15 thoughts on “June 22, 2016

    • Meh. So she’s a less inconsiderate jackass than some other people.

      That’s not a point in her favor. It just means those other jerks should be criticized more harshly than this one.

  1. But why didn’t she … put it back where she got it from? That’s the only thing it would occur to me to do with an item I’d decided not to buy…

    • because that would be too much work for the customer. also why bother putting it back where it belongs when the staff are there to do that for them and they get paid to do it, too.

    • Honestly I prefer this to the customer putting it where they *think* it goes, them being wrong, and never being able to find it again. I’ve lost count of the times a customer has come up to the register without something they asked me to find for them, they said “Oh, I put it back,” but when I check the spot it belongs, it’s not there. Then I have to scan every display they touched. If you aren’t sure, please don’t guess!

    • Sometimes customers don’t know that they don’t want something until AFTER they get to the checkstand. Sometimes it’s because they have less money than they thought they did. Sometimes, it simply isn’t what they want anymore. As others have said, better to bring it to the front than put it down “any old place.”

  2. I’d like to know when she plans on making up her mind on the other item. By the time Amber finishes ringing her other stuff? 5 minutes later? Half hour later? Tonight? Tomorrow? Make up your mind already!!!!

    • Shopping at the register…it’s like a sport! But to do it right you need to tag team. A solid minute of yelling in a foreign language with your husband or mother punctuated by “”can you take this off:/on?” Go through each item as the staff stands there awkwardly.

  3. I remember only one time in my life (and I’m pushing 60 but it’s pushing back) when I did that, I had one item, a cup I wanted to buy but there were two lanes open, both with at least 10 carts each all full of stuff and I was not going to wait through one of them to buy one thing. I just put the cup down on a shelf and walked out. I still feel guilty for not returning it where it belonged.

  4. I always return what I don’t need to its proper place on the shelf, even if it involves a hike across the store to do so. Hey, I get a little more exercise that way!

    I’d also like to see Brice get to know people like this lady. I’m certain they don’t exist in Southbridge.

  5. There are times when you can’t get it back where it goes. I changed my mind about something while waiting in line at the cashier, and I couldn’t go forward or back.

  6. Honestly I would rather have a customer give back a great big pile of stuff to me any time instead of them dumping it somewhere.

    Once I had a customer who was about to dump some stuff in a wire bin…literally right in front of me as I was ringing her up.. I actually called her out on it lol “oh I can take anything you don’t want”

  7. What I hate is when they decide they don’t want something AFTER I’ve already rung it up. They grab it out of the bag and say, “Can you take this off?”

    Had three of those today. Grrr.

  8. See, I have a rule I’ve used for years. If I’m not sure if I want it….then I don’t want it.

    Therefore I don’t pick it up and carry it around the store with me. If by chance I change my mind about an item, I take it back to where I got it and put it back.

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