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  1. Yeah, tech support can be like that sometimes. I once got back to work from vacation and had a department editor ready for a breakdown because the office assistant’s PC hadn’t been working and there was a time-sensitive manuscript saved on there. So I went to the assistant’s desk, plugged in the computer and the day was saved.

    The secret is to laugh with your user’s relief and not laugh at their humiliation.

    • Haha my brother did that but with a toaster. He pushed the bread down and walked away but noticed that it wasn’t toasting, so he kept turning up the dial (not knowing that the dial is actually for time, not “doneness”). He did this a few times before my dad came over and plugged it in for him lol.

    • and any teck who says they have never had it happen to them is lying, there is a reason “is it plugged in?” and “is it turned on?” are 1 and 2 on any troubleshooting list, and why they are separate tests.

      • I had a friend who worked tech support get yelled at by a customer when said customer was told he had to take his drink out of the “Cup Holder” then put the disc in to install a program.

      • 1. Is it plugged in?
        2. Is it turned on?
        3. Does the plug have power? Please, sir, just plug a lamp that you know is working into the socket. Okay, thank you. You did? Did the light turn on? No? Try plugging the computer in somewhere else. Is it turning on now? Good. No, sir, I’m not an electrician, you’ll need to call one to find out why that plug doesn’t work.

        My Dad who was an electrician, would have to go find out why a plug didn’t work. He had made his own little mini lamp, a light bulb in a light socket connected to a plug (This was before they had the little LED tester you could plug in yourself.) he’d plug it into the the socket that wasn’t working then go around the room and the other side of shared walls flipping switches. Sometimes he get yelled at for not doing his job because the socket was not working. Yelled at in English and Spanish. My Dad was a large man, but gentle and polite, and would just ask the person to let him work. In older homes, or remodeled homes, he’d find the switch that turned that plug on, and asked if they wanted him to disconnect the switch so the plug would have constant power or leave it be. Most said to leave it be so they could wash the egg off their face in private.

    • Slight variation of that…

      Many Dell laptops had a little switch on the side that turned the wireless on and off. Problem was, that little switch got shut off when people put them in their laptop bags or removed them from same.

      “I’m not seeing any networks!”

      “Is this a Dell laptop? If so, check the side for a switch and turn it on.”

      “…it’s working now.”

      Me: (thinking) RTFM!!!

      • To be fair, most users would have no idea that (or even why) such a switch exists. The first time I ran across one, it was a surprise. It made sense, once I read the reason, mainly about saving power (although sometimes the switch just disconnects the antenna, presumably for security reasons).

        On some later models, they made more of an effort to make it obvious: showing it clearly on the quick start poster or putting sticker right on the laptop.

        In that t=first case, the manual wouldn’t have helped the user. It wasn’t laid out well enough for a novice to find the information.

  2. The clock manufacturers do this on purpose so you have to buy more clocks. Like most things in this country it’s a big scam.

  3. I’ve had to do that at least once, but much more often I had to remove the little disk or tab separating the batteries from the contact because the customer had no idea that was all they had to do to “fix” it.

    • I’ve done this kind of thing so often it’s begun to backfire. Now these same customers think I can repair *any* problem and call me at the store rather than contact the manufacturer for issues. I’m tech savvy, not actually trained to diagnose and repair your stuff, if you followed the instructions I have no idea why the wifi won’t connect.

      • Oh yeah, I sympathize with that one too. “Hey, since you “fixed” my flashlight by taking out the little cardboard disk on the batteries, how about you take a look at my riding mower that doesn’t work anymore?”

        Uhh, not *quite* the same thing there, dude.

  4. I had to do that twice. Once for a caller ID box, and once for a printing calculator. The caller ID box guy laughed at himself about it, thanked me and went on his business. The lady with the printing calculator was a bitch about it. Kept insisted the calculator was still ‘broken’,even after I plugged it in and tested it a couple times, She still ended up returning it to get a different one, claiming it was still broken.

  5. I sold a lot of wireless keyboard+mouse sets, to see most of them come back with complaints that “the wireless receiver is missing!”

    The receiver was stored *inside* the mouse. There is a slot on the underside of the mouse where the receiver nests in when it’s not in use.

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