand I “do” something to satisfy their demands. Usually they would make their unhappiness personal, i.e., that “I” sold them a defective product, or the wrong size or colour. Something to make me think I must immediately make it all right again. Fortunately I had a previous career as support staff in a law office so I could handle them. Women whined. They could be taken care of easily, usually.

    • My experience was that I got angry women more often, but the angry men tended to make more of a scene, when I got them. Yelling, pounding their fists on the counter, swearing at me. The only time I ever had to call security on a customer was for a male customer who actually grabbed my arm while yelling at me.

      The women would also yell, but about half the time instead of yelling they would get that really clipped, really formal way of speaking that people do when they’re trying to prove that they are CLEARLY smarter and more rational than you, so you should just let them have their way.

    • Angry women happened more frequently, but angry men were louder and more likely to threaten legal action. I particularly liked the man in 2016 who threatened to call the police and have me arrested when I wouldn’t complete a return because his ID expired back in 1998.

    • Women tend to be nastier on average, which is strange because it’s usually not THEIR money that they’re working with.

      • >>because it’s usually not THEIR money that they’re working with

        Wow. Talk about throwing gasoline on the fire.

        • Usually? Do you work in the Alabama of the ’50s, where women were just housekeepers, or you’re just guessing because *of course* women can’t have their own money, what a silly thing!

    • This section reminds me of my observation of bad drivers. Yes, there’s bad drivers of both genders, but they tend to be bad in different ways.

  10. I’ve actually encountered customers who seem to expect you to JUST KNOW why they’re upset, without them having to say anything.

    These customers become enraged (or more enraged if they already were) that they actually have to explain what’s going on.


    • Just to have fund with gasoline, does this tend to be the same gender that says “Nothing” when you ask them what’s wrong? 😉

      • Oh you mean the gender who says “nothing” but not quietly. It’s more like “What’s wrong?” “NOTHING!!!” and tend to say “FINE!” in the same manner of voice. Not that we don’t have good reason…

  11. To all those complaining about the “guys” pointing out this characters weight: I (a woman) also noticed this woman’s apparent extra weight. When someone has a nasty personality I tend to judge their appearance more harshly. We’ve seen overweight characters in this strip before and no one has pointed out the obvious, but when you have an obviously nasty character you tend to notice all of their flaws. They aren’t “judging a book by its cover” they are, quite literally, judging her insides first and her outsides second.

    If you don’t want to call attention to your extra weight then don’t give people a reason to look at you judgingly.

    • I’m torn between understanding your comment and taking issue with it. You dislike someone and so you call them out on the easy targets. But also, it’s not my responsibility to manage other people’s emotions and being fat is not a reason to try and make yourself less visible as a person.

  12. He’s done it, y’all. Norm has reached peak humor here! I laughed longer and harder at this *one joke* than I have at anything in ages.

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